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Working on the go: coworking in St. Oberholz, Berlin {Review}

Why Does It Really Need Coworking Spaces Some may think - you can work in cafes as well? One of them, the St. Oberholz (see picture), has even become famous in this way. My personal experience shows that working in catering companies is rather difficult - especially in Berlin.


Looking for the ideal working form

When I moved to Berlin, my idea of ​​the ideal work-form looked like this: Usually in the home office, because I can concentrate on the best. In nice weather and smaller works, however, I wanted to look for some pretty coffee.

Apart from the fact that it soon turned out that it would be best to work on a large screen without noise and sunlight, this often fails at the appropriate location:

St. Oberholz, Germany

Not everywhere is Wi-Fi

Not every pub has Wi-Fi - not even in Berlin. And not in every pub that has Wi-Fi, there is a free seat. The search for such a can sometimes be very time consuming.

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The place of work of Sascha Lobo is the St. Oberholz at Rosenthaler Platz. The upper floor is similar to a coworking space, but with musical background and a constant coming and going.

St. Oberholz, Germany

The most famous pub workplace in Berlin

Concentrated work is out of the question here, and personally the atmosphere is a bit too cold and hip for me personally. I'm surprised that there are actually innumerable young people staring at their laptops - the name seems to make it.

However, the upper wood offers an advantage: self-service is the rule. If you want something, go get it and is not constantly interrupted by annoying questions, whether one still wants something at work. If you want nothing, you can sit down!

St. Oberholz, Germany

Coffee-house worker as a problem for gastronomy operation?

This sounds like a matter of course, but it is not. There are restaurants that consider coffee-house workers as a problem. For example, if you write a text longer, you may forget to use it, but still occupy a seat.

While the marketing influence of the coffee house workers has been clearly recognized in the upper wood, leaving them alone, some companies seem to be disturbed by the fact that they are immediately removing unwelcome coffee house workers:

St. Oberholz, Germany

“Write your text somewhere else!”

It happened to me some time ago in this gastro-business, where I wrote "Write your text somewhere else." The operator apologized to me afterwards, but the employee showed little insight. How about a sign saying: "Coffee House Worker" undesirable.

Incidentally, things are also different: The Birojnica in Riga has made a virtue out of necessity and transformed an existing café, in which people have already worked, into a very reasonably priced coworking space - a model that benefits everyone involved.


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6 responses to "Working on the go: Coworking in St. Oberholz, Berlin {Review}"

  1. imgriff.com says:

    Article reference: @SimoneJanson tests jobs: Why coffee-house working is unproductive

  2. promotion base says:

    Co-Working: Working in the coffee house is rather unproductive @promotionjob # founder #freibuf #jobs #beruf

  3. Monika Paitl says:

    It is also my experience that working in the cafe is not quite productive. Here in Munich I have my office anyway and try not at all. At my home in Austria, in St. Pölten, I often work from a very nice café. But, just before it, the market square is filled with colorful life and activity, there is constant coming and going. In short, it distracts me. Really hard to write a text is hardly possible. For this, the silence and concentration of the office is really better. So I leave the cafes for what they were originally intended for: meeting people, reading and, of course, drinking coffee.

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  5. Lars Hahn says:

    No. @SimoneJanson's blog didn't say cowworking at all. Exciting series about coworking & Co. #Work #NeueArbeit

  6. Holger Froese says:

    Series - Coworking & workplaces put to the test: Why coffee house working is unproductive #Business

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