The relationship between sellers and their prices is not always clear. Some orders only come about with high discounts. But although Seller bars Money give away are hers customers not satisfied.


The price is a point of view

Sellers often mistake their prices for their weak point and give discounts too quickly. Really professional sellers, on the other hand, stand behind their prices. They communicate this so naturally that their counterparts only rarely mention it Problem sees in it.

At the customer, a corresponding value for the offer is established during the course of the call. The price becomes a quality feature. If the customer's consideration is the same, the price is also accepted.

Discounts for fear

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Very few customers buy just like that. They want the security of the best offer. They ask and haggle for an even better price.

Badly trained employees lead to discount demands Stress. They fear that the long-awaited order will not come. To this phase of the conversation as possible fast to finish, many are willing to buy the job with discounts.

Do not go to the limit

What seller doesn't want to land orders? If he has a discount range of ten percent, some are only too happy to grant it immediately because he hopes that the deal will be concluded immediately. And then he exceeds his bargaining power because of the Customer trades further.

Discounts reduce the profit

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Forgot: Every penny discount is missing as income. No economically working Corporate can survive in the long run if it's only their own Costs covers - it must also generate profits.

That is why every salesperson has to be aware that he deals with unnecessary discounts just as badly for the company as a cashier who steals cash from the cash desk.

Not every customer is worth his trouble

Not every prospective customer is equal to a customer - that must know a provider. Customers have different initial situation and requirements. Also the price is not the same.

Good advice can make it clear to some customers that they are making a mistake if they don't spend more money on something more suitable for them Performance invested. Other 'customers' don't want to buy from this seller from the start. Their interest is aimed at 'stealing advice' or a written alternative offer in order to blackmail in-house suppliers.

Identify customer intentions

Such prospects will not buy even with high discounts. If so, then maybe once, but not necessarily regularly. With the right ones Ask professional sellers can gauge the seriousness of the inquiries.

invest only spend their time on projects where there are real chances of getting an order. So with customers who see a corresponding added value in the offer and are willing to pay accordingly.

Discount request - the hidden no

Many customers prefer to say to the provider “They are too expensive!” than the truth. This is often more unpleasant: customers doubt the quality, do not trust the seller or have not understood his solution, but do not want to say so.

Beginners in sales confuse the customer's request for a discount with a buy signal. They believe that only the price stands between them and the order. But even with generous discounts, the customer cannot buy because the unspoken still stands between them. Then with every percentage point more discount the seller only makes himself less credible.

Customers, too, want a sense of achievement

After making a purchase, customers want to be able to say “The negotiation wasn't easy, but I got a good price”. That's exactly why sell professional sellers at higher prices.

They succeeded in staging the price negotiation in such a way that the customer stands well when signing the contract.

Discounts are not an order guarantee

It can happen that a seller immediately offers the customer the best possible discount of eight percent in order to make the order fast - and the customer still does not buy.

The other seller, on the other hand, gets the order for a half-hour price negotiation at 3% with the same customer - and the customer feels completely comfortable.

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