Mobile Business – short-lived fashion or promising business field? The fact is: thanks to Handy are People can now also be reached by mobile on the go. This opens up opportunities for new companies Strategies and ideas.

Remote Business Ideas: How Mobile Digital Strategies Work [+Checklist]

The dream of great freedom and mobile work

The Internet not least through mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets Everyday life of each one has acquired a very high priority. While some complain about social developments, others take advantage of mobile or remote working methods and work as freelancers or start-ups that almost exclusively operate online. 

The idea of ​​being able to work from anywhere has been around since the dawn of modern technology Economy a dream of many people. Every day, there are more people teleworking than freelancers, renting out a room in their home, or working remotely despite living in the same city. At the same time, more and more organizations are using mobile digital strategies to Shop build and expand.

Opportunities and risks of mobile hype

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But the truth is, many companies still don't really know how to leverage their mobile digital strategies. Getting a new idea off the ground is a big challenge - one that many entrepreneurs don't even bother to tackle.

Or they do the opposite and fall into the hype trap, like Professor Dr. Stephan Böhm from the University RheinMain in Wiesbaden, one of the leading mobile media experts in Germany. Because, according to the expert, it can often be observed that companies prematurely jump on hype. Like the iPhone apps, for example. They often just want to convey an innovative image instead of offering really meaningful content,

Value for the customer and sustainable strategy

"customers want sustainable utility. An app that is just a gimmick initially arouses interest. But so will she fast deleted again." According to Böhm, it would be better to use cross-platform Solutions to develop and adapt to your own target group: "In the long term, this will bring more economic benefits than just following every trend!"

Therefore, whether it is a small start-up or a large corporation, it is essential that a managing director develops a sustainable digital and mobile strategy in order to remain truly competitive in the long term. All you need is a plan and the right tools, and lots of them.

Checklist: This is how companies find the right mobile strategy

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Mobile digital strategies are a great way to attract new customers and grow your business, but how do they work? Organizations that want to find out for themselves should consider the following Ask put:

Mobile First as a new corporate strategy

As an example of such a changed strategy, she cites the changes in web design: In the past, websites were built for large desktop screens, but today it is becoming increasingly important that the company’s appearance also looks good on mobile phones, and that this is even paramount. Many organizations are beginning to recognize that Significance of this mobile-first design, which means the customer journey should be simple and intuitive. In order for this to succeed, the strategy must be thought through before the web design is implemented.

The example shows how much the age of the smartphone has changed everything, including the way we do business. The advantages of mobile, digital strategies are obvious. And since the internet is a very powerful tool in the Marketing is, it is usefulto use the Internet to develop business ideas, incorporate them into a business plan, and then launch them on the market.

5 mobile business ideas at a glance

At the end of the day, there are many opportunities for market participants to try their luck in the digital and mobile online space. With a great idea and something creativity a successful mobile business can be set up and expanded. Let's shed some light on the opportunities that arise with ongoing digitalization by presenting 5 such mobile business models.  

1. eCommerce: online trading via well-known platforms

The Online-Trade via relevant marketplaces has turned out to be a successful working model for some. For example, on the Amazon platform, everyone can under their own Brand Offer products in Europe or the USA. These are imported from various manufacturing countries and sent to customers via Amazon FBA. The Amazon platform takes over the logistical effort, which the Foundation of an online shop even easier and cheaper.

The Industry E-commerce is one of the fastest growing. Almost no matter what's in the World happens, people order online and they will in Future do and more and more often.  

2. Gamification: Mobile gaming platforms

A trend that cannot be stopped is online games. There are many mobile offers that you Money generate with regular visitors or subscribers. These have grown into a very lucrative industry with millions of people active daily on any of the platforms available purely virtually.

There are different options for providers to raise money to earn: On the one hand, you can be a game developer or app developerDeveloper Develop and publish your own applications and earn money with them. On the other hand, there are many gaming portals and Mobile casinos, who make money from regular visitors or subscribers. 

3. eRecruiting: mobile job placement and applicant management

Wie die Job Search Everyone probably knows how mobile phones work: Most online job exchanges and many employer career sites already offer versions of their offers that are optimized for mobile use. But mobile phones can be used much better for job hunting: namely when you link the mobile data with the respective location of the user - location-based services in Combination with eRecruitment.

Ideally, it could look like this: When strolling through the city, all the vacancies in the respective shops or vacancies in the hip office building are displayed and you can then present yourself directly to employers in the future. The whole application process is simplified enormously in this way.

4. Design: Creative on merch platforms

Trained graphic designers who do not want to do a 9-5 job have a great opportunity with the so-called merch platforms to bring their creativity to everyone. Designing t-shirts and marketing them online is just one of the categories that is particularly popular with this business model. 

Well-known hosters are for example Spreadshirt or Merch by Amazon. Anyone can open their own t-shirt shop online here. It works according to the POD principle. POD means "Print on Demand", which means that the T-shirts, stickers or mugs are only printed once an order has been received.  

5. eLearning: Tutorials and eCourses

Even specialists and experts in a certain field can now light build an e-business. Teachers can earn a living with online tutoring courses. The trained chef can send weekly recipe ideas to his customers via subscription. 

If you want to push the whole thing even further, publish an e-book. The book printing and the entire logistics are eliminated. Readers simply buy the file online, which can be quickly downloaded to any end device. 

Conclusion: Mobile business models are on the rise

In summary, we will see the development of a number of mobile digital strategies based on the platform approach. Mobile applications will become increasingly important, serving as a gateway to content, services and transactions. They will also play an important role in the success of many in the future Company play.

Mobile development will make it easier for companies to adapt to changing business requirements and make more flexible business decisions. That also has for them Employees Advantages, because it means more flexibility and more freedom for the individual decision, where and how we want to work. And it means businesses will be able to choose a mobile strategy that works for them.

Regardless of the industry in which a company operates, the mobile phone is a powerful tool that can significantly improve interactions with customers, employees and suppliers. Understanding this conceptual alignment is important, but it is not enough. Anyone with a mobile business idea successfully you need to develop a strategy and determine how best to use it.

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