Every Jeck is different - this also applies to decision-making processes in particular: A major reason for different behavior and attitudes towards change lies in ours Personality anchored.


It began five million years ago

If you take a close look at the evolution of our brain, you can see that the development of the human brain has always taken place in stages or spurts over thousands of years. Ours is comparable to an onion Brain created from the inside out.

The miracle of today's Homo sapiens began five million years ago. With the upright gait, he differs from his previous conspecifics and by the speedy growth of the brain he became fast superior to his previous relatives.

The growth of the brain was thereby only possible by changing the diet from vegetarian to carnivorous. Because only meat had the proteins and energy quantities, which enabled a fast brain growth.

Leaping growth

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The growth was rather sudden and not, as Darwin had once assumed, in a slow selection process. About 200.000 years ago the time of the primates and thus the time of the Australopithecus began. The line of Homo originated from this primal ancestor.

Starting with the Homo habilis, which means "the skillful man", followed by the Homo erectus, the first erect man, and finally ourselves, the Homo sapiens sapiens, the first time around 100.000 years ago in Asia and North Africa and around 40.000 Years ago in Europe. These evolutionary spurts led to today's brain mass, which in adults is approximately 1.200 to 1.400 grams on average.

The training of our brain halves

Starting from the brain stem, the brain has progressively developed to its present size. In particular, the axial division into a right and a left brain is noticeable. The halves of the brain, however, are connected by a so-called middle bar.

The two halves “communicate” with each other via this connection.

What are the two halves of the brain?

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The left side of the brain is the center for language, digital thinking and mathematics and the right side ensures that we have images in our minds Head get, develop feelings and be able to realize analogue thought processes.

The "Communication” between these halves is extremely important, because only when this connection is intact can we think feel and let us know.

The division of our brain

But how does our brain influence decision-making processes? And how exactly do these work? This dichotomy of our brain was discovered by Roger Sperry in the USA in 1978 and was the first step towards an allocation of Features in our brain.

In addition, it was also found that in the case of a separation of the middle limb in some epilepsy patients, a noticeable reduction in the symptoms occurred.

What does “operationalization” look like?

As part of a training session, I occasionally ask the participants to Term To draw “operationalization”, i.e. to plot it graphically on a flipchart with the Success, that to this day, after 20 years, no participant has ever managed to do this.

It looks different with the term “tree”. Here the participants quickly draw a more or less descriptive picture on the flipchart.

It depends on the experience memory

What is the difference between these two terms? The term “tree” is picked up on the left side of our brain via the speech center and sent directly to the right side of the brain via the middle bridge.

There the right half very quickly finds an “experience picture” in its experience memory - also called extension memory, because it is so oversized.

If the image is missing in the head

In the case of the term “operationalization”, the process is the same, but the right brain cannot visualize this term. A simple, clear picture in the head is missing, since this word is an abstract term.

As you can see, our brain must always translate the words heard into images, because pictures say more than a thousand words.

Man is an eye animal

We are "eye animals", which means that we save almost everything in the form of pictures.

If these pictures are not delivered to us, because, for example, a speaker uses too many foreign words or abstract terms, then we feel bored or even overwhelmed.

Why our brain is unique

Why decide some people more creative than others? Ned Herrmann wanted to get to the bottom of this riddle based on the discovery of the two hemispheres of the brain - and came to astonishing insights.

He found that our brain is not only shaped by two halves, but by four areas, which are expressed in the course of personal development - the theory of the "unique brain" was born.

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