A good Executive Above all, should keep an eye on the company's success. But many bosses prefer to go with their employees on a cuddle course - for example, by playing as a patron saint.

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What is the main task of bosses?

The main task of a manager is the company's success. But many bosses prefer to go with their employees on a cuddle course. How do you recognize the well camouflaged cuddlers? There are seven for Company and Employees most dangerous parade roles of wannabe bosses.

What does that mean exactly? We'll explain that to you right away: What is the most important task of a manager? Make sure your employees are doing well? Cultivate a cozy corporate culture? – No, a leader should ensure that their area is their Set achieved and its contribution to Success of the company. Everything else follows at a long distance.

Why do many bosses have a problem with dominance?

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However, many bosses have one Problem to show his dominant side. Especially because they fear that this will have a negative impact on the working atmosphere and the balance and cooperation within Team can disturb. In this context, dominance behaviors are behaviors that aim to assert power and Control exercise over others. This can manifest itself in various forms, such as:

  1. Interruptions: A person constantly interrupts others during meetings or conversations, leaving them no opportunity to express their thoughts or ideas.
  2. Condescending behavior: A person displays arrogant or condescending behavior toward other employees by devaluing their opinions or publicly criticizing them.
  3. Micromanagement: A person tries to take control of others' work by constantly giving instructions, monitoring every step, and showing little confidence in others' abilities.
  4. Dominant body language: A person uses their body language to show dominance, such as by speaking loudly, gesturing excessively, or occupying physical space.

Why is dominance often viewed negatively?

The reason for this negative view is that dominance as a term is often associated with negative connotations. It is often perceived as aggressive, controlling and manipulative. People, the dominant Behavior are often viewed as authoritarian or tyrannical.

Dominance behavior can also have negative effects on the work environment. They can lead to a lack of trust, low employee satisfaction, conflict and poor collaboration. Employees who experience dominant behavior may feel insecure feel, your ideas hold back and may not fully engage. This can be done creativity and productivity of the team and lead to a general feeling of dissatisfaction.

Feel-good atmosphere and more discerning employees

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However, despite these negative associations, there are also positive Aspects of dominance that are often overlooked. Keywords like soft skills and emotional Intelligence have let this fall into oblivion with so many bosses. Many of them like to cuddle with their employees. But in a feel-good atmosphere, the employees are brought up to be dependent and incompetent. Where consistency is lacking, it's up to the company fast downhill.

Just like Mr. Lieblich. He's in top form. He visits one together with his youngest team member customers. It's his first time for the newcomer, he's insecure and quite nervous.

The boss does not let anyone down!

But Herr Lieblich won't let him down! They set off together at half past four in the morning and shortened the three-hour drive by having in-depth discussions about the Bundesliga and family planning. Everything is also going well for the customer: boss and Customer Get along well, the new guy sits a little apart and listens.

At the end there is an excellent contract. Herr Lieblich is exceedingly satisfied, his youngster's gratitude warms his heart. The customer is flattered that the boss himself takes care of him. And the newborn is happy about the closed season. Everyone is happy. But is everything good?

Even bosses want to be loved!

Unfortunately, Mr. Lieblich has his actual task from the Eyes lost: He should lead his employees. That means nothing other than that he sets the direction. And he doesn't throw himself in front of his employee without being asked. Apart from the fact that the new guy will always remain the customer's subordinate, the second-class advisor - doesn't Mr. Lieblich have anything more important to do?

Bosses also want to be loved and needed. It doesn't matter whether an employee doesn't get along with a customer or a... Presentation is not finished on time - the patron saint takes care of that. This makes him feel like a true Hercules. So when he places himself gallantly in front of his employees, in truth he is not doing it for the employee and certainly not for them Company, he does it for himself.

10 reasons why you should exercise your boss role

As a leader, you have a unique opportunity to lead, inspire and lead your team to success. By exercising your boss role, you can create a positive and productive work environment. And when you embrace your responsibilities as a leader, you can lead your team to success, create a positive work environment, and unleash the full potential of your employees. Here are some reasons why it is important to actively pursue your role as boss:

  1. Misconceptions about dominance: One reason why dominance is often viewed negatively is due to misunderstandings about the term itself. Dominance is often equated with oppression or abuse of power. But in reality, dominance simply refers to the ability to influence and have control over a situation or group of people. It is not negative per se but depends on the way it is exercised.
  2. Effective leadership: Dominance can be an advantage in certain leadership situations. A dominant leader may be able to set clear goals, make decisions, and motivate the team. Dominant leaders can often achieve more effective results because they are able to make decisions quickly and
  3. Give direction: As a boss, you are able to set clear goals and visions for your team. By providing clear direction, you can ensure that all employees are working toward the same goal and directing their efforts in the right direction.
  4. Make decisions: As a manager, you are often confronted with decisions that affect the team and the company. By exercising your role as boss, you can take responsibility and make informed decisions based on the best interests of the company and employees.
  5. Motivation and inspiration: An important task of a manager is to motivate and inspire employees. By actively exercising your role as boss, you can create a positive working atmosphere in which employees can develop their full potential. Through your leadership, you can encourage employees to develop their skills and achieve their goals.
  6. Communication and collaboration: As a boss, you have the opportunity to promote open and transparent communication. By exercising your boss role, you can ensure that information is shared effectively and that all team members are on the same page. Through good collaboration you can increase the efficiency and productivity of the team.
  7. Development of employees: An important task of a manager is to promote the development of employees. By actively exercising your role as boss, you can coach employees, give feedback and offer them opportunities for further development. Through your leadership, you can help employees expand their knowledge and skills and promote their professional growth.
  8. Assertiveness: Dominance can also go hand in hand with assertiveness and self-confidence. People who exhibit dominant behavior are often able to confidently represent their opinions and ideas and pursue their goals. This can be beneficial in many areas of life, be it at work, in interpersonal relationships or in pursuing personal goals.
  9. Efficiency and productivity: Dominant people often have a high work ethic and are dedicated to achieving their goals. They are often determined and goal-oriented, which can lead to increased efficiency and productivity. Dominant individuals may be able to overcome obstacles and accept challenges to achieve their goals.
  10. Self-confidence and self-assurance: Dominance can also be accompanied by a high level of self-confidence and self-assurance. People who exhibit dominant behavior often have strong self-confidence and are able to trust themselves and their abilities. This can lead to a positive charisma and influence on others.

Hammock boss?

Employees quickly notice where the wind is blowing from. And develop a lot of routine and creativity in making use of this helper syndrome. "You are my boss, my hero, save me!" A very flattering role for the boss. A pleasant hammock for the employees.

But when employees are overstretched, their drive will sooner rather than later. The performance of the department will go into the descent. A patron of patrol is thus dangerous.

Why helper syndrome is not optimal

It is important to recognize that savior syndrome is not always the best approach and that in some situations it can even have negative effects. It is also important to distinguish between healthy dominance and excessive dominance. Excessive dominance can lead to oppression, abuse and a lack of empathy. A healthy dominance, however, includes Respect, empathy and the ability to motivate and inspire others.

Overall, this behavior is a complex issue that has both positive and negative aspects. It is important to understand the different facets and recognize that it can be beneficial in some situations. A balanced and respectful approach can be more effective Guide, increased productivity and personal growth .

5 tips: What to do instead?

It's not your cup of tea if your employee doesn't enjoy doing a task or thinks they can't handle it. Don't step into the breach for him if he forgets a customer appointment for the third time or writes his report sloppily. Signal to him: “I have your back. And with that I cut off your escape route too. Make sure you can cope with the situation. I am for sure, You can do that." Here are some Strategiesthat can help:

  1. Communication and openness: Promote open communication within the team where all employees can freely express their thoughts and ideas. Create a space where all voices are heard and each other is treated with respect.
  2. Awareness raising and training: Provide training and awareness to help employees understand how dominance behaviors can impact the work environment. Show alternative communication and conflict resolution strategies.
  3. conflict resolution: When dominance behaviors occur, it is important to address and resolve conflicts early on. Conduct clarifying discussions between the parties involved and promote a solution orientation.
  4. Leadership by example: Managers should act as role models and model respectful and cooperative behavior. Through their own behavior, they can promote a positive work culture and encourage employees to behave respectfully as well.
  5. Teamwork and Collaboration: Promote team collaboration by setting shared goals and recognizing each individual's strengths. By working cooperatively, dominance behavior can be reduced.

Conclusion: A boss is not a savior in all situations

Helper syndrome is not only unpleasant for bosses, it can also negatively impact the work environment and lead to conflict and dissatisfaction. It is important to address all issues and Measures to create a positive and productive work environment. Through open Communication, awareness, conflict resolution, leadership by example and Teamwork such difficulties can be reduced.

Only shade plants thrive under a protective cloche. Motivated employees need air. Only if you stay in the background will your employees be able to develop. That's why a real boss stands behind his employees. Not in front of them.By creating an environment where all employees are respected and heard, while also respecting the boss and solving their problems themselves, we can foster a culture of collaboration and success.

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