Obviously, sleep is one of the key factors in being productive at work – otherwise sleep wouldn't be one of our readers' favorite topics. And sleeping in Office is enjoying growing popularity. But where do you sleep in the office, and with as little disturbance as possible?

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Sleeping improves performance - if you can

We keep finding that sleeping is an exceptionally popular topic with Best Of readers HR - Berufebilder.de®. We can only speculate about the reasons on a career blog: maybe our readers simply don't get enough of it. Because you only really notice things when they are missing. And sleep is definitely part of it.

It is actually quite difficult to give tips for the right amount of sleep, because that is different for each individual. Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer, for example, has reported that she only needs four to six hours of sleep per night - but less, she even works together at business lunches. Napoleon, too, is said to have got on with four hours. Albert Einstein, on the other hand, needed 12 hours of sleep per night.

Different need of sleep, different tips

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Also various other personalities, some of which we have in our section "OpinionsAsked, seem to have a very different need for sleep.

Pascal Jenny, director of Arosa Tourism, sleeps about five hours a night, Adrian Locher, Founder and COO of DeinDeal.ch six hours. And Fionnuala Meehan, Sales Director of Google Ireland, does not get under sleep seven hours.

Sleep in the office - but where?

In short, the topic of sleeping while working is encountered again and again in very different places. Only one aspect we have so far ignored: Wo exactly is the best place to sleep in the office?

Because even if there are companies that are actually tolerated lunch, but usually lacks a place to sleep. It is more common that afternoon sleep is even frowned upon and you should not get caught.

11 Tips for Suitable Beds in the Office

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That's why we took the opportunity to put together 11 tips for suitable and undiscovered places to sleep at work. Even if your own bed for sure the better place is to rest. An overview:

  1. At home: Freelancers who work like me at home have it comparatively easy: you can just go to bed. And now comes the joke: since I am self-employed, I either have this desire hardly or give it no more. How stupid.
  2. Under the conference table: One of my favorite books is "How to fish jobs and talk to fish" - and not just because of the original title and content, but also because of the first chapter: Author Volker Remy is completely committed to the (un) custom, in the office to take a nap. And where's his favorite sleeping place? In the meeting room under the conference table. Only embarrassing when you oversleep the beginning of the meeting and crawl out from under the conference table in front of the boss and customer ...
  3. Head on the keyboard: The comments in various blogs and forums are a real treasure trove of sleeping places: there, the readers report about specially furnished bedrooms or companies in China, where everyone puts their heads on the keyboard. If you have to do it secretly, we recommend that you hang your arms in the direction of your shoes - it looks a bit like trying to tie your shoelaces. Then please don't snore.
  4. In my own office on the floor: Anyone lucky enough to have a single office can deposit there like a pillow and simply sleep on the floor. Only nobody is allowed to enter.
  5. Outside: One option that I sometimes use myself: benches, or even when it's dry, a meadow. Someone once told me that he regularly uses park benches for short naps. And that he is far from the only one who does that. I like to believe that. Advantage: You remain undetected. Disadvantage: rather difficult in winter. Although - with a mummy sleeping bag ...
  6. Relax armchair, massage and pregnant recliner: Forum commentators have many other creative ideas - such as recommending that the boss buy a relaxation chair or using existing massage loungers. In a not entirely serious article in the Financial Times Germany (no longer available), a pregnant woman's lounger was once recommended.
  7. On the toilet: According to the FTD article, the toilet is a popular place to sleep, especially in DAX groups.
  8. In the cupboard: And finally, an insider's tip from said article, which reads: file or locker cabinets. Would be too stale or too dangerous if someone locks up. But still a possibility.
  9. cafes: Some cafes offer the possibility to sleep in quiet corners.
  10. Public libraries: Many public libraries also offer rest areas and rest rooms to retire for a nap.
  11. In your own car: As a last resort, so to speak, you can if necessary in the garage in your car to sleep undisturbed.

The ideal place to sleep

i'm around Honestly to be glad i got this Problem not have, but can theoretically sleep when and where I want. In practice, unfortunately, things are different, because as a self-employed person you are always busy with something Head has. But what does the ideal place to sleep actually look like? We also have 5 tips for this:

  1. No electrosmog: Find a place outside the bedroom for work and everyday items, desks, computers, televisions and other electrical appliances. The electromagnetic radiation from cell phones can disrupt sleep.
  2. Calm warm colors: Rooms are ideal in which furniture and walls are kept in warm, reddish-beige tones. That calms you down.
  3. The right pad: Sleep on a mattress tailored to your needs so you don't wake up because of back pain.
  4. Avoid noise: If you are not alone in the room or your bedroom is in a very noisy environment, you should use earplugs.
  5. Comfortably cool room temperatures are ideal: However, if the sleeping place is too cold and you are freezing, the body has to compensate for it and the good night is over.
  6. Switch off mobile phone: Anyone who takes their cell phone to the bed is always available, which creates subconscious pressure.
  7. Do not sleep near computers: The bluish light of smartphones, tablets or televisions prevents the production of melatonin.
  8. Create contrast: At work, you should stay in bright rooms if possible to stop melatonin production. Darkness is then required to sleep in order to boost melatonin production.
  9. Dim light: Create islands for sleeping with low-lying, subdued light sources such as table lamps and consciously switch off uplights. This relaxes and gives security.
  10. Darkness: Darken your bedroom with curtains or wear light sleeping glasses.
  11. Use sleep aids: If you can't sleep, you can help yourself with cold pouring over your arms or a cold glass of water. That lowers the body temperature.

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