Coworking_IT_d-Spaces are enjoying rapidly growing popularity. Especially for flexible workplace design in the New Work, they are ideally suited as they offer flexible options for renting office space. What possibilities arise from this?

New work & transformation of work culture: coworking as a future vision?

The coworking movement is growing

Freelancers and the self-employed are mostly familiar with the principle: sharing the office space not only as a way of saving money, but above all as an opportunity for exciting contacts, synergies and creativity. What future opportunities does coworking offer in terms of new forms of work?

The coworking movement is constantly growing. And within the coworking spaces there are more and more members who work next to you Workplace only need their laptop to work. In principle, they also belong to the “digital nomads”.

A permanent workplace is important for productive work

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A fixed workplace or a familiar environment is nevertheless important for many to work productively. This is why coworking grows strong even in times of greater flexibility and locational independence.

In addition to a familiar workplace, a change of location is a valuable experience, as reported in part 2 of our series. A break out of Everyday lifeto work elsewhere brings focus, productivity, new inspiration and creativity.

What is Coworcation?

From this need, more and more initiatives are emerging worldwide that are Solution accept and combine coworking structures with the advantages of location independence.

These initiatives can be described as “coworcation” - a mixture of “coworking” and “vacation” - or as “coworking flat share”. Perhaps this way of working is the common form of work in Work Culture 4.0.

The future vision of location independent coworking

When I started to create such a possibility myself with Sunny Office, I discovered more and more exciting ones People, who have a similar vision of location-independent coworking and launched initiatives with similar goals.

As a common principle, these initiatives transfer coworking to beautiful places and mix a common accommodation and working together. The places are mostly intended to escape the winter and connect a beautiful environment with pleasant temperatures.

The difficulty finding the right infrastructure

Of course, as a “digital nomad” you can also do it alone travel and rent on-site coworking spaces. However, this is only possible in cities. If you want to spend time away from the cities, you often have difficulties finding a very good infrastructure and meeting like-minded people.

The initiatives for independent coworking differ mainly in two things: there are those with event characteristics and for a period of two or four weeks (for example, Sunny Office or Project Getaway) or lasting throughout the year (for example The Surf Office).

Initiatives make new work possible

There is also a distinction between Combination of living and working space and separate rooms.

In addition to the listed initiatives Sunny Office, Project Getaway and The Surf Office, there are also, for example Startups abroad, Workation week, and Coworking Camp.

Coworking also for project teams and companies

The current development encourages a new one Style of co-working and establishes more and more possibilities to take a "working holiday" in a simple way and to use the new flexibility properly.

It is an exciting development that is currently still a niche among the “digital nomads” but is slowly gaining influence through the new work movement. Because established companies are also increasingly interested in these new work models.


However, this principle can be transferred very well to companies. Why should teams go back to the usual, mostly creative, seminar hotels, if it is also possible to develop a new together for a week in a beautiful and inspiring environment.

The right "change of scenery" together with the whole Team can promote a huge amount of team spirit and creativity.

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