Business trips are hated by most professionals. Stress, hustle and bustle, long travel times, chronic lack of time. Our tip: just use a stopover. 8 fancy ideas that invite you to look at things from a new perspective.

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Business-Trips: Is it also less stressful?

In my circle of acquaintances, I was often able to witness how stressful it is Business-trips can be. Flights are canceled at short notice or the company's booking software just books you into an ugly hotel in the neighboring town because all the rooms are booked for major events.

You might think business travelers are leading a beautiful life and are also being paid for travel. But usually you are sitting on business tripps any dates in the neck and above all of course the ubiquitous cost pressure:

How to use waiting times and idle

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Business trips should be as short as necessary and as cheap as possible. There is hardly time to get to know the country and the people, to make sightseeing, to relax nature or to enjoy other things that you can travel with. Not to mention relaxation.

Or? In fact, especially with a stopover, shorter or longer waiting times, just classic idling, can sometimes be used quite cleverly to experience something exciting. By the way act such unusual ideas are also extremely creative and inspiring — and that's exactly what's in today work life in great demand.

8 Tips for an extraordinary stopover

So instead of hanging out at the airport or train station, try to do something different. We give 8 suggestions for interesting activities you would not have thought of.

  1. Go up and down on 2.000 meters: On the way from the train station to the airport, drive up to 2.000 meters and perhaps have a snowball fight in May? Sounds crazy, but in contemplative Innsbruck this is possible in 2-3 hours. First you take directly from the city center the Hungerburgbahn, then you continue with the gondola to Seegrube - beautiful view included. If that is too exhausting, you can also have a coffee in cozy Innsbruck or visit sights such as the Goldende Dach. The airport bus to 4 km outside Airport every 15 minutes.
  2. Dance: Lunchbeats are an invention from Stockholm, where working people meet to dance during the lunch break and fidget for 1-2 hours together. There are now also in many German cities. For those who do not have the time, we recommend after-work events, which are also held in many large cities. Just look at the relevant Facebook-Groups search.
  3. Hiking: Hiking is the easiest thing you can do and also stimulates thought and achievement. Not for nothing LinkedIn co-founder Konstantin Guericke his meetings while hiking and also TV star Manuel Andrack prefers to develop concepts while hiking. In the immediate vicinity of every town there are now well-signposted (circular) hiking trails for every level of difficulty, so that you can go on exciting hikes in just a few hours.
  4. To go swimming: Especially in the summer it is great to jump into the cool water at high temperatures. But also in the winter this is of course possible, in many cities there are indoor swimming pools. In Berlin you can quickly jump into a lake, for example in the Plötzensee central in Wedding, or a little further outside, the Schlachtensee. A bathing suit of the special kind offers with quasi-caribbean Feeling, however, offers Marseille: By bus (or taxi) one drives in 15 minutes from the center to the district Luminy (here are also the faculty of science of the university), from there one wanders in about 30 minutes to the Calanque of Luminy. Here one bathes between picturesque rocks in the clear water.
  5. Massage: At many airports there are now massages and massage services. A very good service, which just after 10 hour flight trip very good, I took the intermediate stop to New Zealand in Bankog. Here head, back or foot massages are offered everywhere. Recommendable and cheap.
  6. Sniff the salt air: If you do not want to go for a walk on the seashore and get a taste of fresh salsa, who does not have the pleasure of doing his stopover in a coastal town or bathing in the spa town of Bad Salzuflen, you can take advantage of another, extremely relaxing facility: a salt cave like this eg in Dusseldorf, gives you the feeling of relaxation and vacation in 20 minutes.
  7. Boat Tour: If your stopover is in eg Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne or Dusseldorf you are lucky in this respect: here you can relatively easily climb a ship in the city center and make a shorter or longer cruise on the water - in Hamburg or Berlin that even with A public transport ticket is possible because ships or ferries are part of the public means of transport. This is also possible in many other cities. In Bonn, Koblenz or Main, for example, the ship tour can be combined with a trip to the Rhine Valley, in Dresden the Elbe Valley attracts.
  8. Fly: If you want to do something really exciting and extraordinary, the bay instead of the city tour a round flight. This is admittedly not quite spontaneously possible, but nevertheless cheaper than many think. Similar to the carpooling center, there are possibilities over the Internet as in a kind Mitflugzentrale comparatively cheap with private people to fly.

Of course, not all of these ideas can be implemented at all times, but perhaps you can use our suggestions to develop your own ideas for a successful stopover stay. In any case, we wish you a lot Fun and less hassle in your business trips.

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