Visual communication and storytelling make things visible. Visual Communication is the way to the better Conversation. Just fast, sometimes provocative, but always with great added value for communication.

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In Meetings, whether internal or with customers, people talk, a lot of talk, sometimes maybe even too much. Because whether what is said is understood or internalized by everyone is another matter. But please – as usual – in words and sentences.

Visual language works much easier - and above all, it is much easier to understand. And just provocative imagery can fuel the discussion even more. Key messages are drawn with quick, simple strokes and everyone has a consistent picture - they see and understand.

7 Tips for understandable language

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For it is true that if the statement were portrayed as a picture, the participants might still have a chance to remember the most important facts and to remember, if later in a further discussion, the content is linked. 7 tips on how to do that.

  1. Speech bubbles illustrate: More and more often communication in the business everyday becomes a speech bubble. Misunderstandings are inevitable. Elaborate ideas and strategies can not be taught in such a way that conversation partners can really imagine what they mean. The speech bubbles - just like in comics - just have to be populated with pictures. With the instrument of visual communication topics are not only visible, but at the same time experienceable and understandable.
  2. The handle to the pencil: If one talks about a topic, the grip on the pen is part of the visual communication. To sketch your own thoughts as well as the ideas of the counterpart. If you want to hit something like a lightning, then a lightning flash is painted, a mountain when obstacles appear or a road with junctions for several possible ways to solve a problem.
  3. The direct language of pictures: To make complex facts understandable only through text is difficult. Misunderstandings rob valuable working hours, destroy trust and, in the worst case, delay important decisions. That our brain thinks in images is long known. So why do not we work visually and provide information for other brain-oriented?
  4. Red thread: The retention of ideas and ideas in pictures ensures that once-discussed topics are always reflected again and again. In the meeting, for example, a visual log ensures that all aspects are recorded and the thread is not lost. The pictures stored in the head can be activated, refreshed and picked up again and again by the participants. Another advantage is that not only the opinion of the opinion leaders flow, but also the profitable ideas of restrained participants get their place.
  5. Real added value: Digitization, new technologies, new working environments - the upheaval is ubiquitous and moves at a rapid pace. How can people make a positive contribution to these changes? By leveraging the innovation of visual communication. In business relations, a real added value can arise. Talk partners understand themselves on a new level of visual work.
  6. Visual language is easy to learn: Of course, for an untrained person, the blank sheet, the empty area is the biggest hurdle. But the technique of visual communication is easy to learn and apply by everyone. On paper and flipchart as well as digital on the iPad and Whiteboard. As is often the case, simply take the first step, or - in order to remain in the picture - sketch the first ideas.
  7. Set a new standard: With the visualization tool, you can live on the right images and metaphors, build a complete sales story or work out strategies visually. Time to establish visual communication as a new standard in the business! Already hardly anybody remains unaffected. Everyone has already clearly signaled with the setting of a Smileys that nothing is as deadly as it sometimes seems.

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