Published by Simone Janson, publisher & institute director at Best of HR –®. 

Notes for authors

“High circulation in the middle of the targetruppe "says Dr. Cornelia Topf, international management trainer. Reach over 2 millions of users (Media-Kit.). Through 500, internationally renowned experts write here (Complete Catalog). For authors we offer various packages!

Your advantages as an author: High multichannel range

You reach up Best of HR –® on several media channels (text, book, social media) multilingual a target group specific a large, interested public - more about our reach (daily approx. 25.000 visitors / day) and target group can be found in our Media-Kit..

In detail, we offer the following channels for you as an author:

  • Blog contributions in German and English: Translation is done by our technique
  • Social Media: Reach us with 2. Mio users in social media in German and English
  • Book: Your contributions in book form in German and English, including international sales (Amazon, Apple, Google, German National Library) - you will find a comprehensive overview at our Publishing partners.

This is how you become an author

The high range and quality of our work can only be guaranteed by a complex technical system and personal support of the authors.

As we also have more demand from potential authors Best of HR –® as we can cope, we can only collaborate as an author through various service packages that you here in overview .

CONDITIONS: Pay particular attention to the regulations in our Terms for authorsthat you must accept when registering.

Our offer for authors

For authors we have various offers and service packages. When booking multiple packages for each additional package 30% discount:, An overview:

1. Package: Marketing - increase in reach and viral seeding

As a writer, you want to increase your reach in the target group that is just right for your topic?

  • Viral Seeding: We analyze and identify the exact target group for your topic.
  • Reach: Distribution of your text in our network: 2 million users in social media, 25.000 reader hits per day, 500+ eBooks international in sales, 500 + authors.
  • Title selection: We select the appropriate title for your contributions based on years of analysis of the most-read contributions.
  • Keyword and hashtag analysis: We analyze the appropriate, frequently used keywords and hashtags for you to reach a higher reach.
  • Picture selection: Based on years of analysis, we select the highest-reach image motifs for your contribution.
  • English version in English networks: We automatically translate your texts into English and also divide them into English channels for more coverage.
  • Reporting and Benchmarking: Your contribution will be in over 70 social media channels divided. We create an overview report of the most important channels for you about the reach of your posts or, if you wish, a complete reporting of all channels - both for an extra charge.
  • Price validity:  Price is for a one-time implementation, discount for regular implementation possible.

399,00 Book now

2. Package: Advice on content

Would you like to become an author, but you are not sure whether your topic is suitable or how to prepare it for your target group? We will help you to address your target group appropriately and give you assistance on how to meet the points mentioned under 3 yourself.

599,00 Book now

3. Ghostwriting and copywriting

Do you want to appear as an author but not do the work yourself? We also take care of that for you and essentially provide the following services:

  • Storytelling and text creation: We write suitable text for you or conduct interviews that make your employer brand visible beyond your own website or in your social media presence.
  • Finding topics: We will find the appropriate thematic focus with you.
  • Targeting:  We will find the right formulations for your target group address.
  • heading: Highlight the most important points for your target group and formulate the headlines.
  • keywording: Finding the most relevant keywords for your audience.
  • Thematic placement: We find the appropriate wording to address your target group in social media.

1.499,00 Book now

4rd package: “Book publication and worldwide distribution”

As an author, would you like to publish your contributions in book form? If you wish, we can take over the following steps:

  • Detailed personal advice on content and topic selection: We offer a detailed, tailored to your personal needs content-related advice on topic and title finding and structure of the book and prepare title proposals in a joint vote.
  • Detailed personal advice on distribution, sales and marketing: We will find the right sales channels for you and work with you to create a marketing strategy that is perfectly matched to your title.
  • Formatting and typesetting: Create a eBooks or print books from your text / texts. You deliver the text of the book already edited in Word, Txt or HTML (we do not offer any further editing).
  • conversion: We take care of the conversion into all desired digital formats for you.
  • Translation: On request, we can also create a machine translated English edition of your book.
  • Title determination and search engine optimization with AI-supported software: We will find the right title, the right category and the right search terms that are frequently used by customers, so that your book on relevant topics is well listed in all major online shops and on Google.
  • Blurb: We will write the catalog text for you to publish your book in all online shops. You have full say.
  • Cover: We create 3 book covers for you to choose from. You have full say in the cover design.
  • Publishing and selling worldwide: We publish your book in German and bring it to the international book trade via Amazon, Hugendubel, Weltbild, the German National Library and up to 3.000 public libraries - here you will find a detailed overview.
  • Social Media Marketing: We are spreading the announcement for your book in German and, if required, in English twice in over 100 social media channels - here you will find a detailed overview.
  • Newsletter marketing: The title is published a total of 3 times in the newsletter of Best of HR –® featured.
  • Additional service for content utilization: We advise you on how to prepare your existing content in a book or book series - also with regard to the technical implementation.
  • Additional service online marketing: We also offer a regular featuring on social media channels and in the newsletter from Best of HR –® - Frequency as desired.
  • Additional service additional advertising in the shops: We target advertising for you in the shops, for example through Amazon sponsored posts.
  • Additional service Creation of book trailers: On request, we can create book trailers for you in various video formats for greater visibility in various social networks such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or Youtube.
  • Additional service print: We also take over the printing and distribution of your print book including an entry in the directory of available books, shipping to the German National Library, etc.
  • Price validity: The price can / must be adjusted depending on the desired scope of services. The additional services are in any case plus the price and must be calculated depending on the scope.

2.999,00 Book now