People with a high degree of self-efficacy are actually the more successful ones. The fact that people are also happier when they see themselves as designers of their own (professional) life is certainly not a surprise either. Just like the princes in fairy tales.

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Prince or Meme?

Princes are usually long on the road until they find what they are looking for. Princesses, kings, treasures and whatever you can find in fairy tales. In the process, they have become irritated with resistance and adversity, but in the end, of course, because the actors happily live to the end of their days.

I do not know a fairy tale in which the prince sitting in his castle, cruising around the pool and just waiting - because he has no idea where and where he could look for:

"To be or not to be? Princesses out there? May well be. But what if not? What if I get lost? But it's so desolate here, and I'm no longer the youngest. And the dragons? I'm a little afraid of them. Looking at the castle gate? I could do that. But does that bring anything? Maybe tomorrow will be a good idea. Or some magician or someone else stops by and tells me what to do. Good plan. Man, this is bleak here. ”

Comparer or director?

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Princes in the fairy tale are rather directors who actively take their lives into their own hands. Many others are more like extras, passively waiting for something to change.

The question, however, should ask everyone is whether he is in his life rather extra or director. If you had to decide now, quite honestly, what attitude do you tend to have more?

Change patterns thanks to neuroplasticity

No matter how you feel, the good news is that even though we are less self-effective than it is good for us, this does not necessarily have to be the case!

The neuroplasticity of our brain, that is the ability to learn for life, gives us the opportunity to change ground thinking patterns as well. Think of the highway comparison of the neurobiologist Gerald Hüther - it is primarily a matter of will and commitment.

The longer the horse is dead, the more reactive your attitude

If you have been holding an unsatisfying job for a long time, it is high time to think about how active or reactive your career strategy has been. Even if you do not like to read it:

The longer your horse has been dead, the more reactive your posture is, the more you are governed by your “inner extras”. After all, all "reasons to ride a dead horse" are extras arguments.

There are neither flower heads nor princesses available for extras

With a purely reactive career strategy, today nothing can be gained. The times when one had to put on one horse only once in a lifetime are definitely over.

Each of us is asked to take care of our own career management, and this is not just for the jobs at the top of the career ladder. The more we dare to take over the direction of our career planning, the more we will get it and the more fun we will have!

Someday I'll be a dream

Oh yes: under extras - at film and at work - the dream is widespread, one day still to be discovered. Then someone will recognize their qualities all of a sudden and give them the great opportunity.

Of course, it is not necessary to be active yourself - it is sufficient to place yourself in the third row as decoratively as possible and wait. A really nice dream. How little of this is reality and that in truth one is afraid of getting off a dead horse, I will do that in a series on Best of in the coming days HR -® show.

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