Continuing education in old age: Why a re-training is worthwhile

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In the profession, the older colleague is making a mistake and the guilt is easily pushed to the age. Social prejudices play a major role in such a situation, helping to curb learning in old age. However, training in old age can be very useful. Best of HR –®

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Learning in old age

Man never really stops learning. In the Volksmund, however, it quickly becomes clear that learning in old age is no longer as much as possible and efficient. This is a misconception. The reason why elderly people learn less often is much more in their motivation and their own attitude towards success. It is only from an age of approximately 70 years that concentration or hearing decreases significantly.

Depending on the age group, there are numerous opportunities for further education, to rekindle and exploit one's own potential. Depending on your own personal situation, there are various possibilities. A Further training or retraining is often the case when, for health reasons, the profession can no longer be carried out at all times. Above all in handicraft industries, problems arise here. In addition, the desire for change, especially in the middle age, can stimulate stimuli and therefore offer further training in prospect.

Learning by age

  • Until 25 years: Most of the time you are still in the middle of a study or collects the first years of practical experience after an education. Further education is offered in the form of a master's degree or more general courses for professional preparation. Through a fairly flexible way of life, the requirements are easier to control. The family and the local branch do not yet play an essential role.
  • Between 25-35 years: The first years of practical training have already been completed and the main training has been completed. Now it is also possible to complete a Master's degree in full-time or in a professional way, in order to strengthen the professional expertise.
  • Between 35-45 years: The family is becoming more and more important and first major purchases are made mostly. Personal obligations are all the more important. Their own parents reach a higher age and need the first care. Thus time is the rarest good in this age group and further education is not old so easy to integrate in everyday life. Possible seminars must be flexible and have an active character. Lectures, such as are common in the university, are more likely to be based on aversion. Seminars on stress management or on time management are available at this age level.
  • Between 45-55 years: As a rule, their own children are firmly in the job and are no longer dependent on the help of their parents. It is possible to be close to the professional high point and have more time to reach specific qualifications. One can now take the step into management and should actively promote its performance motivation. With seminars on the development of leadership competencies, you can prepare yourself for specific positions and integrate them into everyday life. The already existing knowledge supports an increasingly positive, since one can define his own profile more and more and can prove a sure occurrence in all situations. An MBA course can be very good in this section.
  • From 55 years upwards: As a rule, one's own curiosity decreases and it is even more important to motivate oneself at a given age. Especially at larger companies, people at this age level are specifically promoted with seminars in order to consolidate the broad, accumulated experience. A possible further education just before the pension age should be more adapted to the needs of the individual. You could try yourself as a mentor to carry the collected knowledge to younger generations.

How to start?

Irrespective of age, further training is possible and always considered. In any case, an on-line search should be carried out for a possible qualification in order to clarify the most ambiguities. If, for example, it is a professional training course for a specific job, it can already be helpful to see the basic knowledge on the subject of online portals.

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There are various Internetprotale, for example, where you can expand your own knowledge. When specific seminars on the development of key competencies are made, possible conditions with the employer should be clarified. Usually one is dependent on the employer's agreement no matter whether for reasons of time or financial reasons. Nothing is absolutely worth a further education in each case and should be avoided especially in the older age.

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    Continuing education in old age: why a retraining is worthwhile
    Simone Janson

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    Continuing education in old age: why a retraining is worthwhile
    Simone Janson

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    Training in old age: Why a re-training is worthwhile by Simone Janson - Highly recommended jYoSmi3xLA

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