What do you think of job interviews via Skype? The majority of applicants think this is new-foolish nonsense and often only assumes that they get to know each other briefly before the “right” personal interview on site.

Interviews via Skype

Well prepared in the discussion talk with Videotelefonie

If you also underestimate the video interview in this way, you can sit back and relax - it will not be personal for you afterwards Conversation give more. Then someone else took care of that Candidate qualified…

A successful video interview begins with the right attitude towards this – admittedly still relatively new – conversation medium. Look forward to it, be well prepared and seize the opportunity to meet your dream employer ways to report why you are exactly the right person for the vacant position.

1. Preparation is half the (application) life

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The content differs in the Preparation an interview via Skype hardly differs from a face-to-face job interview. From an organizational point of view, however, there are a few aspects to consider for a professional presentation:

Clarify in advance who is calling whom and - just in case - keep the phone number and Emailaddress of your contact person.

2. Technical aspects should not be underestimated

The impression of your Presentation depends to a degree that should not be underestimated on the technical framework conditions. Even if you have Skyped a hundred times before – note the most important aspects just before the interview appointment:

3. Adequate clothing

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In addition, keep all important documents and utensils from Curriculum vitae via the job profile to the handkerchief, inconspicuously ready. Under no circumstances should you leave your seat during the conversation.

Dress up adequately for a presentation date. Whether you wear a pants or not is a question of inner attitude, not a question of camera excerpt.

4. Show presence

In the appointment itself, you must pay particular attention to the language that you clear talk, note delays in the transmission and let the conversation partner finish. Otherwise, important information may be left behind.

In any case, it is more than legitimate to ask in a video call if you have not understood something correctly. You can even use the excuse “acoustically not understood” well if you want to save a moment to answer a question ...

5. Please do not touch!

Don't hide behind your computer. Be present and usually face the camera. Unnecessary movements distract from content. On the other hand, you shouldn't be frozen on the recruiter's screen either act.

If you need something to reassure you Hand need, take handwritten notes. Typing on the PC keyboard makes quite a lot of noise on the other person, which should be avoided.

6. Focus on the audio channel

Video function or not: the audio channel, say: What you say is crucial. The technical quality should also be right here.

Therefore, make sure that no family members, pets or outside noise (windows open?) Cause loud or visual distraction. And check the microphone again.

7. The right background

Choose a neutral background in your apartment, which does not appear to be kaleidoscope or book-colored.

A simple picture often helps. The recruiter should hang on your lips and not think about whether the AC / DC poster is on your or your son's wall.


No Anxiety before a job interview via Skype: With good preparation and a bit of anticipation, you can show a strong presence and collect a lot of plus points.

Incidentally, you also show the recruiter that you are very good at using modern communication technologies. This Expertise can hardly be presented better than in a video interview and is often underestimated. Much Success in conversation. you will like it.

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