digital Nomadism, combining work and life with travel, is in vogue. We read and hear more and more stories from Peoplewho gave up their job to travel the world – and who derive many advantages for their lives from it. 5 tips from people who have done it despite all the uncertainties show how it really works.

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Living as a Digital Nomad: How does it work?

Many of us are stuck in a permanent job and dream of great freedom. But then there are many ifs and buts: Too expensive. Too insecure - because what do you do when the job is gone afterwards? To lonely: Do you really want your usual background for a year without your friends through the World travel.

Like Catherine and Ine, who moved around the world for a year and worked on the go, even without much Money lived like kings. And who created this really nice slideshow showing us how they did it:

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7 Tips for Life as a Digital Nomad

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But how do you set this? ideas around? And what about the financial aspects? We have compiled 7 tips with further links for further reading.

  1. Do not be rich, live rich: Keith Jenkins, who quit his job as an investment banker in Amsterdam to make a world tour - and was forced by the Lehman crisis to reorientate himself. And who sees this today, after some crises, as gain for his life, like he up Best of HR –® berichtete.
  2. Reconsider costs: Travel costs money, right? But there is another way. For example the American Lisa Lubinwho traveled around the world for three years and gave up her job. As she says, it does not cost much more than staying home.
  3. Coming back is nice too: Travel is great. But sometimes it is enough, sometimes you just want to come back. Like Akila and Patrick, who traveled with two children around the world for three years and focused on the lifestyle so make their thoughts.
  4. Self-determined life: Sebastian Kühn makes the realization of this dream in his Article series on Best of HR –® Above all, one thing is certain: live self-determined! For her, this lifestyle design primarily involves questioning conventions and being skeptical about changes.
  5. Do not cling to the money: Actually, you don't have to be rich - the journalist Meike Winnemuth stated, who won a prize at Jauch's “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, the security of taking a year off - and that too Süddeutschen Newspaper wrote: "But do you know what is the most incredible thing for me? I could have done what I'm doing now all the time. It doesn't cost more out here than it does at home, often less, and I earn something. Without the win behind me, I wouldn't even have considered the trip in my business blindness, and now I realize: I wouldn't have needed the money at all. I could have gone at any time, I always had it in my own hands. ”
  6. Focus on your goals and create suitable structures: For Best of HR –®-Author Katja Andes the implementation of one's own ideas, such as the question of whether one can move his workplace to southern Europe in winter, depends on the fact that one focuses on his goals. After all, it is only with the necessary focus that it is possible to implement appropriate steps, such as reducing meetings or accessibility via VOIP, and ensuring a good infrastructure.
  7. Consider life as a journey: Finally, Anke Ernst has interviewed many young job - seekers on her journey around the world Article series on Best of HR –® To conclude: all life is a journey and one should look at it that way.

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