Fringe benefits are a common topic of discussion. Is it ultimately no more than a few well-intentioned sweets and favors, which ones Employees to keep you happy or an effective way to Motivation and employee loyalty - or even an adequate salary replacement?

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There are many pros and cons

There are some arguments against it. With fringe benefits, one often runs the risk of building up expectations that Effect more and more weakened.

A dependency can also set in; if they are absent or their performance is reduced, the result is frustration and well-intentioned goodies fast to disappointment. Generous fringe benefits can also lead to chair glue, for which such benefits have a greater Significance have than the performance for Company and job.

Gieskanne does not work even with fringe benefits

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Giving all employees an obligatory book voucher before Christmas has no effect. Fringe benefits should be based on individual employeeneeds be tailored. The apprentice may appreciate a fitness subscription, premium financing for older employees prevention or Mothers with children flexible working time models and for prospective Executives the exemption for management training could be interesting.

The job life cycle, gender, living environment, value of work and Job, personal core values ​​and career plans are just a few examples of possible criteria for different needs.

Congruence with corporate culture and HR strategy

Fringe benefits should be an expression of corporate culture and personnel strategy and their values ​​and Set widerspiegeln and strengths. If this is given, this makes culture and HR-Strategy of a company more tangible and credible and strengthens the sense of togetherness, which not only contributes to more authenticity within the company but also in employer branding.

For example, if a company provides the Work-Life-Balance at the center are measures such as sabbaticals, childbirth allowances, extended childcare, additional vacation weeks, paternal leave, which provide great benefits both privately and professionally.

Creativity and uniqueness are needed

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The more unimaginative fringe benefits are, such as the obligatory seniority gift or the corporate parking space for executives, the less effective they are and are considered goodies that are expected at the end of the year and are quickly becoming an unnoticed habit. Fringe benefits, which provide personalized value for employees, are more sustainable.

Therefore, it is often not gifts in kind or money, but holistically effective attentions related to business and job, which also strengthen and symbolize the corporate values. A strong impact can also be achieved if employees are involved in designing fringe benefits programs or even actively participate in their services.

Emphasis on emotional and social aspects

Target group-related, emotional and social fringe benefits, which also reach families, children or life partners, for example, with a focus on work-life balance, have a particularly sustainable effect.

act beyond the company, include the living environment and often also represent a social value inside and outside the company, which in turn strengthens the authenticity of the employer branding. Nursing leave for employees with elderly or sick family members is an example of fringe benefits that have a lasting effect with high Esteem to have.

Job and performance and no coupons count

However fringe benefit concepts are designed, their Sinn in the end, however, the purpose must be put into perspective.

In the end, neither the new mobile phone nor the preferential rates on mortgages, but the interesting job, challenges and prospects, the superior ratio, the appreciation of the work and a good working atmosphere are the focus.

Conclusion: You should pay attention to these eight points

In my opinion, fringe benefits then have a chance Success and achievement of the objectives if the following aspects are taken into account:

  1. Targeted at individual employee needs oriented use
  2. Congruence with corporate culture and values ​​and goals of HR policy
  3. Focus on emotional impact, quality of life and work-life balance
  4. Regular discussion and information and communication
  5. Focus on well-being and identification with job and company
  6. Periodic review for awareness, utility, impact and acceptance
  7. Creative fringe benefits that also strengthen employer attractiveness
  8. Rather restrained use of material money and property

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