Gerade Boy Executives are often in conflict Control and do too much yourself. How eg can they Employees motivate their Tasks to do and still give them enough responsibility?


When the puppy protection is over

Tobias Schmidt is 26 years old and since 3 months team leader in a well-known technology company. In theory, he already knows how to perform. And how does it look in practice?

He was promoted to manager after completing some international projects successfully has completed. In seminars he has already learned in advance how personnel management works in theory - Set define, delegate tasks and motivate employees.

Please do not hire employees!

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Now puppy protection is over and delivering results is becoming more and more important. However, time pressure, high expectations of one's own manager and Problems in the projects of the employees to the fact that he often responds with the sentence "Now let me do it, I can see that it won't work like that!" involved in the projects.

If Mr. Schmidt snatches the task from his employee, the problem will be solved more quickly, but the employee feels incompetent and loses his own Motivationto find your own solutions. In addition, there is a great danger that he is on this ways educates dependent employees - after all, as a manager, he cannot always handle everything. A disenfranchisement can - in the sense of both parties - not Solution .

Questions to be asked

In order for managers to behave in an appreciative and professional manner (and not to put their employees' work on their own desks), they can first of all do the following Ask put:

  1. Assess situation - urgency: Is eg an important deadline imminent? have previous attempts to solve failed? Or is it a task that can be solved through creativity and innovation, where failure can be tolerated?
  2. Appraising the employee - what skills does he possess? Will he handle this problem on his own? What does he need: time, impulses or concrete help, because he is already at the performance limit?

The employee must keep the responsibility

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If a situation is so serious that intervention is unavoidable, it is advisable to leave the employee the responsibility and to ask what he expects from the management to still be able to solve the task independently.

After all, he has been dealing with the problem for a long time and knows both the situation and the ones necessary to solve it Measures judge better than an outsider.

"You are the expert"

The message is: “You are the expert – and remain responsible. I'm just offering you support."

Require, however, neither situation nor Expertise When employees intervene, it's important to keep your cool and trust your own judgment. After that, it is recommended that the situation in the Eye to keep to unexpected ones change to be able to react.

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