In each Corporate must they Employees coordinate a large number of appointments with each other. A roster helps with this Organization enormous, but HR departments have to pay attention to a number of things.

Writing rosters for HR departments: 3 X 4 tips for employee & team coordination

Why a roster makes sense for employees

A roster is a fixed sequence of working hours that may determine an employee's roster for a shorter or longer period of time. Although not necessary, as an employee or manager, you can use a roster that shows exactly who is doing what Tasks done and thus helps to coordinate all processes.

Duty rosters make working in a company easier because they enable employees to orientate themselves on a framework when organizing their appointments. The cooperation in Team This makes it more efficient and easier to plan. Companies would therefore do well to give a certain priority to the correct handling of personnel planning and the need to act according to the roster.

This is how companies benefit from the roster

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But a roster isn't just for employees useful: HR, employers and Executives get a better overview by drawing up a duty roster, Control and thus also control power over the employees.

And they contribute to more justice and thus cohesion in the company - at least if there is a certain democratization in the design of the duty roster.

4 tips: What do HR departments need to consider when designing a roster?

If you want to write a roster, there are a few things to keep in mind. Because not everyone can simply put together their own roster at random.

1. Observe regulations and laws

As a rule, a roster is drawn up by the HR department, although it is sufficient to be an employer with the right to issue instructions. However, these must also observe certain regulations when designing the duty roster.

This involves aspects such as regulations of an operational and contractual nature. Here it is a matter of complying with the legal requirements, as well as the regulations that are due to internal agreements in the company or in collective and employment contracts and to incorporate them into the duty roster.

Ultimately, the works council or a member of certain employee representative bodies also has a say in the design of the duty roster.

2. Deploy employees efficiently and according to their qualifications

Also the fulfillment of operational Set, i.e. the effective use of employees, is one of the points that make up a good duty roster.

In qualification of employees means that not every employee can easily be transferred to another shift or another department. Someone who supplies the homepage with texts, and also likes to do this after work from the home office, will have difficulties when it comes to completing irrelevant tasks in the production department.

3. Pay attention to the motivation of the employees

The Motivation the employee must by responding to their wishes on account to be carried. If you have the feeling that you are - to put it popularly - "the dork on duty", this leads fast to the internal dismissal of the employee in question. After all, you think you can be merrily pushed from unpopular shift to unpopular shift without HR responding to your comments.

Therefore, HR departments should take ergonomic criteria into account and, for example, not use employees four times in a row on the night shift and also pay attention to whether employees are ill or on vacation.

4. Take employee wishes into account

A roster also requires quite a bit of time and effort. For example, when it comes to holidays and days off, the wishes of the individual employees must be taken into account fairly.

A promise of a day off for one employee can, for example, mean a refusal for other employees. And bridge days and public holidays must also be calculated correctly. Sometimes public holidays that fall on a Sunday also lead to discussions about being able to make up for lost leisure time the following week.

4 Tools: What are the possible solutions for writing a duty roster?

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But how are such rosters written? A large number of tools have been developed so that companies can achieve greater efficiency and predictability through a plan. Basically, the possible solutions can be divided into four groups.

1. With a software solution

Let's just take the possibility of solving the whole thing with software. A good example is Papershift: Interested parties can find a brief insight into the software's own options here. With one like this System you can always keep yourself up to date via smartphone. Furthermore, you can also enter your own wishes regarding the duty roster. The democratization of the roster is accordingly in the starting blocks.

2. With Excel

Of course, a correspondingly clear duty roster can also be created using a spreadsheet program draw up. Open a new document, enter the days from Monday to Friday in lines B1 to F 1, enter the times from A 2 to A31 from 07:30 a.m. to 22:00 p.m. and then note which employee does which shifts.

The lists are correspondingly clear, and there are fewer careless mistakes.

3. With paper and pen

The classic. Take a piece of paper and a pen, then go through the personnel files and say who takes what shift, when. Actually quite simple. It becomes problematic when there are not just six employees in the company, but several hundred to thousands. Then things threaten to get pretty confusing pretty quickly.

4. On the whiteboard

The whiteboard has also proven itself for smaller companies. It offers a quickly accessible, clear duty roster faster and more clearly than any Excel spreadsheet, which can also be quickly changed with the sponge if necessary.

In addition, every employee can see at a glance when and how their colleagues work, which is perfect for the feeling of togetherness in the team.

4-point checklist: With the right strategy to the perfect duty roster

There are different Strategiesto write a roster. Essentially these are:

These four strategies can be combined to create a very powerful plan.

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