Dealing with our own mindset should not be missing if you are seriously concerned with improving your self-efficacy. Because all too often we are most responsible for our own success ways.

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The fear of the future

excessive pessimism according to the motto “Help, the World is going under” or simply see it as black or catastrophic is another hurdle that stands in the way of our personal success – and in Germany it can also be followed in the current refugee debate.

The thought that whatever we do will end in disaster is a mind-killer that we fundamentally assume the Future contains something unpleasant. This creates a species Anxiety before tomorrow. It may contradict any rational reality, but some of us like to make an elephant out of the famous mosquito.

From the mosquito to the elephant

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In us, a sense of life of existential insecurity arises, and thus every event in our life is experienced as the harbinger of a terrible destruction scenario.

Some also say that it is a typically German way of thinking that the world is always viewed negatively and full of catastrophes. But be that as it may, within the framework of the development of their own Personality such a mistake in thinking looks like a declaration of bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy of the personality

Reorientations are virtually impossible, because we are in a kind of sacrifice, which is best described with an omnipotent impotence. We are in the sacrificial land and can not do anything about it since every attempt to get out of this condition will end up in a catastrophe.

I experience this thinking with my clients over and over again. People come to me because they are dissatisfied, but do not want to change their own situation because they believe that the new situation would be an even bigger disaster. This way of thinking creates a kind of endless loop from which a person can rarely free himself alone.

Resignation instead of change

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There are enough examples in our Everyday life for disaster thinking. Take a look around or take a look for yourself.

Caution Hypochondria

The extreme forms of catastrophic thinking are transposed to the fact that past horrors or even the misfortune that has happened to others are very likely to be accepted for one's own life.

A classic example of catastrophe thinkers are hypochondriacs, who turn every ailment into a deadly disease. Catastrophic thinking puts people in states of fear, which paralyze them and make them passive and this in moments when the opposite, namely Courage and activity, is required. Therefore: Have courage change. Even and especially in seemingly hopeless situations.

What are Mind Killer?

Mind kills are thought-provoking, which always undermine us and very often lead us to block ourselves. One of the main mistakes is that, to put it a bit polemically, we think it is stupid.

There are, of course, many other misconceptions that we fall victim to when striving for better self-efficacy, but these five pitfalls are the most common and biggest blockageswho stand in the way of personal development.

Checklist Mind killer unmask

The answer to all this question is “No!” These are all typical mind killers that we are taught in school, according to which only the most intelligent and best students will be successful later in their professional lives.

Good grades are not the basis for success

The biographies of many successful people prove that Intelligence in the sense of good school grades is not the basis for success.

In Psychology In the 80s of the last century, the questioning of classic intelligence tests was very intensively involved and found that intelligence is far more complex than IQ tests would lead us to believe.

Talent and multiple intelligence

Howard Gardener, Professor for educational sciences and psychology at the University at Harvard, developed the theory in 1983 that each of these exceptional people possesses a form of intelligence that is generally not regarded as one-dimensional intelligence at all, but rather as talent.

Gardener derived the theory of multiple intelligences from the observation of talented and talented people. In fact, we are more often in the way of our own success than we think.

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