“Thank you for the great seminar. We loved it. You are optimal on our needs received and were able to help us on many points Eyes open!" (Agency publica projects GmbH)

Blogger Relations Seminar

Why Blogger Relations?

Internet and social media are on the rise. As a result, the media landscape is also changing — and suddenly people are doing it Opinions, which nobody had on the screen before.

The seminar provides participants with an insight into the relevance and relevance of relevant blogs. There is an overview of the German blog culture, shows differences and similarities of blogs and traditional media and deals with the communication behavior on the net.

Identify and address influencers

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Because many Company and PR agencies are insecure: Who should be specifically targeted for media work? Who is really important, who is one of the new influencers on the net? Is it worth the effort?

How do you actually talk about the bloggers? And how do you build long-term relationships and establish your own blogger community? The one-day workshop consists of parts of the knowledge transfer alternating with practical demonstrations and exercises on the Internet.

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Criteria for identifying suitable blogs

On February 29th we conducted the in-house training course "Blogger Relations for PR work" for the agency publica projects GmbH in Hamburg. In the seminar, we taught how to identify thematically suitable blogs, assess them for relevance and address them. The customers confirmed that we had responded optimally to their needs.

The basis of the request was that Customer Philips wanted to intensify existing contacts with the blogger scene as part of his PR work. Due to the large number of existing blogs, however, the agency wanted criteria that would allow it to identify the most important blogs for its area and address them in an appropriate manner.

Influencer analysis using a specially developed method

In the seminar we conveyed to the participants Methods the transfer of knowledge alternating with practical demonstrations and exercises on how to identify thematically suitable blogs, assess them for relevance and then address them.

To this end, we showed with a method developed by us how to identify so-called "influencers" of a thematic area according to firmly defined keywords and determine their quality and reach.

Blogger Relations for Agencies2

Keyword analysis and communication strategy

We also gave an overview of the German blog culture, showed differences and similarities between blogs and traditional media and dealt with communication behavior on the Internet.

On the basis of this, we finally showed communication strategies for addressing and establishing long-term contacts with bloggers. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to publish the complete slides due to secrecy obligations.

“They responded perfectly to our needs”

The agency was then impressed by our seminar. In a eMail you wrote us: Thanks for the great seminar. We loved it. They were optimally adapted to our needs and could open our eyes in many ways!

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