Appraisal interviews and performance reviews are for Young Professionals unfamiliar. From the "Executive can Opinions To be told” is generally not always pleasant. But if you are well prepared as a young talent and enter into a dialogue with your superior, you can Conversation also open doors for the upcoming career path.

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Confirmation of the boss

The inventory described in the first article is a good basis for an appraisal interview. The feedback from trustworthy colleagues gives first indications of your external impact Workplace. So you don't usually expect any big surprises when you talk to the boss.

You have through the open Feedback and your self-assessment gives a good picture of yours Power and weaknesses. See your manager's perspective as the missing piece of the puzzle that completes your inventory.

The conversation process

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Personal appraisals usually follow a uniform one Pattern: Reflection by the employee, feedback from the supervisor, outlook on the Future. How extensively each part is discussed depends on your boss and the time he/she allocates. For you, each of the three elements means a chance to collect valuable points for the first steps in your career:

Reflection of the employee

Describe concisely (but completely) your personal development, acquired skills and successes. It is advisable to build up your input based on the activity overview from the personal inventory. Show where you see your strengths and say openly where you are still unsure feel.

Practical Tip: Mention that you have already collected feedback from colleagues to get a better self-assessment. This shows your ability to criticize and openness.

Your boss himself has two goals with this warm-up:

  1. It can be “picked up” by listening to your personal perspective on tasks and developments in the past year.
  2. Based on this, he assesses how differentiated you are and how your work is assessed and how you reflect your tasks.

Feedback from the supervisor

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The personal assessment of one's own boss is an exciting thing for high potentials. As part of the academic Vocational Training the feedback was only given in the form of credit points and grades. It is all the more important to use this opportunity as intensively as possible.

Attention defense trap!

Don't fall into the defense trap, instead set up improvement-oriented ones Ask. It is important to hear as precisely as possible from the supervisor's feedback what he values ​​in his employees.

Practical tip: Ask explicitly what the boss wants from you and how you feel about his Eyes should develop further.

Looking to the future

From the first points, the supervisor concludes how you envisage your development, whether you satisfied are or aspire to change. Let the cat out of the bag at this point at the latest and start talking about your personal development goals.

Relate to your strengths and articulate in which ones Features and the Company can best benefit from you. However, keep the ball flat and focus your arguments on a realistic career move. Together with the supervisor you can find out what is possible and how he can assist you.

Practical tip: Show yourself solution-oriented and informed. Make a note before the interview which current problem areas you would like to take on and how optimization approaches might look like.

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