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Better work, information as desired: We give you the information you really need and are committed to a better and more ecological working environment. When Book Publisher Best of HR –® with Unique Book Concept and eCourses we offer over 20 years of experience in Corporate Publishing - with Clients like Samsung, Otto, Governmental Institutions. Publisher Simone Janson also heads the Institute Berufebilder Yourweb, which awards scholarships and belongs to one of the top 10 female German bloggers, referenced in ARD, FAZ, ZEIT, WELT, Wikipedia .

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Simone Janson is publisherConsultant and one of the 10 most important German bloggers Blogger Relevance Index. She is also head of the Institute's job pictures Yourweb, with which she donates money for sustainable projects. According to ZEIT owns her trademarked blog Best of HR –® to the most important blogs for careers, professions and the world of work. More about her im Career. All texts by Simone Janson.

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Working ABC

  • from Arbeits-ABC Redaktion
    Das Jahr 2021 mit seinen vielen Ereignissen geht langsam zu Ende und nimmt die Corona-Krise mit ins Jahr 2022. Zu den Großereignissen des alten Jahres zählte die Bundestagswahl. Des Weiteren die Hochwasserkatastrophe im Westen Deutschlands und der Aufwind für die Ampel-Koalition. Das Hin und Her in der Coronapolitik gab Anlass für Diskussionen. Und auch das […]

Best of HR

  • by Simone Janson
    Personnel work means a lot of work. Suitable personnel software can help automate work processes. How does the implementation succeed against all odds in the Company ? Was kann eine Personalsoftware für Unternehmen leisten? Was ist eine Personalsoftware? Eine Personalsoftware ist ein Computerprogramm, mit dem Unternehmen solche Daten wie Löhne, Ferien, Urlaube, Firmenumzüge etc. berechnen, verwalten, verschieben, aufbauen und […]

candidates blog

  • from Marie
    We all know you: the self-doubts that just suddenly appear. Whether at an important presentation or in daily work: "Am I good enough at all?" "What I have achieved is actually just a happy coincidence." In most cases, however, these self-doubts are unjustified and we are victims of a psychological one Phenomenon, the [...]

Büroonymus - The human side of work

  • by Lydia Krüger
    A bit late to the party, but I recently saw the BILD documentary on Prime. Your title “BILD. Power. Germany?" is just as uncomfortable as the whole documentary. The film team accompanied the BILD editorial team for a year, completely uncensored. But censorship would not even be necessary ... The article Film Criticism: Cognitive Dissonance in the BILD newspaper appeared first [...]

Business ladies

  • by Ute Blindert
    Nathalie Mielke only recently discovered cooking for herself - but she already has a lot of experience in auditing. As… The post lunch break on Wednesday: Nathalie Mielke, auditor and talent leader at EY first appeared on Business Ladies. Related posts: Lunch break on Wednesday: Susanne Jäger, FAAS partner at EY Lunch break on Wednesday: [...]


  • // From working together on an equal footing, over Feedback- and error culture, up to digitization and various management issues, the gender pay gap and diversity topics were always on our list of new work topics. What will the working world of the future look like? We started this column with this question over five years ago. A lot has happened during this time. Just the last [...]

Creating Corporate Cultures

  • by tgierecker
    A few weeks ago, the long-standing member of our management network, Frank Weber, published his current book "Innovation from Passion - How companies create a suitable culture of innovation". Here he deals with the question of how innovative a company is. A topic which in view of the many technological, social and political changes for the future viability [...]

Crosswater job guide

  • from recruiting editorial staff
    No one can think of two thirds of the founders. Christian Lindner is ahead of the rest. Politicians have a difficult time at startups. When asked which politician best represents the interests of startups, there is one main reaction: Shrug. Two thirds of the startups (67 percent) can [...]

Forester Cross

  • from Dr. Peter Cross
    I'm a big fan of Ella Fitzgerald. There was one moment in her career that is very revealing: when she gave a concert in Berlin in 1960 that was recorded for a live album, she sang “Mack the Knife” from the Threepenny Opera. Suddenly in the 6th verse ... The contribution Lecture at the brand camp: becoming the opposite of a robot ... [...]

Wife boss

  • from Mrs. Boss
    Videos are everywhere and nowadays an indispensable part of the internet. But where will the “video” trend develop? How important will video marketing be in 2022? I venture an honest prognosis. What I tell you in the following as an outlook is based on extensive research, experiences on my part and surveys in the Frau-Chefin-Facebookgroup. Videos are still very popular [...]

Future of HR

  • by Kai Rehnelt
    The future of work will be hybrid and increasingly digital. Organized cybercrime is also happy about that.… The article on increasing cybercrime in hybrid work first appeared on Future of HR.

Founder WELT

  • from
    As soon as marketing activities are aimed exclusively at business customers, what is known as business-to-business marketing, or B2B marketing for short, is used. [...]

Haufe staff

  • Beschäftigte erwerben für Zeiten, in denen sie wegen "Kurzarbeit Null" durchgehend nicht gearbeitet haben, prinzipiell keine Urlaubsansprüche. Der Arbeitgeber kann den Jahresurlaub daher anteilig kürzen. Diese bislang umstrittene Frage hat das Bundesarbeitsgericht jetzt entschieden.Mehr zum Thema ‚Kurzarbeit’…Mehr zum Thema ‚Urlaubsanspruch’…Mehr zum Thema ‚Urteil’…

Henri Zaborowski

HR in min

  • .pw-oembed-video {position: relative; padding bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; height: auto; } .pw-oembed-video iframe, .pw-oembed-video object, .pw-oembed-video embed {position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; } You'd think that LinkedIn has finally found the accelerator in the past few months. It is a very subjective impression, but during a number of activities [...]

HR Management Blog

HR Web


  • by Barbara Braehmer
    Leider kann man sich nicht (immer) in der Talent Acquisition bei Stellenanzeigen oder der Erstellung einer Karrieresite auf die Ergebnisse einer Agentur (komplett) verlassen. Neben Missverständnissen gibt es viele Fehlerquellen, die erfordern, dass Sie Ihre Partner und deren digitalen Produkte genauer prüfen. Was Sie vielleicht nicht wissen, ist, dass der Google Chrome Browser über kostenlosen […]

job blog

  • from Marcus
    Anyone who is tired of online job exchanges and prefers to publish job advertisements directly on Google has been able to do this quite efficiently for several months now. Now Google has published its own indexing API for job advertisements, so the advertisements end up in the Google index much faster and also stay “fresher”, since Google uses the API for a lot of data [...]

career Bible

  • by Anja Rassek
    Wer Zoom Meetings häufig nutzt, kennt das Phänomen: die Zoom Fatigue. Teilnehmer visuell-virtueller Konferenzen fühlen sich schnell müde und ausgelaugt. Dabei haben sie sich den ganzen Tag kaum bewegt. Tatsächlich haben Videokonferenzen nicht nur Vorteile. Wir zeigen, was sich hinter Zoom Fatigue verbirgt und was Sie gegen die Bildschirm-Müdigkeit tun können… Zoom-Fatigue-Studie belegt Erschöpfung Eine […]

Careers blog

  • by Lisa-Marie Linhart
    Our twentieth day calendar 2022 shows: Those who use the window days wisely can look forward to a lot of additional free time. Here you can find out how the holidays and window days fall in 2022 and you can download the calendar as a pdf: Window days or gusset days are a much sought-after way to enjoy a lot of free time with just a few vacation days. Depending on which days of the week [...]

career Letter

  • by Ute Blindert
    You can find a lot of samples for different résumés on the internet, including us. For years we have been answering questions about the optimal Casting apart. It is particularly important to us what HR really want from an application. Consistent Opinion: The Curriculum vitae is THE central element of an application. So here are a few [...]

High performer blog

LinkedIn insiders

Meta HR

  • by Christoph Athanas
    Digitization is advancing in human resource management. Many HR processes and human resources tasks are now available digitally. With the help of the appropriate tools, there can be significant gains in efficiency and the HR teams can then ideally focus more on those tasks that cannot or can only be digitized to a limited extent, e.g. advisory, creative or supervisory activities. However, there are [...]

Another HR blog

Another personal marketing blog

  • from
    After seeing my last Items was able to show that applicants want more minimum standards and transparency in the selection process, today I will dedicate myself to another result of the joint study with the applicant management provider softgarden. A total of 1.081 candidates were surveyed using the softgarden e-recruiting system. All of them are verified applicants who are currently [...]

Online recruiting blog

  • by Eva Zils
    Guest contribution by Sonja Koopmann-Wischhoff, expert for online job advertisement optimization Well, researched a few job advertisements on the Internet again, copied parts of them and peppered them with a few internal company names? Then the job advertisement is placed on some major job boards, and yet the hoped-for number of applicants has not been received? You will be forgiven: Many recruiters proceed like this, because who has [...]


  • by Stefan Scheller
    English, French and Latin were yesterday! Today completely different language skills belong on the résumé. Because employers in Germany are looking for more and more applicants who are familiar with Java, HTML and other programming languages. This is not just about positions for developers, but also positions that only require a basic understanding. But watch out: Not everyone with the appropriate "language skills" [...]

personal bloggers


Personnel marketing 2Null

  • by Henner Knabenreich
    Google for Jobs: Has the turbo for recruiting failed? Do you remember? When Google for Jobs started at the time, Google's job search engine was seen as a disruptor of the job market universe, or at least as a turbo for recruiting. I myself wrote in my book from June 2017 as a “date that will revolutionize the recruiting world”, because it was here that Google's “Google Job [...]

  • by Peter Berger
    Industrial relations are the basis It is important for managers to deal with the rights and obligations that arise from the employment contract and the collective bargaining agreements and co-determination laws. This is the only way they can… continue reading → The article Industrial Relations and Codetermination appeared first


  • by Lisa Wackers
    The Douglas Challenge is an online test that was originally only used as part of the trainee selection process and has been used at Douglas since 2017. The Douglas Challenge has so far been used successfully for the training positions “Perfumery Specialists”, “Salespeople in Retail” and “Specialists for Sales in Retail”. After such a long time there is the desire for [...]


  • from seed
    After months of hard work, the completely new seed grain will be ready at the beginning of next week. Page at the start. In terms of content and concept, nothing changes, but otherwise a lot. I am absolutely curious to see how you, the reader, will discover the new saatkorn. Find page. What… Continue reading →

Salon of the Good

  • from anne
    “Mom, I'm a unicorn!” I know the trend for glittering unicorns from my two daughters only too well - luckily, the next hype will soon be rolling through our children's room. Yes, I now come across the unicorn at work too! Anyone looking for #WOLicorn on Twitter will know what I'm talking about. The unicorn is the mascot ... [...]

She works


  • by Juliane Benad
    In this interview Juliane has the founder of Green & Geeky Patricia Krietsch as a guest. Here you can listen to the interview with Patricia Krietsch: The interview in short form for ... The article Starting a single parent part-time was first published on Sidepreneur®. Have you already listened to the Sidepreneur podcast? Here is the full dose for your ears: [...]

Claudia Lober

  • from Claudia
    Is your managing director represented on social media? Is she the best recruiter in your company? Are your contributions in line with the values ​​of your employer brand? Does she take care of applications? Strange questions right? After all, it's your job for [...]

Spiegel Career

  • Mehr Geld, mehr Verantwortung: Um für junge Menschen attraktiver zu werden, schafft die Bundeswehr neue Spitzendienstgrade. Bis 2022 soll es 1400 Korporale und Stabskorporale geben.

Süddeutsche Newspaper job and profession

Süddeutsche Newspaper education


We are change

  • by Tina Groll
    The home office has become normal since Corona. However, according to the new DGB-Index Gute Arbeit, which is published today, employees are often left at their expense. The post Hardly any financial support for employees in the home office first appeared on We are change.

WIWO success

WIWO founder

  • by editorial staff
    From the first financing to the bell of the stock exchange, from brainstorming to the day-to-day life of a founder: start-ups are becoming more and more important - they deserve a big stage. We are now reporting directly on about tomorrow's world market leaders. Read more in the article Relocation: Founder topics can now be found directly on

jack of all trades

Svenja Hofert

  • by Svenja Hofert
    I've heard a similar story five times this week. It works like this: A company wants to return to normal. But the employees don't play along. They rebel, even refusing to obey the instructions. The small business owner has lost half of his employees. Five out of ten just didn't want to go back to the office. [...]

T3N career

  • The Home Office does not necessarily ensure that the workload on employees is reduced. That was the result of this year's report of the “Good Work Index” of the German Federation of Trade Unions. In the home office there is less distraction from colleagues, the workplace is designed according to your own taste and the annoying commuting is also eliminated - sounds like a pretty relaxed work. At least in [...]

Temporary work

ZEIT campus

  • from ZEIT ONLINE: Campus – Berit Dießelkämper
    Hierzulande zerbrechen gerade Freundschaften an Weihnachtsmarktbesuchen. Es ist peinlich, darum zu bitten, aber kann endlich mal jemand etwas entscheiden? Das wäre nice.

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