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Working ABC

  • by Mirijam Franke
    Wherever people work together, conflicts will inevitably arise. These result from the different personalities, i.e. different opinions, expectations, habits, desires etc. Conflicts should not always be evaluated negatively, after all friction can also lead to new ideas, optimization or personal development. Therefore, instead of avoiding conflict, you should focus on how […]

Best of HR

  • from guest
    With good presentations, a real head cinema is created in the minds of the audience. This shows how important the right visual language is for the success of a lecture. How Imagery Works One reason why so many presentations are bad is in the structure and preparation of the presentation. It is certainly a little more work to prepare a presentation professionally. [...]

candidates blog

  • by Nadine
    The process of hiring is rarely without a little untruth. Whether in the CV or in a direct conversation, there is fibbing in all possible places. Since there was already a detailed article on lies in the CV, "True or false - the biggest lies in the CV", in this article we deal with the lies during […]

Büroonymus - The human side of work

  • by Lydia Krüger
    I want to write about Russia. Russia the aggressor, Russia the war machine, Russia the propaganda machine. Russia, the country of my childhood. The bit of Russia that's still in me. I'd rather write about Ukraine - how strong, how freedom-loving, how smart it is. But I… The post Very close appeared first on Büronymus.

Business ladies

  • by Ute Blindert
    [Sponsored *] Figures, data, facts - but also AI and Green Energy: Susanne Jäger's job in EY's Financial Accounting Advisory Services is… The post Years of experience, future-oriented projects: Susanne Jäger, Head of FAAS at EY first appeared on Business Ladies. Related posts: Lunch break on Wednesday: Nathalie Mielke, auditor and talent leader at EY lunch break [...]


  • // Works councils are elected every four years. For most of them, the time has come again this year: Employees can cast their votes between the beginning of March and the end of May. Sven Franke is an expert in the field of co-determination and cooperation. For him, works councils are an effective way of promoting exactly these aspects in organizations. He talks about how […]

Creating Corporate Cultures

  • by tgierecker
    Go Great – does the size of our goals determine the size of our success? The first important step to lasting success is to set the right goals - and those are the ones that resonate as well as possible with the implicit motives of our autopilot. Decisive for our feeling of happiness is the question of whether we have the feeling [...]

Crosswater job guide

  • from recruiting editorial staff
    Berlin, January 24, 2022On Monday, the federal and state governments will discuss the corona pandemic. Bitkom President Achim Berg explains: “Germany must make much better use of the potential of digitization for the healthcare system. We therefore expressly welcome the fact that the federal and state governments are said to want to accelerate the use of digital technologies with concrete advances - even if this commitment takes almost two […]

Forester Cross

  • Dr. Peter Cross
    At its core, innovation is a mindset that you have to choose. . The ingredients: pioneering spirit + joy of discovery + courage to take risks. . All of this cannot be conjured up in a seminar, working group or other absurdities of salaried society, but is at home where... The article The five biggest innovation myths first appeared on Förster […]

Wife boss

  • from Mrs. Boss
    I admit it: when I can't sleep, I secretly watch videos on YouTube under the covers. One of my favorite categories? image videos. I just find them fascinating. Short, crisp, to the point and usually implemented in a technically very cool way. In this article I would therefore like to introduce you to the world […]

Future of HR

  • by Christian Gaertner
    HR start-ups are changing personnel management and designing new work with tools that change the nature of... The article HR start-ups in Germany: an inventory first appeared on Future of HR.

Founder WELT

Haufe staff

  • Leading and following are the basis of successful cooperation. But their requirements are subject to change. This time, our columnist Randolf Jessl examines the question: should and can leadership be regulated?

Henri Zaborowski

    Employers can learn a lot from Cookie Monster. Namely the realization that the ability to ignore the elephant in the room in recruiting does not help ;-). In the last few weeks or months, I have come across exactly this phenomenon with many employers when it comes to recruiting. Less with HR, more with the departments / hiring […]

HR in min

  • .pw-oembed-video {position: relative; padding bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; height: auto; } .pw-oembed-video iframe, .pw-oembed-video object, .pw-oembed-video embed {position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; } You'd think that LinkedIn has finally found the accelerator in the past few months. It is a very subjective impression, but during a number of activities [...]

HR management blog

HR Web

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job blog

  • from Marcus
    Anyone who is tired of online job exchanges and prefers to publish job advertisements directly on Google has been able to do this quite efficiently for several months now. Now Google has published its own indexing API for job advertisements, so the advertisements end up in the Google index much faster and also stay “fresher”, since Google uses the API for a lot of data [...]

career Bible

  • by Jochen Mai
    If you apply without a cover letter, just with a tabular CV, you should insert a so-called pitch or "About me" section. This can not only increase the attention and persuasiveness of the CV - the short profile also sharpens your most important unique selling points and gives a compact overview of your suitability for the job. Tips and examples on how to […]

Careers blog

  • by Lisa-Marie Linhart
    Multitasking is often seen as a desirable skill in modern business life. But our brain has very limited multitasking capabilities and needs time to fully concentrate on a task. In this article you will find out why you should rather do things sequentially than simultaneously. While on the phone with a customer, you quickly collect [...]

career Letter

  • by Ute Blindert
    You can find a lot of samples for different résumés on the internet, including us. For years we have been grappling with questions about the optimal application. It is particularly important to us what HR managers really want from an application. Consensus: The résumé is THE central element of an application. So here are a few [...]

High performer blog

  • by Gudrun Happich
    Companies can learn a lot for their crisis management from the way nature deals with difficulties that arise. In this article, I will introduce you to 4 natural crisis strategies that you can transfer directly to your company.

LinkedIn insiders

Meta HR

  • by Christoph Athanas
    Stories stick in your head 21 times better than simple facts. This was discovered by a research team from MIT and thus shows new possibilities for recruiting. Clear the stage for serious gaming! These tools turn the application process into a game and show which candidates are a perfect match for the company and help it advance significantly. Serious games enable scalable applicant screenings […]

Another HR blog

Another personal marketing blog

  • After I was able to show in my last article that applicants want more minimum standards and transparency in the selection process, I am now dedicating myself to another result of the joint study with the applicant management provider softgarden. A total of 1.081 candidates were surveyed using the softgarden e-recruiting system. All of them are verified applicants who are currently [...]

Online recruiting blog

  • by Eva Zils
    Guest contribution by Sonja Koopmann-Wischhoff, expert for online job advertisement optimization Well, researched a few job advertisements on the Internet again, copied parts of them and peppered them with a few internal company names? Then the job advertisement is placed on some major job boards, and yet the hoped-for number of applicants has not been received? You will be forgiven: Many recruiters proceed like this, because who has [...]


  • by Stefan Scheller
    In the third year of the pandemic, companies around the world continue to face major challenges and uncertainties: the shortage of skilled workers, dwindling trust and higher turnover are crucial issues that companies will have to solve in the future in order to be successful in today's complex business environment. While the first consequences of the abrupt switch to working from home were initially apparent, […]

personal bloggers


Personnel marketing 2Null

  • by Henner Knabenreich
    No more forced logins in recruiting! Quite a few employer branding efforts fizzle out as soon as the application process starts. It has actually finally succeeded again in getting a “top talent” with a top job, top arguments (why apply here and nowhere else), and top employer seal (okay, that was a joke). convince - and then you scare a […]

  • by Peter Berger
    Industrial relations are the basis It is important for managers to deal with the rights and obligations that arise from the employment contract and the collective bargaining agreements and co-determination laws. This is the only way they can… continue reading → The article Industrial Relations and Codetermination appeared first


  • by Thiemo Coors
    Many German universities offer further scientific training, often in cooperation with cooperation partners. The offer is very extensive and diverse, which is why it is not so easy to find the right offer. But don't worry: wit can help here! The wit - further education interest test is part of the new portal high & far of the German Rectors' Conference. The idea […]


  • from seed
    After months of hard work, the completely new seed grain will be ready at the beginning of next week. Page at the start. In terms of content and concept, nothing changes, but otherwise a lot. I am absolutely curious to see how you, the reader, will discover the new saatkorn. Find page. What… Continue reading →

Salon of the Good

  • from anne
    “Mom, I'm a unicorn!” I know the trend for glittering unicorns from my two daughters only too well - luckily, the next hype will soon be rolling through our children's room. Yes, I now come across the unicorn at work too! Anyone looking for #WOLicorn on Twitter will know what I'm talking about. The unicorn is the mascot ... [...]

She works


  • by Juliane Benad
    Impostor syndrome or the feeling of being an impostor Juliane and Peter have rarely been heard together in their own podcast. Today it's that time again. Juliana and...

Claudia Lober

  • from Claudia
    Everyday recruiting is often challenging and stressful. But with the right tips and tricks, you can easily master it! On my newsletter in May 2022 I have […]

Spiegel Career

Süddeutsche Newspaper job and profession

  • by By Laura Pickert
    Despite the pandemic, many students are very interested in going to another country for a semester. However, a stay at a guest university requires particularly careful preparation, also in the event of a corona infection. What to look out for when planning.

Süddeutsche Newspaper education


We are change

  • by Sabine Hockling
    The book publishing industry has not only been under pressure since the Corona crisis. And while she must act urgently, she doesn't. With her publishing house, Antonia Schulemann shows how to face the challenges. The post "The thinking of the publishing industry is very static" first appeared on We are change.

WIWO success

WIWO founder

  • by editorial staff
    From the first financing to the bell of the stock exchange, from brainstorming to the day-to-day life of a founder: start-ups are becoming more and more important - they deserve a big stage. We are now reporting directly on about tomorrow's world market leaders. Read more in the article Relocation: Founder topics can now be found directly on

jack of all trades

Svenja Hofert

  • by Svenja Hofert
    Ian Goodfellow has become famous in the media. The reason is less his expertise as an AI expert and his position as Director of Machine Learning than his refusal to return from home office for his employer Apple. So he left Apple and joined Google's Alphabet, for which he previously worked. Yes, that […]

T3N career

  • Abdominal cramps, circulatory problems and fever: Many women suffer from menstrual cramps. In Spain, there could therefore soon be menstrual leave. Would that also be possible in Germany? What is already common practice in countries like Japan and South Korea could soon gain a foothold in Europe: women's right to so-called menstrual leave. In Spain, there is currently a draft law […]

Temporary work

ZEIT campus