The good resolutions for the new year are usually already a thing of the past in February. To fast they are suppressed, postponed and forgotten. But good intentions are only good if they are implemented. Therefore: Pause and concentrate on the essentials.

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Why intentions fail

Intentions must have a chance to succeed. But two reasons prevent many intentions from actually being implemented. It is worthwhile to question your own habits. What about our ability to tackle new things?

  1. Reason one:  Resolutions are rarely goals. A little more exercise, quitting smoking, more time with the kids, losing weight ... are the most popular resolutions. They all have something in common. They are inaccurate, cannot be measured and have no target date. “I am until December 31.12st. next year at least 10 kilos lighter ”is more accurate and binding. But that alone is not enough.
  2. Reason two:  Resolutions only work if they make sense. The goal has to make sense to me personally. I have to recognize a decisive advantage for myself. If we pursue goals because we think that we are expected to do so, failure is inevitable. As long as we're chasing goals that aren't our own, we'll rarely achieve them. So the crucial question is “Why and why do I want to achieve the goal?” It depends what we make of it.

Take time

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The turn of the year is usually the time to pause for a moment, look back and risk a look ahead. Rather than rushing blindly into a resolution, it often makes more sense to spend a full hour (or more). invest.

To think calmly and thoroughly about what you really(!) want. Concretely with a resolution and what of that Implementation to bring about in one's own life. What is important to me? Many think this is trivial. Absolutely not.

To take responsibility

The fewest People know exactly what they really want in life. Everyday routine determines their existence. Many go to work because they have to. On Sunday afternoon they are cursing again about the coming Monday.

But the responsibility lies with everyone. Yes, we can change something. It is often not easy. But it's worth it. After all, whoever does nothing for a lifetime, which does not fulfill him, sells his own valuable life. Our lifetime is limited. It depends on what we really want.

Practical life art

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Statistically, we all only have 30.000 days to live. Wouldn't it be worth pondering something about what the Sinn of one's own life really exists? No Anxiety, this question is not only something for studied philosophers.

Thinking about this question is practical art of living. Because the meaning of life is absolutely individual and unique.

The meaning of life is individual

The meaning of life hardly consists in watching TV 3,5 hours a day and looking for women, jungle camps and farmers Ms. to “celebrate” the end of the day. When we're 85, we won't be able to remember all the TV shows.

In the memory rather remain - hopefully - many beautiful lived moments in life. A life in which we did what we really wanted. A life that was fun and fulfilling for us.

The best time

So when is the best time to think about the meaning of life? The best time is always when you really want to change something yourself.

When a Objective is aimed at. If that goal makes sense to you personally. It doesn't have to be New Year's Eve for that.

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