blockages often arise in childhood - this is because children's brains are still developing and are therefore open to all kinds of beliefs. What helps: Logical thinking!


When adults become children

The formation of internal blockages, also known as wusel, is a complex process that occurs in childhood and that affects adult life.

But why is that? Why do they arise Basics for many Wusel already in childhood? Why are so many Wusel given, inherited and, especially by small children, not only uncritically but often accepted with great curiosity and openness?

Small Wellensurfer

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One reason may be in the development of the child's brain on the way to adulthood Brain lay. In his book Topothesie, the mathematician and philosopher Gunter Dueck describes very clearly the differences between the brains of children and adults based on the measurement of brain waves.

These brain currents can be measured and plotted in an electroencephalogram, EEG for short. Perhaps you have already seen such an EEG. It looks a bit like the measurements of a seismograph, a device that records ground vibrations before, during and after an earthquake.

Electric waves in the brain

The same can be said with an EEG, the electrical waves in our brain, which sometimes occur at a very low frequency and then again at a very high frequency.

Children think differently from adults

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Children usually perceive what they experience very differently. Because children's EEGs differ significantly from those of adults.

Up to one Age For example, children around the age of five have almost no beta wave activity, so they don’t even know the frequency range in which we adults usually stay when we are awake.

This is how Thetaweln surfing goes

And toddlers are predominantly theta-wave-dominated, up to an age of approximately five years, a wave area, which would normally be associated with creative noise conditions in adults when awake.

From five years into puberty, children are predominantly alpha-wave-dominated, which means that they are often in relaxed, learning-dominated conditions, and the dominance of bettae is established.

Like unprinted leaves

What do all these different slow and fast brainwaves and frequencies have to do with children and accepting donated or inherited buzz? Maybe a lot.

Does that perhaps explain why we sometimes say of children that they are like blank slates? Can children therefore possibly the gathered around them Reset soak up like a sponge? Therefore, children may take beliefs, values ​​and Strategies without thinking about it? Because they're mentally surfing on very different brainwaves than an adult normally does?

The deceleration of everyday life

Admittedly, the brain wave thing was a bit theoretical, so at this point we asked a very practical question: What actually happens in the Everyday life, when a beta-dominant adult meets a little theta-surfer?

How different adults and children are World can be seen very nicely in a ritual that all parents of children of kindergarten age are probably familiar with.

No trace of haste

It's about the morning challenge, a small one People encourage them to arrive reasonably punctually at the kindergarten on a normal weekday so that they can start their day-to-day work at a reasonable time.

Maybe part of the morning routine is already working very well. But if the offspring, instead of brushing their teeth, prefer happy good morning dances in front of the bathroomspiegel and enjoying the good mood it creates with all senses, this can have a less positive effect on the parent's stress level.

Open to key stimuli

And at the latest when the jacket and shoes are put on, the frequency of the adult brain activity then rises to the high beta wave range ("Come on, hurry up, we have to go, why do you always dawdle, stop dreaming ...") while the offspring cheerfully and in a good mood has a foot in a shoe and is immersed in his kindergarten backpack and is looking for the self-painted pictures from the previous day.

Children of this age are open to everything that happens around them. Open to life and what to perceive. This unfortunately also includes the unreflected assumption of beliefs, values ​​and strategies.

Questions of beliefs? Wrong!

For in the logical and critical mode of thought, which is necessary to question a limiting belief, the child's brain does not yet work at all.

And if this adult mode of thinking becomes possible later, many limiting beliefs, questionable values, and unfavorable strategies will no longer be recognized as such, as they have long been firmly anchored in the world of their own imagination.

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