Anyone who values ​​their individual values Workplace has to give up and who is constantly having to bend over backwards cannot develop loyalty. Loyalty is most likely to show when the values ​​of a Company and the personal values ​​of his Employees show a high degree of agreement. A total of five loyalties play a role.

employee loyalty

Four basic forms of employee loyalty

Being able to fully identify with a company also means being true to yourself. So there is loyalty to oneself, i.e. internal, and loyalty to others, i.e. external. Four external loyalties can be identified at first glance:

The Monster career portal did one a while ago Online-Survey conducted in which nearly 25.000 European workers took part. The question "Who are you most loyal to at work?" gave the following answers:

Above all the German workers showed a striking lack of loyalty to their superiors. With seven percent, they come to the lowest value in Europe. This is dramatic, because another loyalty is added: the loyalty to one's own networks.

A new phenomenon: the fifth loyalty

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In very many People is the desire for variety and the irrepressible urge to set out for new shores. And today's Working world makes nomadic jobbing unavoidable for many. But at the same time we also have a deep need to belong to a group of like-minded people.

Network building on the Web is a visible sign of this. This also continues in online gaming. The most popular games are community games. And most of the time, it's not just about getting badges and higher levels, it's also about being accepted into prestigious communities and guilds to win together.

Social networks are nothing more than new refuge and modern forms of herd instinct. “Social media is just the digital equivalent of a fundamental human need. We want to be connected, make a difference, have influence, be missed, ”says online expert Seth Godin.

Social networks are interconnected catalysts

In times of isolation, creeping loneliness and social autism, collaborative businesses can give people a home. Just the Boy Generation, in which there are so many latchkey and patchwork children, is looking for new forms of togetherness. And these are found in digital networks.

Millennials place the attachment to such “elect relatives” above other values. With you feel they connected through the same attitude to life, similar worldviews and shared experiences.

In your peer groups, you help each other with good advice and stand up for each other. You influence each other in life decisions and do the same things. Status comes from what you do for others and not from who you are.

Horizontal loyalties are more important than vertical

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Previous loyalties were vertical in nature. For example, you were a die-hard Siemensian – an employee of the Company So Siemens – and loyal to the company for life. Such top-down loyalties are currently eroding massively.

There is no longer the unconditional sovereignty of authority. Horizontal loyalties have taken their place. Networks have replaced the hierarchy as a principle of organization. And they are everywhere to the safety net, where conventional safety nets fail.

Because the so-called “strong ties”, which included traditional family groups and lifelong employment, are threatened with extinction. In their place are the “weak ties”.

All five loyalties must be developed

The loyalty of the younger generation belongs to the peers, the circle of friends, the loose relationships in the professional and private sphere. They are connected with one another.

Overall, all five loyalties need to be developed. If one of them falls by the wayside, this has a detrimental effect on the loyalty behavior of the employees. Which of the five is in the foreground differs from person to person.

For example, while the loyalty of the “Analog Senior” belongs primarily to the company, the loyalty of the “Digital Natives” her Network. For them, your own employer is nothing more than one of several networks in which you move in parallel.

Companies that are able to reproduce network-like structures are worth a longer stay for them. Organizations, on the other hand, who forbid them to live their network loyalty, are not considered for digital natives.

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