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Fritzi Roth_GlassdoorDACH Fritzi Roth is Product Specialist at Glassdoor DA-CH. She has been with Glassdoor in California since January 2016 and is the Product Specialist responsible for the German-speaking markets. Born in Berlin, she has lived in the USA since 2014. There she previously worked as a consultant for market entry strategies at the German-American Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta and at the German Society for Foreign Trade and Location Marketing in Washington DC. More information at www.glassdoor.de

This is how good leadership works: The 10 most popular manager in Germany

Good leadership is best recognized by living examples - such as those of the most popular managers in Germany, including REWE and BMW. What do they do differently than others? Top10 CEO_Professional images

What do popular CEOs do better?

To find out what makes the popular CEOs better at leadership, look at the methodology used to identify the executives - Top 3 Alain Caparros of REWE, Harald Krüger of BMW and Mark Weinberger of Ernst and Young.

In contrast to other awards, the award is based solely on the voluntary and anonymous feedback from employees who give feedback on the job and career platform Glassdoor Employer Assessment, assess their CEO, and answer the question of whether or not they support it.

The methodology

The most popular executives were identified based on their overall advocacy rate last year and also received the Glassdoor Award for employee satisfaction - in Germany for the second time this year. Included was the amount and content of all audited valuations made by employees employed in Germany between the 2. May 2015 and the 1. May 2016 were submitted.

Were considered Company with at least 20 evaluations of the managing director and the management level. For the sake of clarity, the managing director ratings are rounded up. However, the calculations to determine the rankings take into account values ​​in excess of the thousandth.

This is what the employees say

If you look at the criteria by which the employees assess their bosses, you will find aspects such as respect, a good working environment, salary, security, good career prospects, promotion of talents or above-average employee offers. Ultimately, this shows that good leadership is oriented towards the wishes of the employees.

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What is interesting, however, is that the most popular managers among German employees come from very different sectors such as manufacturing, management consultancies, insurance or trading companies.

Chefs from the automotive industry are at the forefront - only in Germany

Contrary to the other surveyed countries, however, three CEOs from the Top 10 are active in the automotive industry (at BMW, Daimler and Audi). On top of this are the CEOs of ZF Friedrichshafen and Robert Bosch - two companies active in the supplier sector, among others.

Five of the companies were already on the list last year - Robert Bosch, Daimler and SAP with their current managers, BMW and the alliance with their previous managers. Harald Krüger of BMW and Oliver Bäte of the alliance have the same rank as their predecessors last year (place 2 and 7).

The 10 most popular manager of Germany 2016

The most popular manager of Germany 2016 is Alain Caparros, since 2006 chairman of the board at REWE Group in Cologne. Geographically, the commercial group is an exception because eight out of ten managers are based in the south of Germany with their company.

Ernst and Young is the only company in the list that has its headquarters abroad, namely in London. And these are the top 10's most popular managers at a glance:

  1. Alain Caparros of REWE Group (99% approval rate)
  2. Harald Krüger of BMW (99%)
  3. Mark Weinberger by Ernst and Young (99%)
  4. Stefan Sommer from the ZF Friedrichshafen (96%)
  5. Dieter Zetsche of Daimler (96%)
  6. Volkmar Denner of Robert Bosch (95%)
  7. Oliver Bäte from Allianz (94%)
  8. Reinhard Ploss from Infineon Technologies (94%)
  9. Bill McDermott of SAP (94%)
  10. Rupert Stadler of Audi (93%)

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