Good intentions are nothing but a drug for our conscience. They reassure us and enable conflict-free action in other fields. Everyone knows the many declarations of intent at the end of the year or New Year. But too often it unfortunately remains the pious wish. Why?


Why we need clear goals

In order to then derive an action from the intention, it needs to be clearer and more unambiguous Set. That brings us to our last Term and its psychological Significance: Goals that represent a concrete result to be achieved.

In doing so, goals help to concentrate the mental performance on the achievement of the goal, and actively support the search for the path leading from the intention to the result.

The more concrete, the better!

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Goals are therefore very helpful when it comes to finding the right path to realizing a goal change to find.

The more concrete and specific these goals are, the better and faster we find the way there. Thus, from an intention becomes an action.

Why diet counselors are pointless

Many weight loss guides are based on that ways show how the weight can be reduced. Most of the time, at least, this advice is very useful, but assumes that the intention to "lose weight" has become a goal.

No advisor can do this process World support because this is a very personal process. Overcoming the difficult process of giving up sweets or fatty foods can only be realized by each individual.

How intentions become real goals

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It is crucial how well the respective person can regulate themselves and control their moods. Because science has shown that finding the right way to achieve a goal, in this example weight reduction, through external affects, i.e emotions, feelings and moods are intensively influenced.

I show you this influence and the ability to self-regulate yourself with a concrete example. To properly understand the functioning of our brain as part of professional mood management, one has to understand why decisions are so difficult for us.

Afraid of change? Why?

There are always changes, but they also often make us big Anxiety. An old saying goes: Nothing is as constant as change. But why does she scare us so much?

We're afraid of that Risks, fear of the unknown. But why do we find it so difficult to consistently implement decisions once we have made them? And why do some succeed? People easier to change than others? Science provides the answers.

Answers from science

Numerous psychologists and an increasing number of neurobiologists have grappled with this topic. The exciting thing for me is that we are currently undergoing a fundamental change in the Psychology can watch.

While classical psychology is always in the Criticism stood that they could only human based on theoretical models Behavior can explain, today we are one step further.

Why do we think so and not otherwise?

The neurosciences are now so far that they can actually explain why we think the way we think, because of a new understanding of the functioning of our brain.

This will appear Success and failure in a new light and completely new starting points emerge for dealing with changes.

Change processes in companies

In my remarks you will therefore come across some familiar things, but above all the results of new studies. The focus is on the consideration of change processes in Corporatebecause this is the daily practice of my work.

Whether it is the introduction of a new software in the field of accounting or the alignment of a company on new sales markets, I experience daily in my work with companies, as people fail to change.

The cause of the problem is the human being himself

The causes are manifold, but one has learned in my practice as a company consultant in countless projects:

The causes of most Problems in change processes lie in the people involved.

The germ cell of failure

Therefore we begin at the germ cell of the failure of change, the individual man.

Therefore, we should, as a first step, explore the question of why people's willingness to change is so different and how anyone can adapt to it.

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