If you want the cash register to ring, you have to listen to your wishes customers enter. But that's always the case light. 7 quick tips for more empathy in sales.

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Empathy counts: respond to customers

Important in Emotional Selling is also to perceive how your counterpart is really ticking. This is usually something customers can do about the following:

Read between the lines

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There, most of the information is hidden, there are the real emotional motivations again.

What us as Seller So doing helps to be empathetic to others People to enter is Ask and then actively LISTEN.

How to win the trust of other people

Imagine this: How would you feel, if yours as Customer there would be a salesman across the street who would meet all of the following points:

Better selling: Listening is the first step

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Would you feel good and even finally understood? At least that's how it is for most customers who are allowed to experience something like this. Listening is one of the first stepswhich Trust to win the customer.

Unfortunately, this remains a nice dream for many customers. To make this a reality for your customers, you should keep reading.

7 tips to recognize customer needs

Who something sell would do well to assess your customers correctly. Because only if you perceive the wishes of your customer will you bring the trade to a good close. The means to retain customers: storytelling. 7 quick tips:

  1. Make sure that your body language is open, ie facing the customer, hands in the field of view of the customer, arms loosely on the body (not clasped).
  2. Keep eye contact with your customer in a natural way (do you know these “bull's eye sellers”?). Let the customer finish.
  3. Even if it is sometimes difficult: stay focused in conversation and please do not be distracted: you could not notice something important.
  4. Please be patient with so-called multiple speakers: through clever interrogation, you can get to the point.
  5. Work with approval signals or noises such as “mhm” (dear female reader, you surely know this from telephoning ...). This signals to the customer - especially on the phone when he cannot see you - that you are still "on the job". But please use this lute in portions: an “mhm” every 2 seconds looks unbelievable and only confuses.
  6. From time to time repeat what you said in your own words, so that you can be sure that you are on the right track. It is also called paraphrasing.
  7. If you have not understood something correctly, ask, ask questions. Always try to capture what the other really means, tell your customer what you've heard between the lines.

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