Summer, sun, free time! For some, the holiday lures. The others are drawn to the quarry pond. And then there is Peoplewho use this time in a completely different way: namely for a Further Training. Because at no other time of the year does it learn like this light like in summer. 7 tips on how to do it best.

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Free head and more time

Learn voluntarily in summer time ?! What may sound utopian does quite well Sinn: It is not only hormones that play a role in the summer, but also personal attitudes.

It is easier to concentrate on one topic in the summer because you have more time and the Head has suitor. This allows you to get more out of one Further Training mit.

Possibilities to learn location independent

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The fact that the head is more free contributes to the different possibilities of learning. For example, there is the opportunity to learn online, with podcasts or books, regardless of location. In addition to part-timeCourses, summer courses are especially popular during the holiday season.

With them, further training providers rely on the effect of holiday flair: Concentrated seminars can be held at seminar locations on Lake Constance, on the Baltic Sea or in the Alps Things to Learn combine it with pleasure: relax.

7 tips for advanced training in the summer

  1. Set and achieve annual goals: Taking stock of competence development in the summer will ensure that what has been learned can still be harnessed for the current situation before the course is set at the end of the year. Because who does not like to make annual plans? With the turn of the year you set goals that you want to achieve within the next 365 days - and starts once enthusiastically and full of energy.
  2. Hurdles to cope with the middle of the year: But with the everyday life also problems and hurdles emerge when approaching these goals. So the plan is staggering, the first doubts and crisis mood come up. Then from outside with a little distance to look at the situation, is the secret recipe: This makes it clearer and quickly notices at which points it still has to be screwed. By the middle of the year, there is still plenty of time to save his annual plan and his personal goal for the year.
  3. Daylight promotes the learning process: The long days play into your hands in summer. We pour out the stimulant hormone cortisol, pampered by daylight - and this promotes the learning process. But not only the cortisolSpiegel is higher at this time of year. The high incidence of light also favors the release of the good mood hormones dopamine and serotonin, with the result: energy and motivation - that's what it takes for a successful training course.
  4. Use movement to learn better: Success also means that what has been learned in the seminar will bear fruit in the long run. But you have good cards in summer time. The long days make us more active. Exercise helps to better oxygenate the brain. The consequence of this is that new links are easier to hang. Long summer walks, outdoor activities, swimming and extended sightseeing tours are worth twice as much.
  5. Theory in the morning, practice in the afternoon: Especially summer courses focus on the combination of the latter and further education. In the morning school bench press and afternoon social program is announced at these. Often the afternoon program is somehow linked to the learning content - the opportunity to experience the theory of the morning in practice. Predestined for this are languageCourses.
  6. Learning abroad: Instead of learning Italian, Spanish or French at any seminar location in Germany, you can go straight to Milan, Madrid or Marseille. The newly learned can then be used immediately: when visiting a restaurant, at the supermarket checkout, in the museum, ...
  7. Horizon broadened by change of perspective: Those who broaden their horizons in the summer like to look at the world from new perspectives and train themselves in areas that have nothing to do with their job and their everyday work. After all, further education means vacation for some. Thought leave from the everyday challenges. A little break is good here - especially since it does not learn as well at any time of the year as it does in summer.

Conclusion: learning during the holiday season brings many advantages

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The fact is that learning during the holiday season brings many benefits. But of course you should not overdo it. Sometimes just relaxation is needed.

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