Have you already taken a test on the subject of introverts or extroverts? Your result will probably show you one Combination from introverted as well as extroverted characteristics. What does that mean exactly?

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Although most people are born with a tendency towards introversion or extroversion, it is actually the individual mixture that makes it Personality: It's not about loud and quiet pigeonholes or clichés, but about finding out the very personal characteristics - in oneself and also in the case of colleagues, superiors and employees.

Therefore we do for the better Orientation once as if there were 100 percent of the introverted or extroverted type – for better orientation. Here are the typical characteristics found in the Job specifically clear knock down.

The typical extrovert ...

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The typical introvert personality ...


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“Introvert” and “shy” are often equated. But that's not true. An introvert is literally just "turned inward." So he uses a high proportion of his Energy for reflection and information processing.

shyness means Anxiety from negative reviews by others. There are also extroverts who are shy. Because they're "outward-looking," they find being shy particularly hard: because they're up positive External feedback is required to ensure that they are doing well.

And you?

Use your own personal intro-extro combination, which is made up of properties in both overviews. It shows you your own inclinations and needs im Everyday life.

The better you know what you are good at and what you need, the sooner you can do what is important to you. Things to Learn You to ask yourself the question, especially in strenuous phases: What do I need right now? You will notice: you almost always know the answer.

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