Giving is something positive and should bring joy, but you can also give it in a professional environment fast harm your own career. 7 Knigge-Tips against embarrassing gifts on Workplace.

This is how gift ideas for colleagues and bosses promote a career: 7 etiquette tips against embarrassment

The psychological effect of giving

Giving is a matter that has many positive associations: we usually show it to others People that we are thinking of you and that you are valuable to us. This is how we build relationships with each other. This applies in the private sphere as well as in Job. True to the motto “Small gifts increase the awareness ” Such a gift, used correctly, can even promote a career. Because it's for everyone nicewhen you are happy about a gift. You also pay tribute to your colleagues with a gift recognition and respect for their work.

Actually. Because the topic of giving presents has many pitfalls where you can quickly put your foot in it. Giving and receiving gifts can quickly lead to upsets and a lot Stress cause. It is also not that easy to find the right present, in some cases it can even be particularly difficult. And not every gift triggers joy in every addressee.

Why choosing the right gift is so important in your job

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The supposed collegial recognition can, for example, quickly turn into the opposite: If you are dissatisfied with your gift, you could not be recognized enough and could be humiliated in front of others feel. And it gets particularly tricky when you want to give your manager a little something for Christmas and ask yourself which gift is best.

It is therefore important, especially in a professional context, to Choice of the gift to consider carefully. Which gift is received? And what gift makes you look stupid? If you know the recipient's environment better, you can ask about his preferences, hobbies, favorite travel destinations or clothing habits and fix them in writing, so his ideas to develop.

Consider the recipient's background

Any gift must also consider the background of the addressee. This is especially true in an intercultural context. For example, chocolate pralines that are filled with alcohol, for Problem if colleagues are Muslims - or just want to lose weight. But: You cannot foresee in advance all the problems that someone could have with the well-intentioned gift.

Allusions, including unwanted ones, are to be avoided as much as possible. For example, you shouldn't give an alarm clock to a colleague who is constantly late and not give a mouthwash to someone who has bad breath. Sexual innuendos are also frowned upon, especially from Executive an female subordinates.

Gifts should convey appreciation

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And what do you do if you don't like your colleague? In any case, you should resist the temptation to seek revenge with a Christmas present - because that can backfire because you suddenly end up as a curmudgeon.

It is much more important to give the recipient the feeling that the gift was chosen especially for him. One should never give the impression that it is only a form of duty fulfillment, which indicates disinterest or even lovelessness.

Beware of exaggerated expectations

It is equally important not to surrender to exaggerated expectations that the recipient will share their own enthusiasm for the gift. It may well happen that is not the case with all honest effort.

But the recipient should also hide any disappointment as much as possible. Because the giver is happy when he can see that his gift is well received. So when in doubt, you should put on a good face, after all, good intentions count. And mandatory is in any case a word of thanks. On the other hand, it is considered tasteless to inquire about the price of the gift or to name it.

Special case of elves: giving blind gifts in the office

A special form of giving presents is Secret Santa among colleagues, as often happens at Christmas, for example, and which can lead to even greater problems. Here you have to differentiate between two forms: The first variant is the better, because it protects against unpleasant surprises: You draw the names beforehand and then buy a gift for a specific person. You then only have to do the above-mentioned usual giftRegulate . note

The second variant, the so-called blind pixies, is a particular challenge. All presents are thrown into a sack and everyone pulls one. The advantage is that nobody goes away empty-handed when the giver is sick. The big disadvantage is that everyone has to find a neutral gift with which they will not step on anyone's tie. This is especially true of gender: even if there are only a few colleagues, it is risky to give a tie. But with blind elves you always have an excuse if it doesn't fit despite all your efforts: After all, good intentions also count.

It's all about the packaging

When you have discovered the right gift, then of course the appropriate packaging should not be missing. Since normal wrapping paper is anything but sustained is, we also recommend some sustainable ones Alternatives.

A chic last-minute idea is wrapping it up in newspaper and book pages. Of course, you can also use everyday objects for packaging, such as glasses that are filled with tea or a basket for giving away food. This Article are particularly sustainable because they don't just land on the trash, but can also be used for other purposes. You can also wrap fragile objects in towels. The so-called Furoshiki not only look chic, they also create a WOW effect.

Promoting your career with gifts: 7 tips for the perfect present

With sustainable packaging and the right gift ideas, nothing can go wrong when buying gifts for your colleague superiors. We give 7 tips what you should consider so that a harmless present does not turn into a career trap.

  1. A voucher almost always works: A gift that is almost always a good choice is a voucher, for example for an online shop. The recipient can then choose the gift himself and there are no unpleasant surprises. The voucher method also has two major disadvantages: First of all, the gift looks pretty inconspicuous. And of course everyone knows exactly what you have spent and what the recipient was worth to you.
  2. The food basket for the gourmet: If your boss or colleague is a real gourmet, then a food basket is worth it. Of course, pralines, wine and spreads are a must here. The best thing to do is to add some international products, such as Italian espresso or French cheese. If you are unsure about the choice of specialties, you can use a voucher from the restaurant or a voucher for a cooking course.
  3. The tie pin for the suit wearer: The tie clip is the perfect gift for bosses or colleagues who wear a suit every day. This should be selected in a simple but elegant design.
  4. Jewelry for the colleague: If it is about a boss or colleague, it can of course also be a chic bracelet. Fashion lovers of both sexes will be happy to receive a key ring.
  5. The engraved pen for the organized: The eternal search for the pen can sometimes be really annoying. That's why a personalized pen is always a wonderful gift idea. Of course, you should use high-quality materials and make sure that the cartridges are replaceable. It is also best to opt for a name engraving and a stylish leather case.
  6. A book for the bookworm: Anyone who knows the boss or colleague a little better and thus also knows about their interests can also opt for a book. For the hobby cook it can be a cookbook and for those interested in art an illustrated book. If you also know that your addressee likes to devour a good read in their free time, you should decide on their favorite genre. If you don't know your favorite genre, you can simply take a look at the bestseller list.
  7. A cup for the tea and coffee addict: In the office, liters of tea and coffee are often consumed. If your boss or colleague is one of those people who starts having a coffee as soon as he comes to the office, then a cup with high-quality coffee blends is a good gift idea. Of course, there are also many people who do not enjoy drinking coffee that much and who often resort to tea. Here you can fill a tea box with different varieties and give them away together with a tea cup. For people who are blessed with enough humor, the cup can of course also have a funny label. If this is not the case, you can rely on a classic design in black and white or metallic colors.

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