With increasing globalization, foreign language skills are becoming indispensable when it comes to professional Ascent goes. In addition to the fact that you can beat some competitors out of the race when applying for a job, the professional Everyday life and the Communication with business partners much easier.

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What is suggestive medicine?

However, acquiring or improving language skills in one's own country remains a difficult undertaking. Weekly languageCourses in the adult education center are often not effective enough and, in addition to a job and everyday stress, there is often a lack of necessary ones Disciplineto the asked Set to achieve.

A solution for this Problem delivers the suggestopedia-Method. The Bulgarian educator and psychologist Georgi Losanow developed the foundation for this learning method.

The Super Memory

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During his numerous trips through Asia, he encountered the phenomenon of hypermnesis ("super memory") in many yogies and factories. He noticed that they were extremely mentally and physically relaxed.

Losanov therefore concluded that there must be a connection here. Back in his home country, he founded the first institute for suggestopaedics in Sofia in the 60ger years. In the course of time, his methods were strongly influenced by other scientists such as Freud, Adler, Pavlov and Jung.

Originally Georgi Losanow was mainly concerned with improving learning processes in general. Nowadays, however, suggestive medicine is used mainly in languageCourses.

How does suggestopedia work?

Unfortunately, one does not learn a language simply by relaxing. That is why Suggestopedia uses another successful learning approach. It is well known that our Brain consists of two halves, each different Tasks fulfill.

The left side is mainly responsible for rational thinking, the solving of analytical problems and arithmetic. The right hemisphere is used for creative processes, artistic talent and imagination.

Non-verbal and emotional areas

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Scientific studies have shown that learning processes are most successful when non-verbal and emotional areas are activated alongside the subconscious.

For this reason, both hemispheres of the brain are equally stressed in courses with the Suggestopedia learning method. As a result, grammatical Regulate and new vocabulary is not taken up in isolation, but is related to the environment or already known situations.

Benefits of brain-learning

For this reason the classroom also differs significantly from other classrooms. Relaxed music, green plants, a cozy interior and pictures, which are connected with the contents of the course, ensure a relaxed living room atmosphere.

The brain-friendly Things to Learn and the relaxing environment ultimately provide the following benefits:

Therefore, we will now look more closely at the learning method and give an insight into the course of the lesson.

a look behind the scenes

The suggestopedia learning method promises quick results when it comes to learning new languages. And not only that, providers of this learning method assure that the learned knowledge is much more present and therefore much easier to retrieve.

Reasons enough to look behind the scenes of such a language course and find out what makes suggestopedia so special.

The basic pillars of suggestopedia

Suggestopaeders aim to reduce their students' learning inhibitions. These are learned auto suggestions, such as “I don't like languages” or similar beliefs. In order to achieve “de-suggestion”, nine principles form the basis for suggestopedic instruction:

Is suggestopedia scientific?

Despite the success, many trainers and teachers who use the suggestopedia method are repeatedly asked the following question: “Is this method scientifically proven?”

Hereinafter Article “Part 2: Suggestopedia in the Light of Science” we will therefore deal with this question in more detail.

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