Digital Transformation, disruptive technologies, change and agility are buzzwords around which this Business spinning at the moment. Must look thanks to himself fast developing Technology, inevitably also change the human “resource”?

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Can we be rescued?

Although everything around us is becoming agile, changed and digitally transformed, the Problems in the Working world have stayed the same. Burnout, depression and more negative Stress are still on the rise.

In Japan there is even a word for death from overwork: karoshi. Can we still be rescued? We are constantly evolving on a technical level and seem to forget the most important thing: the People.

Human or technology?

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It's always about Turnover, growth and return? Or is that Objectiveto make the time we work as exciting, creative and meaningful as possible? It is interesting that the two cannot be seen so separately from each other.

Because when people see meaning in their work, they are more motivated and engage far more. That in turn works out naturally clear also reflected in sales, growth and returns. So let's continue as before. Maybe we can add some cool and hip technology gadgets, but basically nothing changes. Why should it?

Life and work are inextricably linked

We often fade into Company management areas that do not work. We carry on as we have learned once and calm our conscience with the fact that everyone does it that way.

But there are also other approaches. More and more people are thinking about the future, about life and work. Both are inextricably linked. And in both areas, the digital is changing Welt very much. This change to create is ours Hand.

Keep the people in focus

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Many people mistakenly believe that “only” technology changes through automation and digitalization. That the main requirement is to deal with these constant changes. But that is a fatal mistake.

The main requirement today is not to master the rapidly changing technology. The focus must not be on technology, but on people. That may sound banal, but it is an extremely demanding task. The danger is great that after years of arduous success you will “wake up” and look dissatisfied at what has been achieved so far. Or worse, end in burnout.

Digitization brings transparency

There are two reasons why companies are increasingly concerned about (working) life. First, someone who loves or at least likes his work will do a much better job and do more. Second, the mood in this company is talking around.

You used to be able to find out about the company, the difficult situation, the customers or omit the lack of leadership skills of the bosses. Today, this “word-of-mouth propaganda” has reached a new dimension through online rating portals. Just one very negative comment can cost you valuable business. Thanks to digitization, everything is extremely transparent. Sustainability, dealing with resources, employees and customers can no longer just be propagated, but must be practiced on a daily basis. Otherwise it will be as lie exposed.

People need to realize the meaning

Whether we introduce process management, implement new forms of project organization such as SCRUM or just change the office space from individual to open-plan offices - the people affected must recognize the sense of the measures. Background they don't know why they should change, that will Projects very likely hit the wall.

So it's about the human being. It's about understanding how we people tick, what we want and what's really important to us. And it's about changing patterns of thinking that have been with us for a lifetime. For that, we have to analyze and question why certain things are important to us today.

Call of duty

To a large extent, we define ourselves and our self-esteem through our job. When we want to know who someone is, we usually hear them first Job, the position and maybe also the number Employees, which one leads.

The fact that, according to the Gallup study, 70 percent of people are not enthusiastic about their job and do “service according to regulations” shows how much we are really worth. The question arises: Why do you “waste” 5/7 of your life. Why should a person who is worth a lot of himself do eight hours a day from Monday to Friday that is not really fun and makes him happy?

People want to experience meaning

How can people be motivated? The answer seems simple: by meeting basic needs. Money is a factor – but by no means the most important.

People want to experience meaning in what they do every day. People want to be “useful” and be valued for it. Digitization exacerbates this fact even more. Where we used to be able to work creatively and independently, algorithms and processes now take over Guide.

Time to rethink

So let's change to agile people in a New Work – or better in a New Life, but please make sense! The time to rethink has long since come.

But it's not enough to want to be as cool as Google and bring a table tennis table or a slide into the company. We need profound behavioral changes in how we think about work, about people and about ourselves. Then man can face any new technique useful make use of

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