Even more than Stress makes many People to create a lack of self-determination: Lothar Seiwert sees this as the main cause of the burn-out symptom. We'll have to change that ourselves.

The end of increasing efficiency: is time management dead?

Not every sow makes the world a better place

Some time ago I got the terrible news via Twitter: One of the most famous of all people Time management-Experts of Germany, Prof. Dr. Lothar Seiwert, declares time management dead. And now?

To put it bluntly: no. Not every sow that is driven through the village by the media changes it immediately World. As media professionals, Seiwert and his publishing house naturally know how to sell theses in the most striking way possible. Because this is new at most for those who have only understood time management as a means to pack even more efficiency into less and less time. But that was never the point. Rather it existed Sinn good time management has always been about creating more space for the finer things in life. Or have I misunderstood something?

Letting go and downshifting as a recipe for success

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So Seiwert's theses are not that new - and they were already evident in earlier works that were about letting go and downshifting. But they always fit in well with the current social trend: away from more and more, faster and faster, more and more hectic - towards a new time culture in which one concentrates on the essentials and sees things a little more calmly. Downshifting. Incidentally, a trend that futurologists claim to have identified years ago.

Of course, Seiwert has one for how to achieve this in hectic everyday work Solution – and that is what is actually new about his book: The time manager asked himself the question: why do some people not have any at all Problem with stress and burnout, even though you achieve top performance every day? And why do others immediately collapse under a little stress? The answer: "What really burns people out has nothing to do with the workload, but with the degree of other-determination in life." Seiwert's book is "a plea for a self-determined life."

If only it were that easy

At this point, however, I can already hear the prophecies of doom: "It all sounds well and good with self-determination, but unfortunately it's not that easy in my job." This is representative of this, so to speak Burnout-Training Markus Väth recently raised his hat:

“How long do we actually want to wriggle in this mendacious debate that employees are solely responsible for burnout and should deal with it themselves: with“ stress management ”,“ time management ”. Or they should "just relax". Rarely laughed so much."

Of course, Väth is right when he primarily identifies structural reasons for the problem. And the solution he proposes sounds very reasonable at first: the remuneration targets of managers to them Health of Employees - after all, it is the manager's job to optimally organize work without the company being ruined by sick leave. But: apart from the fact that in many companies the short-term and unwise thinking of simply replacing burned-out employees with fresh ones still prevails - anyone who burns out in a work situation determined by others will not be helped by this demand at the moment when the executive floor not implement them. Only one thing helps: help people to help themselves!

Helping people help themselves

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If I sit down and wait for the Guide of Company If something changes in my problem, I can probably wait a long time. I have to do something myself - and that has nothing to do with "the employee guilt” persuade. For example, simply say “no” in a friendly but firm manner and point out the limits. So that it doesn't happen that the Executive thinks: "Oh, he's doing it all well, then I can withdraw." Get rid of your own fears about what your boss and colleagues might say if you don't comply with their wishes right away. Look for mutual compromises in conflict situations. Yourself and others too clear do what your own Set are where the journey is headed - because this also increases the level of assertiveness. Live self-determined!

But that also means letting go when things aren't going well. Oddly enough, people like to waste energy unnecessarily on things and fellow human beings who don't want to be like themselves - instead of paying attention to those who are happy to join the journey. If your dear colleagues stubbornly stick to your course despite all the compromise suggestions, the boss is a manipulative exploiter and the mills in the company simply don't grind better - then you should even consider whether you shouldn't find better ones elsewhere Alternatives place. Courage Risks is also part of a self-determined life!

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