There are People, with which one is just fine clear comes - and personalities who are demanding and exhausting. And maybe you are one of them yourself? How can that be changed?

Teamwork & communication with difficult personalities: make yourself easier

Always these high expectations

As a typical extroverted perfectionist, you probably have high demands not only on yourself, but also on others. You may also often say directly what you think: “If you worked more efficiently, we would be done long ago!”, “You have no idea what you are talking about!” or "Let me do this, you just can't!" Could such sentences come from you? And then do you occasionally wonder why other people speak ill of you?

In these moments it is you who criticizes others and makes demands! In principle, that's not a bad thing either. In new projects, you are probably the one who immediately points out which weak points still need to be eliminated, or who drives the working group and to Success brings. They also usually mean well and don't say such things out of spite or to annoy other people. But it must also be clear to you: Other people think differently than you and do not always react to your mostly well-intentioned intentions in the way you imagine. That can become one Problem .

Only I know what is right?


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