Whether independent founders or founding teams. Most start with the illusion that their great product or solid service is going to get around somehow. An illusion: What nobody knows does not make you hot.


Marketing is too expensive - right?

With Marketing associate most Founder Glossy brochures, elaborate websites, psychological based seduction. Everything is way too expensive to start with.

At the same time, what should be the core of every marketing strategy costs nothing - except time and brain fat.

Heartpiece instead of value

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And yes, I'll say the heart and not about utility. Somehow, we all still believe that we are completely rational beings and make purchasing decisions based on reasonable choices.

Although we should have known for a long time that we are making decisions primarily with the emotional part of our brain, which we share with dogs, cats and horses.

Successful products are sexy

Successful products may be practical, useful, efficient, but most of the time they are also somehow sexy or conveying trust or express who we are and are not.

“Find the unique selling proposition for your product, your service,” the founding bibles dictate. Founders usually ask themselves reverently how they do it in a World, in which there is too much of almost everything.

Branding: Unique triad with heart notes

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I'd rather describe it as the three-note triangle with heart notes, where three elements harmonically blend together:

  1. The first element is the founder - or the founding team.
  2. The second element is the potential customer.
  3. The third element is the donated benefit.

Founder of the company as a complete work of art

Personal branding thrives on the USP. But what exactly makes this unique position triad? And why is he so important to your marketing?

Asking you this question is important. Because this unique triad is the starting point of your start-up marketing. Every founder in his Personality and with his professional and life experience is a unique work of art.

What we can and are, is often so self-evident that we do not even notice that it makes us different from others. These resources bring you to the light, which are your founder capital.

The customer has to fit

Exactly these peck you out as your future target group.

How can you improve the world?

The benefit, as the third element, is what makes the world better, namely that of your very special target group. As already said - this has a practical, rational side and a heart note. Look at the world through the eyes of your target group. Ask you then:

Explain what you are doing in 140 characters

Invest time and passion in your stand-alone triad. Turn back and forth. Get sparring partners to help you lift hidden treasures. If you have tuned your triad fine, marketing is suddenly easier, even on a small budget.

Now you can tell someone in the short run of an elevator ride what you are actually doing. Or in a tweet of 140 characters. You now know what you write on your website, who you call, what you have to say in the social media.

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