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The 5 best books for young leaders: Learning leadership {reading tip}

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Who is new to the position of Executive comes, you have to quickly acquire the necessary leadership skills so that everything runs smoothly from the start. These books will help.

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The 5 best books for young leaders: Learning leadership {reading tip}

Guiding principles for beginners and advanced

Andreas Buhr offers very good support with ten central - very clear structured and easily understandable leadership principles that are important for leadership success.

You have to learn to lead. And that's why you need people to help you - like Andreas Buhr, for example. Buhr is one of the most renowned experts when it comes to Guide goes.

In this book, he introduces the ten leadership principles that he believes are the most important of all. In the foreword, the author makes it clear that his book “is not a management theory for the experienced Executive”Acts.

Catalog of basic principles

Even those looking for "sophisticated systems" and "guru wisdom" should better resort to other titles. No, what matters to Buhr is a catalog of “very basic, essential and clean principles for everyone who is wondering how they can guide themselves and others simply and clearly”.

Buhr's focus on values ​​is of particular importance (for example, “Appreciation comes before value creation”).

Each principle clearly and vividly illustrated

Each of the ten principles is explained on several pages and, above all, the questions are answered: (a) What is the need for this principle, (b) What is the principle of leadership competences, and (c) strengthen?

As is typical for Buhr, the book is written in a simple and understandable manner and contains numerous tips for anyone who would like to deal more intensively with the topic of “leadership”. A great book for anyone who takes leadership seriously.

In Andreas Buhr's book you will find a value-oriented framework and very specific principles and suggestions that you can implement directly in your everyday life as a manager. "

Prisoners in leadership responsibility

Every beginning is difficult, even in a management position. Best of HR -® author Mario Neumann, who also wrote the excellent book “Project Safari”, has now published the appropriate guide.

Young talents will be in the About Mostly dropped into the cold water: The promotion including staff responsibility is quickly pronounced as a thank you for excellence and as an investment in the future.

And this is how the problems begin: Neumann's performance is to have a guide tailored to the needs of freshly baked executives.

Swimming in the cold water will be learned

It is perfect for everyone whose talent has been recognized by their company, but who now have to see for themselves how they manage. Because too often, they have to learn how to swim in the cold water. And usually too fast for the young flyers, who lack not only professional or operational experience, but also leadership.

This is exactly what the book “Adventure Guide” by Mario Neumann is dedicated to. It takes around two days to read the guide. Time well invested because the managementCoaching escorts the young high-flyers in the first few months of their leadership role - from the premiere to their own Team to dealing with tangible conflicts and corporate crises.

In 7 stages to become a sovereign manager

The book chronologically traces the career trail of a young manager in seven stages:

  • The first three chapters deal with the understanding of roles as leaders in all professional, operational and social facets.
  • Chapters four and five highlight personnel management and the development your own department.
  • To “escalating conflicts“Bad news, wrong decisions up to the imbalance of the entire company” is discussed in the final chapters.

Coaching: Learn from the top managers

Good: The very clearly laid out management fundamentals are often supplemented with checklists, examples and warnings (“The great danger”), which build a bridge in the daily business routine of young managers. However, the advisor earns top marks through his consistent coaching approach:

Each chapter is introduced by a "companion", an experienced expert from German or international top management who chats from the sewing box, reveals personal tips, but also reports about mistakes that others would like to avoid.

Anyone who does not have the time to prepare for leadership in-house will find numerous tips in the clever management coaching of Mario Neumann, which will protect against painful mistakes in everyday leadership.

Suddenly boss - and now?

A common problem: you were just a colleague, suddenly you are Manager - with all advantages and disadvantages. This book will help you to overcome this sometimes difficult step.

Especially for prospective managers on the go colleagues Written to the supervisor is “Taking the lead” by Hans Jürgen Resetka and Jörg Felfe. Here, the most important methods, tools and models are shown in a practical way for taking the lead efficiently.

The authors Hans-Jürgen Resetka and Jörg Felfe address in their book “Going into leadership” at young top employees in the company who want to confidently master the leap from colleague to manager.

The change of the reel begins in the head

The role change - according to the authors, begins in your own mind. Successful leadership means “wanting” in the first step, the “ability” only follows afterwards.

Resetka and Felfe give you the tools and tools you need to position yourself and navigate your team.

12 tips on the way up

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-katharina-daniels-selected-because-it-women-who-want-to-go-up-shows-the-start-button-for-women-careers-andrea-och-declares-women-power-to-be-the-top-issue -with-the-pseudo-female-attitude-modesty-from-now-march-woman-purposefully-to-the-front-when-it-comes-to-fill-the-next-department-management-or-executive-management -and-it-works-even-without-the-shirtless-aggressive-career-strategies-of-the-manner-world-copying-from-the-shell-without-detours-to-the-top-first-step-out-of-it 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“In Führung gehen” ist chronologisch aufgebaut. The authors speak of milestones instead of chapters. That makes perfect sense.

It starts with the self-image as a leader and the "enthronement". The authors subsequently explain how to “step out of the shadow of your predecessor”, weave your network of relationships with your team, superiors and other managers, inspire large groups and get individual employees on course, with references to theory and practice.

With Charisma please!

Above all, the milestone to the different management styles keeps young people from the start of life in front of irreparable mistakes in self-presentation.

As a leader you can not be friends with all team members, but you do not have to spoil it from the beginning with all by exaggerated authority.

Softly landed in the Chefsessel

If you want to land softly in the executive chair, you should read the section on “Transactional Leadership” very carefully. There the authors describe the success formula of charismatic leaders in detail.

"Taking the lead" is a profound learning and knowledge book for young managers. The authors explain all the essential methods, instruments and models for efficient management work in a practical way.” "Use value pure" is my personal conclusion to the new women's power book "Lust for power". From the many books that we receive for review every week, he chose the book by Andrea Och and Katharina Daniels because it shows women who want to get to the top of the world a feasible path.

The start button for the female career

Andrea Och declares female power a top priority. Get rid of the pseudo-female attitude “modesty”! As of now, Frau is purposefully marching “to the front” when it comes to filling the next department head or management.

And that even works without copying the shirt-sleeved, aggressive career strategies of the men's world.

From the snail shell without detours to the top

First step: Get out of the snail shell! Och and Daniels point out that distinguished restraint in the business is not rewarded with transport. Instead, polish your ego, explain your charisma and performance to your distinctive brand promise.

Because “if you want to get to the top of a company, you should clearly communicate your value.” Does not go from one day to the next, but works in the medium term with the right training.

Goals are SMART

For example with the SMART principle. Immediately put your objectives specific, measurable, attractive, realistic and timed. Optimize your complementary skills, i.e. those skills that optimally complement your predominant strengths.

Example: If you develop others well, you should show that you also promote yourself and show your innovative strength.

Small tips that help immediately

Great that the authors casually disenchant the one or other myth of more efficient work and offer effective alternatives. “Say goodbye to multitasking. If you prioritize correctly, you are better ”and add little tips that help immediately.

For example, the password trick: In order to avoid losing sight of your target, think of a suitable keyword and generate your password for the operating system or the mail client - but please include numbers and special characters!

My personal conclusion is: “Lust auf Macht” is an all-round successful career adviser (not only) for women who want to take the next level in their job. Full to the brim with good, quick-to-implement tips and quotes from well-known business experts, the book offers pure utility and makes you want more!

When a customer drops dead in a meeting?

What to do if a customer drops dead in a meeting? Anyone who climbs even a few rungs on the career ladder is confronted with completely new, previously unknown problems. Because as a boss you suddenly despair of notorious late arrivals, half-finished solutions and tough specifications “from above”.

Timo Hinrichsen and Boris Palluch, two professionals who are not only good at giving advice, but are also good at writing, show how to find the right path between the cuddle course and the barracks courtyard.

For bosses at the stop

In spite of all leadership seminars and advice, the average boss's reactions to any kind of inability of employees are usually: "With respect, you are a full post". Followed by the delusion of having “personified evil” in front of you with this employee.

Many bosses also use the variant “initiate the fermentation process” by “swallowing” reliably to develop a stomach ulcer or other calamities. And a fourth group waves it off with “He just wants to play” and ensures that sooner or later the company will sink into chaos.

At eye level with the professional life

Clear “no-gos” with which Timo Hinrichsen and Boris Pullach in their book with the funny title “When our customer fell dead” open the eyes of managers and executives.

There is very little literature on leadership that so mercilessly puts the finger into the wound. But this does not make the two authors malicious, but therapeutically highly valuable. The trick of the book lies in the fact that leadership does not break down from theory to everyday life.

Cuddling or barracks

Hinrichsen and Pullach take instead situations to the chest, which burn sooner or later every boss under the nails. And then deliver good, theoretically sound advice. Bottom-up instead of top-down.

It's about the right path between Kuschelkurs and Kasernenhofton. To address the possibilities of misconduct so that change is likely. About the danger of doing everything yourself. And the authors show how you can even prepare for situations where you get caught on the wrong foot.

25 of the most important and frequent management problems to the point (and solved)

The book is great, bosses (from the department manager to the entrepreneur) will devour it. For all 25 are triggered tricky management problems with striking scenes from the office and Chefalltag.

In a short dialogue, the various aspects of the problem are discussed - not academically, but as one would discuss the problem in the canteen with a good and capable colleague.

No-Go-Lists to Totlachen

This is followed by the no-go list already cited above, which you can laugh yourself to laugh - until you realize that it is exactly these behaviors that you find most often. And of course, at the end there is the chapter “Solution Finder Method”, in which the two authors offer sensible and feasible solutions in a nutshell.

A book from a single source. Good and quick to read with a very high utility value. Where else are topics addressed such as “There is someone in your team that you simply cannot stand”?

The sparring partner in book form

Conclusion: Managers often have no one with whom they can exchange ideas. "When our customer fell dead" is a kind of sparring partner in book form. A productive conversation about things that are otherwise difficult to stomach.

So if you despair of your employees (or your own leadership skills), who always thinks that everything should work out differently, the two authors will give you good, new ideas. "

Look into the book & order

You can order these books directly via Amazon, take a look at the book or find out more bibliographical data. Just click on the picture. You can also use the entire Read the review here!

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