For the first impression there is no second chance. This is especially true in the interview. 5 Tip so you do not mess it.

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How do we perceive other people?

People evaluate within the first few seconds intuitively the appearance, the figure, the color composition of the clothes, the Status, the status symbols and the body language of a person, based on personal values, prejudices, experiences and memories.

From research we now know that our Brain only takes about a tenth of a second to form a judgment about a stranger. Of the 11 million sensory impressions that flow to us every second, about 10 million come through the Eye into our brain.

Why is the first impression so important?

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Therefore, the first visual impression that a person has of us is usually the most permanent. If this first “picture” is uncomfortable for this person, we may have given an opportunity that will not come back.

In this short time, people form an image of a person - and at this very moment they have already decided whether this person is considered competent, whether he sympathisch and credible - or not.

Optimal impression in job interview - 5 tips

Nowhere do first impressions count as much as in Business and just im job interview - because this may decide about the whole later career. No wonder we want to make a good impression.

1. Know what others are looking at

The first impression is memorable and decides on the quality of later contacts. "There is no second chance for a first impression!" But what is that looking at? At first impression, people rate the following:

2. Stay on the scene

In professional life, first impressions are primarily about technical matters Expertise: whether I trust a person. The second step is about sympathy or antipathy. Since antipathy is mostly based on mutuality, it is advisable to stay on the factual level.

3. Revising the first impression: Difficult but not impossible

Our increasing life experience allows us to constantly improve our intuition and to use it in the many professional encounters. Nevertheless, the person we are just learning will sort out quickly - whether she wants to or not.

For we know from our own experience how challenging it is to revise the first impression on closer acquaintance.

4. Every day anew

your customers and visitors not only evaluate the first meeting with employees and managers in your Companybut the current attitude and mood is perceived anew at each further meeting.

That's why it's so important in the service industry to always be aware of your own Effect to be aware and at the same time to ask yourself how to get on act would like to.

5. Also a company is subject to the first impression ...

Gerade Candidate feel still obligated to make the best possible impression. But this also applies vice versa for the company. The first impression does not only relate to the people who welcome the visitor to the company, but also to the guest/Customer/Applicants collect their impressions much earlier.

Arriving in the parking lot or in the underground car park, unkempt flower pots with wilted flowers, inappropriate decoration, bad or broken lighting, dirty entrance area and other impressions, the customer may take it with him to reception. Much friendliness and professionalism of the Employees at the reception are now required to refute the first negative impressions. And yet they are already stored by the customer.

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