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Working ABC

  • from Arbeits-ABC Redaktion
    Does it seem impudent, greedy or even desperate to ask for more money in a new job after a short time? We have the answers. Salary negotiations are a hot topic. But in the future, many things should change in favor of employees. At least that is what a current forecast by StepStone in the 2022 salary report suggests. Accordingly, wages have increased since 2010 […]

Best of HR

  • from guest
    Henry Ford is one of the most successful and famous entrepreneurs of all time. The idea of ​​corporate governance is closely tied to the history of the automotive industry since its inception, making it an ideal metaphor for a startup. Henry Ford's recipe for success Before Henry Ford made a name for himself as a corporate executive, he was an engineer. He [...]

candidates blog

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Büroonymus - The human side of work

  • by Lydia Krüger
    So I'm unsure. I've been dealing with artificial intelligence (AI) for a long time and I have an idea of ​​what's to come - I've already written about the fact that I too could soon be replaced by software. But the fact that it can be done so quickly would have… The article Will the AI ​​take away my job? appeared […]

Business ladies

  • by Ute Blindert
    [Sponsored *] Figures, data, facts - but also AI and Green Energy: Susanne Jäger's job in EY's Financial Accounting Advisory Services is… The post Years of experience, future-oriented projects: Susanne Jäger, Head of FAAS at EY first appeared on Business Ladies. Related posts: Lunch break on Wednesday: Nathalie Mielke, auditor and talent leader at EY lunch break [...]


  • // Works councils are elected every four years. For most of them, the time has come again this year: Employees can cast their votes between the beginning of March and the end of May. Sven Franke is an expert in the field of co-determination and cooperation. For him, works councils are an effective way of promoting exactly these aspects in organizations. He talks about how […]

Creating Corporate Cultures

  • by tgierecker
    Quick question for you – please be honest, nobody is (hopefully) looking at you right now: What are the three most important topics for your organization right now? What three strategic goals does your company, your business, pursue? Do not you know? If so, then you are in very good company. Unfortunately. One in the MIT Sloan […]

Crosswater job guide

  • by Reinhard Witt
    The obligation to enter in the transparency register has probably not yet fully arrived on the market. Its legal basis results from the Money Laundering Act (GWG), whereby the beneficial owners of legal entities and registered partnerships as well as any contractual relationships (trust) are to be entered here. These reports are mandatory after December 31, 2022 at the latest! The obligation also applies to foreign companies operating here, […]

Forester Cross

  • Dr. Peter Cross
    It starts out as an outlier. As a single thing. Behavior that is not considered good, but is tolerated. Especially when the behavior is exhibited by someone who is "making their numbers" who "meets quarterly goals." Then the eyes are closed. But be careful: Then pull… The article A…hole-free zones first appeared on Förster & Kreuz.

Wife boss

  • from Mrs. Boss
    The fight for money is probably the most fought fight in the course of my self-employment. And by far the most sobering and demotivating. There are many reasons why we often undersell ourselves - and in many cases it is our own fault. The image of self-employment is often totally overestimated: You can […]

Future of HR

  • by Michelle Sophie Lorenz
    Many attempts to successfully introduce PE software fail. To prevent this, a smooth implementation is... The article Introducing a personnel development software first appeared on Future of HR.

Founder WELT

Haufe staff

  • Skills shortage, inflation, AI, Ukraine war: The world is changing, including the world of work. Before these drastic changes, how relevant are the Future Skills Frameworks that Stifterverband eV and McKinsey & Company have been creating since 2019? What skills do employees actually need today and in the future?More about 'Innovation'...More about 'Personnel Development'...More about 'Further Education'...More about 'Digitization'...

Henri Zaborowski

HR in min

  • .pw-oembed-video {position: relative; padding bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; height: auto; } .pw-oembed-video iframe, .pw-oembed-video object, .pw-oembed-video embed {position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; } You'd think that LinkedIn has finally found the accelerator in the past few months. It is a very subjective impression, but during a number of activities [...]

HR management blog


  • by Annika Leutemann
    Also this Monday we have summarized interesting practical recruiting news and information for you in the Talentfinder Magazine, in case you missed them. Today with contribution suggestions from Barbara Braehmer, Annika Leutemann and Darina Stoeva - enjoy reading! TALENTFINDER-NEWS TALENTFINDER FOOD FOR THOUGHT and DOINGGOODIES PRACTICAL RECRUITMENT NEWS AND INFORMATION – SUMMARY FOR YOU BY THE INTERCESSIO TEAM – IF YOU MAY HAVE MISSED THIS ———————————————- ESSENTIAL […]

job blog

  • from Marcus
    Anyone who is tired of online job exchanges and prefers to publish job advertisements directly on Google has been able to do this quite efficiently for several months now. Now Google has published its own indexing API for job advertisements, so the advertisements end up in the Google index much faster and also stay “fresher”, since Google uses the API for a lot of data [...]

career Bible

  • by Nils Warkentin
    When insulted, many immediately think of violent expletives and verbal outbursts. But that doesn't have to be the case. Diss Sprüche are a good chance to reply to nasty comments and The post Diss Sprüche: The 105 best and funniest insults appeared first on

Careers blog

  • by Lisa-Marie Linhart
    Multitasking is often seen as a desirable skill in modern business life. But our brain has very limited multitasking capabilities and needs time to fully concentrate on a task. In this article you will find out why you should rather do things sequentially than simultaneously. While on the phone with a customer, you quickly collect [...]

career Letter

  • by Ute Blindert
    You can find a lot of samples for different résumés on the internet, including us. For years we have been grappling with questions about the optimal application. It is particularly important to us what HR managers really want from an application. Consensus: The résumé is THE central element of an application. So here are a few [...]

High performer blog

  • by Gudrun Happich
    When things are not going so well, when there are losses, there is a risk of redundancies, the expected numbers have not been reached, backbone and good crisis communication are required. In this article you can read a practical example of how you, as a managing director, convey unpleasant news to the board of directors.

LinkedIn insiders

Meta HR

Another HR blog

Another personal marketing blog

  • After I was able to show in my last article that applicants want more minimum standards and transparency in the selection process, I am now dedicating myself to another result of the joint study with the applicant management provider softgarden. A total of 1.081 candidates were surveyed using the softgarden e-recruiting system. All of them are verified applicants who are currently [...]

Online recruiting blog

  • by Eva Zils
    Guest contribution by Sonja Koopmann-Wischhoff, expert for online job advertisement optimization Well, researched a few job advertisements on the Internet again, copied parts of them and peppered them with a few internal company names? Then the job advertisement is placed on some major job boards, and yet the hoped-for number of applicants has not been received? You will be forgiven: Many recruiters proceed like this, because who has [...]


  • by Stefan Scheller
    New year, same challenge on the job market: How do candidates successfully meet companies, what makes job advertisements really convincing? Randstad and the opinion research institute Mente>Factum interviewed applicants. The Randstad trend report on employer branding was first published on


Personnel marketing 2Null

  • by Henner Knabenreich
    Amazon's recruiters are getting a kick out of it: AI will control the selection of applicants in the future What many previously thought was impossible or regarded as a dystopia has apparently become a bitter reality for Amazon's recruiters: the recruiter's job is being replaced by a cheaper, faster, more efficient and round-the-clock job replaced available AI. It is true that Amazon has just started the biggest cut […]

  • by Peter Berger
    Good leaders are in short supply. Most of the time, a person who is given “personnel responsibility” ends up in a managerial position that has nothing to do with “leadership”. A managerial seminar is then usually pushed afterwards, with which… read more → The article Management feedback as an instrument of personnel development and quality management appeared first


  • by Jo Diercks
    Is recruiting like sales? This question was discussed quite controversially in 2022 - on LinkedIn, in relevant industry magazines and podcasts and last but not least at the talentsconnect D2T festival in the summer. And I am sure that this will remain an important question in 2023. In my view, the metaphor should not be overused. Not […]


  • from seed
    After months of hard work, the completely new seed grain will be ready at the beginning of next week. Page at the start. In terms of content and concept, nothing changes, but otherwise a lot. I am absolutely curious to see how you, the reader, will discover the new saatkorn. Find page. What… Continue reading →

Salon of the Good

  • from anne
    “Mom, I'm a unicorn!” I know the trend for glittering unicorns from my two daughters only too well - luckily, the next hype will soon be rolling through our children's room. Yes, I now come across the unicorn at work too! Anyone looking for #WOLicorn on Twitter will know what I'm talking about. The unicorn is the mascot ... [...]

She works


  • by Peter Georg Lutsch
    Once a month we want to recommend our finds of the month to you in the future. These can be tools, podcast episodes, articles, or any other type of valuable resource. Curious? Then listen… The post Our Favorite Tools and Resources in June 2022 first appeared on Sidepreneur®.

Spiegel Career

Süddeutsche Newspaper job and profession

  • by By Laura Pickert
    Despite the pandemic, many students are very interested in going to another country for a semester. However, a stay at a guest university requires particularly careful preparation, also in the event of a corona infection. What to look out for when planning.

Süddeutsche Newspaper education


We are change

  • by Tina Groll
    The gender pay gap has narrowed only slightly in recent years. Women in Germany still earn less than men. In 2022 it was just under a fifth. The post The gender pay gap narrows only slightly first appeared on We are the change.

WIWO success

WIWO founder

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Svenja Hofert

  • by Svenja Hofert
    What does artificial intelligence know about agility? Can you help us with assessments? Is she able to debunk something even as "buzzword" or "fashion"? Or does she chatter with the other ducks in the pond? I did a critical interview with OpenAI developer ChatGPT. My conclusion and advantages and disadvantages are at the end of the article. [...]

T3N career

  • Sabrina Schadwinkel and Marcel Romahn are responsible for the t3n editorial team. The previous editor-in-chief, Holger Schellkopf, is leaving the company at his own request. Holger Schellkopf will leave t3n as Editor-in-Chief on February 28, 2023 at his own request and for personal reasons. "I'm leaving this great crew with a heavy heart, but with a good feeling and I'll stay with t3n in [...]

Temporary work

  • ZEIT ONLINE: Work – Ruben Rehage
    Replacing bricks, replacing heating systems, exchanging windows: Germany is supposed to become greener, but there is a lack of craftsmen. Also because young people prefer to study.

ZEIT campus