Delegating means less work. However, in hindsight, many wish you had Hand created. If you don't want to choke on work, you have to Tasks delegate. With these seven Regulate it works smoothly.

Delegation made easy

Good reasons for the delegation

Ideally, the transfer of tasks provides relief for the manager and an expansion of skills and new ones Motivation for the Employees Other advantages for both parties are for the manager:

for employees:

6 Success Factors for Delegation

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Executives must therefore ask themselves which factors are decisive for successful delegation. So that you and your Team can benefit from it, it is essential to turn employees into actors and give them responsibility:

  1. Authority: Provide action and decision-making opportunities and authorize your employees to satisfy internal and external customers.
  2. Competence / Confidence: Help your team with the necessary skills and competencies and trust that they will perform tasks independently and on their own responsibility.
  3. Trust: Create trust between the company and its employees. Higher virtues such as commitment and responsibility as well as self-initiative for the company can not be enforced.
  4. Opportunities: Give your team the opportunity to act independently and autonomously in the interests of the company.
  5. Responsibility: Give your employees the responsibility to live up to their upgraded function.
  6. Support: Support your employees, for example, in the role of a coach, but leave the responsibility to their people.

If leaders take these principles to heart, the most important prerequisites for successful delegation are created. When you assign specific tasks, you can also follow the seven rules:

Rule 1: Estimate the tasks.

First of all, their analysis:

Rule 2: Select the right people.

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Which employee or team member can do the job best:

The distribution should be based on workload and ability. Give your employees tasks by which they can measure themselves and demonstrate their skills. Be careful not to “overwhelm” your people who are highly motivated and like to take on challenges with tasks. Nor should routine activities that are more or less unpopular with everyone always end up with the same person.

Rule 3: Write a clear work order.

A precise work assignment is a prerequisite for successful delegation. Necessary information and expectations should clear and clearly communicated and preferably recorded in writing. The following Ask are to be clarified:

Rule 4: Consider competencies and powers.

You can only delegate successfully if you not only do the work, but also the necessary ones Competencies provide. Make sure that the employees receive the necessary information and decision-making authority as well as work and financial resources.

Rule 5: Check intermediate results.

Delegating is always a matter of trust. Control should take place. However, as little as possible and as much as for the Success necessary. As a manager, it is best to determine together with the employee when the work should start, when it should be completed and when which interim results should be ready. This is particularly important for lengthy and difficult jobs. In between important tasks, ask, get, and give Feedback.

Rule 6: Be approachable for questions.

As a leader, you should be able to work your employee at work, but not leave him alone. He must know that he can always ask you questions and problems.

Rule 7: Discuss the results together.

Executives and employees should review the end result together - in alignment with previous targets.

The scope of the task should also increase the duration of the evaluation interview and also clarify the following questions:

In the event of difficulties, also check whether it was due to the order or perhaps the general conditions. And don't forget to highlight positive things as such. If these basic guidelines and behaviors are followed, everyone involved - the manager, the employees and ultimately the whole Companys – only benefit and grow from delegating.

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