Corporate must generate profit in order to function. Is that the point? Yes and no. Yes – because of course it is Money, which comes out at the end of all efforts, that counts. After all, this is the only way to make investments. And nevertheless No – the actual meaning is different. In contrast to money, it is the meaning that motivates in the long term. Even if three popular misconceptions still speak against it:

Sense in business

1. Morals and money do not go well together!

The vernacular speaks a clear language: “Money spoils you Character”, “Money stinks” and “Money doesn’t buy happiness”. So if you have a lot of money, you are always suspect.

Money - a negative image?

Money often becomes very negative shown. Especially from those who have none or too little of it. Money is "only" a means with which you can do many things - whether they are wonderful and useful or bad and meaningless depends on the individual.

Can an entrepreneur be rich? Clear. After all, it is his money that he has invested with which he created jobs. I speak here explicitly of entrepreneurs.

Terms are what we make of them

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Terms are what we make of them. Morality and money go hand in hand - if it is important for an entrepreneur that he is "meaningful" entrepreneurial.

This means that under this premise, he ensures that his company makes money by giving to his employees and customers (and maybe even the general public).

2. Power generates sales!

Leadership is asked. leadership qualities are mandatory, if Career want to do. Whoever leads has the power. However, he will Term power of many People tended to be negative. Because power can also be abused. And in ours World Unfortunately, there are many who do just that.

Power means responsibility

Every entrepreneur has to perceive the power that he has. After all, he is responsible for his employees.

Power means consciously dealing with this. But power also means standing by its values, communicating them and protecting them.

Game rules as decision support

This is how employees and customers are made aware of the personal rules of the game, and they are simplified to play along or stay away.

Then the entrepreneur “unique” because it sharpens his own – and thus the profile of the company.

Live instead of managing

People who Guide “Manage”, the values ​​“manage”, are less convincing than entrepreneurs and leaders who live these values ​​and the philosophy of leadership.

Then managers become real personalities. And such personalities also produce more than just (the important) Turnover. they generate trust.

3. Discussions about values ​​are pointless!

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Although there are mission statements in many companies, they are often not read, understood or questioned. Often you are Opinionsthat there is no use talking about values ​​because "those below" don't understand it or "those up there" only care about money anyway.

Values ​​have to coincide

If the employee's values ​​are not compatible with the values ​​of the company, the employee becomes dissatisfied - although he usually does not know why.

Dissatisfied or unmotivated employees, however, are bad for the company, Eg by negative assessments on valuation portals. A vicious circle.

Believe in the meaning

In Future it will be essential to discuss corporate values ​​even more intensively. Only when everyone supports these values ​​should they be communicated to the outside world.

For people want to believe in something. To the meaning of their doing. And so to the company where they spend their precious time.

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