Every second person suffers from excessive anxiety. Anxiety is a central emotion. It acts like an alarm system controlled by the limbic System or emotional Brain runs out What can you do against them?

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How does fear arise in the brain

There is a veritable cerebral cycle of fear. First the senses alert the amygdala (the "almond kernel"), the seat of the unconscious fear memory, then the hippocampus evaluates this alarm and compares it to previous experiences. Finally, the prefrontal cortex controls the automatic fear reactions and selects taking into account the sensory, emotional, personal and cultural information. Excessive fears are now attributed to overactivity of the amygdala.

The emotion of fear is therefore a complex one Combination of biological mechanisms and memories. The fear occurs in the context of a story, situation, or scenario. This emotion is rooted in biography (according to the theory of the American psychologist Silvan Tomkins, affect is biological, feeling is psychological, and emotion is biographical). This opens up a whole new avenue that captures fears in a different light, drawing on innovative concepts little or not known to the general public.

Life as an orderly system

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In 2007, American physicist Graham Fleming and his research group from the University of California and the Berkeley Lab demonstrated that photosynthesis (the bioenergetic process that allows plants and certain bacteria to produce organic matter using sunlight) was one of the most fundamental Processes of life, not regulated by a precisely definable factor, but by the relationship between different molecules. This discovery confirms that life in all its forms is organized in a system that is influenced by numerous relationships. James Cameron's science fiction film Avatar has had phenomenal success. It describes a planet Pandora on which all living things, plants and animals live in a symbiosis, connected by a huge neural network.

The natives, the Na'vis, are greedy for profit through the mining of raw materials People threatened. With the help of all living species, the Na'vis succeed in their Welt to rescue. Like Pandora, planet earth is an organism where the various forms of life are interconnected and where life is a cooperative process. If you imagine life as a network of relationships, you will recognize fastthat everything is connected. When I'm afraid, it's not just my individual emotion, I'm sensitive to them too emotions others who can influence my feelings and my actions. My own emotions are always tied to mine Behavior and my environment together. Under the pressure of fear, man loses that Contact to its full potential. His vitality is weakened by the energy-sapping fear. It limits connectedness, that is, the relationship with oneself and with others.

The brain is empathic and social

Man is extremely sensitive to everything around him. This ability is directly related to the Spiegelneurons that play an essential role in relationships. They make it possible to feel sympathy, empathy and compassion for others. Previously it was assumed that these neurons were found exclusively in the prefrontal area of ​​the brain. However, it has recently been shown that they are actually everywhere in the brain. These neurons play a key role in child development. During the first three years of life, a child uses their empathic brain to develop a strong bond with their parents.

A healthy bond, that is, a bond nourished by care and love, allows him to feel secure, Trust and Courage zu to practiceto venture out into the world. If a child lacks it awareness and tenderness, a hurtful relationship develops with father or Mother, which offers little security. The SpiegelIn this case, the child's neurons ensure that it takes on the negative feelings that the parents may experience. The parent-child bond is the child's first relationship experience. It serves as a model of interpersonal relationships for life.

Develop yourself in cultivating relationships

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If I grew up with an anxious mother, I will be more insecure. In my relationships I will therefore be more receptive to a person who seems to give me more security or who, on the contrary, creates fear or anxiety in me. This first archetype of relationship has a great influence on future relationships. In relating to another person for whom our brain has a special aptitude, we can express what is right, healthy and is good for us. The greatest fears are related to relationships with other people and the difficulty of truly being yourself in the midst of others. One subconsciously questions what is at stake in relationships with others. Even as an adult you shouldn't use it stop, to learn about relationships, since everything indicates that it is precisely in cultivating relationships that one can thrive, that is, in the way one connects with oneself, with others and with the world.

The psyche is diverse In everyday life, everyone has a simplified picture of their psyche Features. When I express myself, my ego seems personal and fully involved. When I'm afraid, it's me who's afraid, and my entire being is afraid. This perception is a response to the need to feel complete and unified feel, but the psyche is diverse.

The psyche is a system of different sub-personalities

The psyche is based on relationships. It is divided into many areas that act like independent people with their own emotions and motivations. They have intensive conversations with each other that express relaxed or conflict-laden relationships. This is not a symptom of an identity disorder. The psyche is a system that is made up of numerous sub-personalities that are constantly interrelated.

Fear is part of this system. At the center of this psychic diversity is a higher authority, the Self*. It's the inner pilot. He can communicate with the whole system and consciously choose a way to feel, perceive, decide and in larger Harmony want to live. The inner pilot knows no fear and will never know it. It is a fundamental tool to learn to overcome fears.

Our inner child

A child lives in every heart forever The idea that childhood is only a stage of development and belongs to the past is still widespread. It assumes that humans have to grow in order to mature and become intelligent. In this view, the child appears as an immature and infantile being who demands educational principles in order to be "corrected" and "improved". For the child and adolescent psychiatrist Michel Lemay, "it may still take time before the child is seen differently than a preliminary stage of the adult [...], as an unfinished subject that still has to go through various stages in order to reach adult maturity" .

Many aspects of the true self are already expressed in childhood. The Italian doctor and educator Maria Montessori recalls that adulthood and childhood are "two different forms of human life that take place simultaneously and influence each other". In order to better understand this proximity to childhood, the view that human development is linear must be abandoned. This perception would correspond to a life stretching from birth in the past to a destination in the future Future takes place on a straight timeline:

Birth ➨ Infancy ➨ Childhood ➨ Adolescence ➨ Adulthood

Human development as a concentric model

In fact, however, human development is more like a concentric model, like a tree that preserves the different stages of age as annual rings in the heart of its trunk. At every stage of its development, the healthy child possesses an innate emotional and moral nature by nature Intelligence. Of course, it has essential needs, but it is endowed with specific creative powers. It unfolds with support, in safety, love and freedom. According to this model, the child is at the heart of our being.

The inner child * keeps the memory of childhood experiences with its natural being and injuries. The drama of this inner child is that it is forced to exile to give way to a child who is increasingly adapted to family, social and cultural constraints. However, the inner child remains forever in everyone's heart. It is waiting for a rapprochement with the adults. It turns out to be crucial to re-establish empathic ties with this child. This is the only way to free yourself from fear, to live more relaxed and authentic relationships and to discover your self *.

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