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Working ABC

  • from Arbeits-ABC Redaktion
    Meeting marathons, rules en masse, tons of training - and no end in sight. Reasons leaders should move away from the "more is more" attitude. Superlatives dominate today's zeitgeist - and the management culture There are bosses who can do "sutsche" - in other words: slowly, relaxed, less. The term comes from North German. Sutsche thinks […]

Best of HR

  • from guest
    In Germany there is a real shortage of skilled workers in many areas. This is particularly serious in the area of ​​nursing. What solutions are there? Important facts about professional training as a nurse Above all, the fact that we are getting older - and the demand for nurses is increasing as a result - ensures that the job description of nurses […]

candidates blog

  • by Nadine
    Remote work - working where others go on vacation What is remote work? For a few years, remote work has become an integral part of the lives of some employers and employees. Remote work is a type of home office in which employees can carry out daily tasks and projects from a location of their choice.

Büroonymus - The human side of work

  • by Lydia Krüger
    When you start exploring science, you realize what hasn't been researched yet. The causes of many diseases are still unknown - this applies even to very common diseases such as Parkinson's. Mankind also hardly knows anything about cats,… The contribution The Woman, the Unknown Creature first appeared on […]

Business ladies

  • by Ute Blindert
    [Sponsored *] Figures, data, facts - but also AI and Green Energy: Susanne Jäger's job in EY's Financial Accounting Advisory Services is… The post Years of experience, future-oriented projects: Susanne Jäger, Head of FAAS at EY first appeared on Business Ladies. Related posts: Lunch break on Wednesday: Nathalie Mielke, auditor and talent leader at EY lunch break [...]


  • // Works councils are elected every four years. For most of them, the time has come again this year: Employees can cast their votes between the beginning of March and the end of May. Sven Franke is an expert in the field of co-determination and cooperation. For him, works councils are an effective way of promoting exactly these aspects in organizations. He talks about how […]

Creating Corporate Cultures

  • by tgierecker
    Quick question for you – please be honest, nobody is (hopefully) looking at you right now: What are the three most important topics for your organization right now? What three strategic goals does your company, your business, pursue? Do not you know? If so, then you are in very good company. Unfortunately. One in the MIT Sloan […]

Crosswater job guide

  • by Reinhard Witt
    Event technology is often underestimated when it comes to organizing employee events. That can be a mistake, as using the right technology can make a huge difference in the overall outcome of the event. In this article we will go over some of the most important aspects of event technology. So you can plan your next employee events smoothly! Why […]

Forester Cross

  • Dr. Peter Cross
    "All very interesting what you said." "But honestly. Who wants rebels in their own ranks? They are disruptive factors and mess everything up.” We encounter this attitude of a listener, which Anja addressed after her keynote in Vienna, again and again. And yes, we… The post Rebels at Work: 4 Lessons first appeared on […]

Wife boss

  • from Mrs. Boss
    The fight for money is probably the most fought fight in the course of my self-employment. And by far the most sobering and demotivating. There are many reasons why we often undersell ourselves - and in many cases it is our own fault. The image of self-employment is often totally overestimated: You can […]

Future of HR

  • by Pia Michel
    Companies must introduce reporting channels in order to meet the legal requirements of the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG). The selection... The contribution Whistleblower Protection Act: Boost for the speak-up culture? appeared first on Future of HR.

Founder WELT

Haufe staff

  • Business trips don't always go according to plan either. What should be considered on a business trip in the event of train or flight delays and cancellations? Is there compensation, who is entitled to it and who is responsible for what? And what should you do if you get stranded on the road or arrive at your destination without luggage?

Henri Zaborowski

    AI in active sourcing - a topic that will occupy us in the future. That's why I'm very excited about the results of the doctoral thesis that Philipp Heintz, doctoral student at the Chair of Human Resource Management, Leadership and Organization at the TU Kaiserslautern is writing. And for which he needs our help! Because he is less interested in the […]

HR in min

  • .pw-oembed-video {position: relative; padding bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; height: auto; } .pw-oembed-video iframe, .pw-oembed-video object, .pw-oembed-video embed {position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; } You'd think that LinkedIn has finally found the accelerator in the past few months. It is a very subjective impression, but during a number of activities [...]

HR management blog


  • by Barbara Braehmer
    This is how it usually works: The Active Sourcing team develops organically. Sourcers* are hired and/or recruiters* are hired to proactively approach candidates*. The big problem is that passive candidates* are often clumsily treated like applicants*. The result is often not directly visible, but catastrophic: the companies lose the passive candidates* because of poor sourcing […]

job blog

  • from Marcus
    Anyone who is tired of online job exchanges and prefers to publish job advertisements directly on Google has been able to do this quite efficiently for several months now. Now Google has published its own indexing API for job advertisements, so the advertisements end up in the Google index much faster and also stay “fresher”, since Google uses the API for a lot of data [...]

career Bible

  • by Nils Warkentin
    After a successful application, you look forward to receiving a confirmation. Before you start the new job, you have to sign the contract. Pure formality? No, because there are a number of traps in the employment contract that you have to The article Traps in the employment contract: You have to be careful! first appeared on

Careers blog

  • by Lisa-Marie Linhart
    Multitasking is often seen as a desirable skill in modern business life. But our brain has very limited multitasking capabilities and needs time to fully concentrate on a task. In this article you will find out why you should rather do things sequentially than simultaneously. While on the phone with a customer, you quickly collect [...]

career Letter

  • by Ute Blindert
    You can find a lot of samples for different résumés on the internet, including us. For years we have been grappling with questions about the optimal application. It is particularly important to us what HR managers really want from an application. Consensus: The résumé is THE central element of an application. So here are a few [...]

High performer blog

  • by Gudrun Happich
    Anyone in a management position who consciously avoids establishing relationships usually always remains in the shadow of the loudspeakers. So here I want to show you how you can successfully build your business network as a top manager.

LinkedIn insiders

Meta HR

  • by Christoph Athanas
    Stories stick in your head 21 times better than simple facts. This was discovered by a research team from MIT and thus shows new possibilities for recruiting. Clear the stage for serious gaming! These tools turn the application process into a game and show which candidates are a perfect match for the company and help it advance significantly. Serious games enable scalable applicant screenings […]

Another HR blog

Another personal marketing blog

  • After I was able to show in my last article that applicants want more minimum standards and transparency in the selection process, I am now dedicating myself to another result of the joint study with the applicant management provider softgarden. A total of 1.081 candidates were surveyed using the softgarden e-recruiting system. All of them are verified applicants who are currently [...]

Online recruiting blog

  • by Eva Zils
    Guest contribution by Sonja Koopmann-Wischhoff, expert for online job advertisement optimization Well, researched a few job advertisements on the Internet again, copied parts of them and peppered them with a few internal company names? Then the job advertisement is placed on some major job boards, and yet the hoped-for number of applicants has not been received? You will be forgiven: Many recruiters proceed like this, because who has [...]


  • by Silvia Toth
    According to a survey by the HR software provider Cegid, a clear majority of almost 90% of managers approve of a value-based corporate culture by which they measure applicants. There is a clear discrepancy between male and female managers. Women delegate, men control In the value ranking, “reliability” (64%) takes first place by a wide margin, followed by “responsibility” (35%) and “creativity” (30%). […]

personal bloggers


Personnel marketing 2Null

  • by Henner Knabenreich
    foobar, Google's "secret" recruiting tool "lack of skilled workers" in the IT sector isn't just available to us. Even giants like Google have trouble finding real IT geniuses. Problem: The really good people are often employed. The (latent) willingness to change is currently higher than ever. Apart from the fact that “active” recruiting costs valuable resources – as identified […]

  • by Peter Berger
    Good leaders are in short supply. Most of the time, a person who is given “personnel responsibility” ends up in a managerial position that has nothing to do with “leadership”. A managerial seminar is then usually pushed afterwards, with which… read more → The article Management feedback as an instrument of personnel development and quality management appeared first


  • by Jo Diercks
    One can lament the labor shortage and complain that there are “fewer and fewer applicants”. But you can also think about how to increase the number of applications - ideally also from people who are a certain fit. I recently came across an example that in this context I […]


  • from seed
    After months of hard work, the completely new seed grain will be ready at the beginning of next week. Page at the start. In terms of content and concept, nothing changes, but otherwise a lot. I am absolutely curious to see how you, the reader, will discover the new saatkorn. Find page. What… Continue reading →

Salon of the Good

  • from anne
    “Mom, I'm a unicorn!” I know the trend for glittering unicorns from my two daughters only too well - luckily, the next hype will soon be rolling through our children's room. Yes, I now come across the unicorn at work too! Anyone looking for #WOLicorn on Twitter will know what I'm talking about. The unicorn is the mascot ... [...]

She works


  • by Peter Georg Lutsch
    Once a month we want to recommend our finds of the month to you in the future. These can be tools, podcast episodes, articles, or any other type of valuable resource. Curious? Then listen...

Claudia Lober

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Spiegel Career

Süddeutsche Newspaper job and profession

  • by By Laura Pickert
    Despite the pandemic, many students are very interested in going to another country for a semester. However, a stay at a guest university requires particularly careful preparation, also in the event of a corona infection. What to look out for when planning.

Süddeutsche Newspaper education


We are change

  • by Tina Groll
    There is still a large inequality between wages – not only between men and women, but also between East and West Germany. New data shows that men's wages in East Germany are lower than women's. The post Gender Pay Gap reversed first appeared on We are the change.

WIWO success

WIWO founder

  • by editorial staff
    From the first financing to the bell of the stock exchange, from brainstorming to the day-to-day life of a founder: start-ups are becoming more and more important - they deserve a big stage. We are now reporting directly on about tomorrow's world market leaders. Read more in the article Relocation: Founder topics can now be found directly on

Svenja Hofert

  • by Svenja Hofert
    boom Do Olaf Scholz and his PR consultants think we're in kindergarten? Big words hide the lack of ideas. Not just in politics. It's like a lightbulb that goes out. Fewer and fewer entrepreneurs, less and less willingness to take risks, even among young people. In many organizations, even the theater of change that has been going on for years is currently faltering. The day-to-day crisis management […]

T3N career

  • Anyone who lies in bed at night and has sleepless nights because of circling thoughts can use the braindump method to systematically get the chaos in their heads under control. That's behind it. The digitization of the working world is accompanied by a phenomenon in everyday work that leads to problems. We are talking about the increasing intensification of work, which often involves stress and […]

Temporary work

ZEIT campus