There are many ways to cope with stress. But most Methods are complicated and difficult to learn. If you want to relax immediately, you need simple exercises.

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Coping with stress in everyday life - just how?

In the morning the child was already ill, the boss is breathing down your neck because an important customer project has to be completed, and to make matters worse, colleague Müller is also ill. A feeling of a lack of self-efficacy and Control about one's own life - and this merry-go-round of thoughts in which we find ourselves again and again negative Saying beliefs like "Today is not my day" is what really ends up stressing us out.

Well, there are numerous methods that want to help us to take a short break from the hectic everyday office life Stress to take: yoga, Qi Gong, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, etc. only have one major disadvantage: You just can't learn and implement them overnight. Because so that the corresponding relaxation exercises can also be carried out in the Brain solidify, we need to change our thinking and habits. And that takes time. Therefore, we would like to present 3 methods below that are comparatively fast help to de-stress.

Write down problems like Miriam Meckel

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As Miriam Meckel, youngest Professorin Germany, government spokeswoman and publisher of Wirtschaftswoche Burnout fell ill, she spent a week in a clinic in the Allgäu. The first parts of her book were also written during an “inactivity weekend” of all things. But writing, it is read, is an important method Problems to processed.

It's not for nothing that experts keep recommending mindfulness and gratitude journals to focus on the positive things in life. Therefore, writing down problems that are stressful or distressing can be an important step in solving them, also because many People the Solution there clear will. Concentrating on the positive also helps to get out of the spiral of negative thought processes. That's how it works:

  1. Sit at the desk or in a comfortable armchair.
  2. Have a piece of paper and a pen ready to take notes.
  3. Hide everything for the next few minutes: appointments, tasks, nagging bosses, customer complaints, etc.
  4. Let your imagination run wild: imagine a perfect day.
  5. Think big, dream wilc: anything is possible and allowed on this imaginary day.
  6. Make yourself clear: what do you want to do? What happens “just like that”? What do your colleagues and your superiors contribute to a perfect day?
  7. What makes you particularly happy, what are you grateful for?
  8. Where do you see potential for improvement? How could this look in concrete terms? Think big and crazy here too.
  9. Write everything down in key words, without “censorship scissors in your head”. It can also be crazy things. And these fantasies can also make you laugh.
  10. How can you continue to implement your crazy ideas in the future?

Let problems fly away like Sven Hannawald

The ski jumper Sven Hannawald also suffered from burnout. And afterwards confessed frankly in interviews that it took him a long time to be able to let go of his sport, because even a long time after the burnout he still had the ski jumping results on TV and Internet angesehen.

Sometimes you ask yourself whether you can even solve problems that often seem big and overwhelming at first. Or one wonders with fear whether the way to Objective than will work. And because of all the worries you can't do anything. With this method, you can let go of stressful things so that you can concentrate on your work.

  1. Sit or lie down relaxed, close your eyes.
  2. Imagine the problem (for example, a difficult professional situation).
  3. Think very specifically, if possible introduce yourself in several pictures. Or write all of them virtually on a piece of paper.
  4. Now imagine a virtual cardboard box and - virtually of course - place it in front of you.
  5. Open it and put your pictures or notes in it.
  6. Tie the box to a balloon with a string.
  7. Let your imaginary balloon rise
  8. Follow him up and say goodbye to problems and negative thoughts.
  9. Take your time: Check the balloon with your problems until it disappears in the clouds or has become so small that you can no longer see it.
  10. Get up, stretch, and get to work.

Mindfulness exercises in nature like Ludwig II of Bavaria

It is also said of Ludwig II of Bavaria that he had his very own methods of reducing stress. So for the last 10 years of his life he slept during the day and was awake at night to enjoy the nocturnal rest. And in his youth he enjoyed hiking in the mountains with his mountaineering enthusiasts Mother Marie in the Allgäu Castle Park, the region around Füssen and the royal castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, where Ludwig grew up. The Säuling, one of the most striking mountains in the castle park, has always been a hiking destination Family and Ludwig loved these excursions – despite the nailed hiking boots that he already had with him Ascent feet of lead. And it was also for Queen Marie the greatest happiness to be here, so she took off her skirt and renounced every luxury on the mountain tours.

Even today, the royal castles are almost all to themselves on the numerous hiking trails in the castle park. No wonder that the castle park is also ideal for a mindful walk with exercise and mediatative units, which I do under the guidance of hiking guide and Ayuveda expert Ruth Wecher, who integrates nature and the environment as a special feature.

  1. On the Kneipp meadow: We spread the ame from mindfulness exercise heart opening
  2. At Mittersee we do a breathing exercise in which we only breathe through the nose and either inhale or exhale with every step. You have to be very focused on breathing.
  3. At Obersee we do a breathing exercise and look at details in nature such as rocks, moss plants. Also a great experience: smell resin.
  4. We do another breathing exercise in a free place on the lake: we breathe in, stretch our arms up and exhale as we go down by imagining a dandelion.
  5. In a place with a view on a bench, we repeat the breathing exercise with the arms and the dandelion by now pulling in the stomach.
  6. In a spruce forest we do a special exercise on forest bathing and perception: we lie on the forest floor, close our eyes and look up at the sky.
  7. We practice walking fast on a hiking trail to get warm again
  8. We slowly climb up a root path, only inhale or exhale with every step and try not to touch the roots.
  9. We do two mindfulness exercises on a small avenue of trees: we feel tree bark and its different texture, then we lean on the slope to support the trees.
  10. Standing on large stones in the middle of the stream, we do a mindfulness exercise by closing our eyes and listening to the water.

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