Be successful and wealthy like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Richard Branson – many would like that. But which ones? Vocational Training opens the way to the top of Company?

Job profile! & Leadership training: How to become a CEO

In the dream job CEO to success - this is how it works

Successful multi-billion dollar tech companies like Google, Apple, Facebook or Tesla, some of which were built in garages, not only embody the old American dream, they also have entrepreneurship to hip Objective many young People who dream of founding a successful start-up and one day being able to call themselves CEO – Chief Executive Officer.

However, in order to act as a managing director or as a member of the board of a company, you have to meet a number of personal requirements and have the necessary stamina. Which steps you have to go through in order to even have a chance at the position is explained in more detail in the following sections.

What does traditional management training achieve?

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Management training of all kinds is designed to teach managers important leadership skills such as Employees-Motivation or negotiation skills that will benefit them throughout their careers.

The traditional approach to management education focuses on the Tasks and responsibilities of the future leader and how best to fulfill them. So it's only natural that the focus is on tasks and responsibilities to be taken on in the future. Classic questions in this area are "How can you become a better manager?" or “What are the different areas of management?”

However, long before you start thinking about how to become a CEO, you should think about it Eyes lead to the fact that there is not just one right way, but many different ones. You can take certain steps to planthat bring you closer to your goal. However, there is no guarantee that you will actually be able to call yourself CEO.

The right degree for the CEO of the future

Many think that a degree is an absolute must in order to qualify for the position of CEO to qualify. This rule is a kind of unwritten law. There is definitely one or two people in the office who have never had one before University attended, but still works as CEO due to her professional experience. However, most of them have the highest possible qualifications. About a third of all CEOs worldwide have a master's or doctorate degree. And they didn't get this title just anywhere, but at certain universities.

Of course, it is not specified at which university you study. However, there are a number of institutions that are considered to be particularly suitable places of learning. Names like Harvard or Stanford are the most common Term. This is mainly because some of the most successful CEOs have studied there. More information and statistics on the best universities in the Welt for candidates for the position can be found here. Research shows that most aspiring CEOs often get their degrees in economics, business administration or engineering. Law is also in demand as a course of study for many.

Alternative to regular studies

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For those who didn’t initially decide to pursue a master’s degree, there is one these days Alternatives. This is the MBA. In Germany, such a degree is not as common as in other countries. However, it is clear that a large number of successful CEOs who are located in the USA or in China have such a degree.

At the MBA – Master of Business Administration - is a management course that leads to a master's degree. You even have the chance to do a doctorate afterwards, if you want to. The difference to the usual master’s degree is that the MBA is internationally oriented and you don’t specialize in a specific field. Rather, it is about imparting a basic understanding of management to the students. This includes not only the theory in areas such as Finance, Marketing or right. The MBA is also on the Guide of employees, to work in the Team and on the basic Communication aligned with business partners, customers and employees.

It does not build on the content of a previous degree, so basically anyone who has an academic title or has already worked for a few years can participate in the course.

How important is experience abroad?

In today's world, globalization is one of the most important aspects of our Economy. It is one of the key factors that make a country successfully and make wealthy. So it's on the Handthat international experience for Executives are important. It's not just about travel, it's also about meeting new people and other cultures. Contact to people all over the world is a great way to broaden your horizons.

Similar to studying, it is therefore a kind of plus point to have gained certain experience abroad as a CEO. It's not a must, but current figures show that the number of CEOs with international experience is increasing. This trend is not surprising. After all, nowadays there are more and more companies that align themselves on an international level. For this reason, certain knowledge of global markets and how to deal with people from other countries is beneficial for the position of CEO.

Women in management positions

Although issues such as equality and the emancipation of women are always in focus these days, there is still a clear difference between the proportion of female and male CEOs. The trend can be seen in almost all countries except the USA. There are comparatively many there Womenwho hold a CEO position.

Although the number of women entrepreneurs appears to be increasing, women are still in the minority when it comes to senior management positions. The path to CEO may therefore still be more difficult for women than for men. Research also shows that women get it at a higher rate Age manage to hold a position like that of CEO. On average, men are 47 years old when they start work, while women are already four years older on average.

Top books on the subject

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