Are you still fighting alone or are you already cooperating? Lone wolves have less and less chances in business life. Together with a partner, that changes Perspektive from I to WE and thus the prospect of success.

success partners

Successful as a development turbo

The half-life of trends and Background is getting shorter. Even experts only have partial knowledge and need to master it Tasks Partner. Project work and short-term reorganization are increasingly replacing fixed structures. It is all the more important to network for personal and business development.

According to research by the American Society of Training and Development increases himself the probability posited Set this can be achieved by ten percent when you have an idea, by forty percent when you decide to implement it and by more than ninety percent when you give a second person a power of attorney to review.

5 Tips for finding the right success partner

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An amazing cooperative foundation empowers the Peopleto significantly increase his individual performance through the we-related approach. Essentially, this is based on the interaction of three factors:

  1. Our Spiegelneurons allow us to see what the other wants.
  2. Through our language, we can express our thoughts in detail.
  3. We have the ability to cooperate with people we do not know at all.

5 tips how you successfully proceed to find the right cooperation partner.

1. Who is eligible?

Ideal success partners are neither best friend nor partner. Too close relationships are more of a hindrance because we communicate less goal-oriented in this constellation.

On the other hand, the Combination of different backgrounds and characters. You don't have to know each other particularly well and the professional Status may differ. Spatial distances are also irrelevant thanks to the communication technology.

2. The common denominator

If the expectations and goals of both partners are aligned to the future coexistence, the common denominator is formulated. A probationary period of several weeks serves to check whether the right success partner has been found.

Firmly agreed and reliably managed meetings of success partners at regular intervals clarify whether one is on the right path together. Depending on the intensity, we recommend a week or two-week cycle with a fixed time.

3. Set and maintain time frames

This rhythm promotes the actual Conversation. The time frame must be comfortable for both parties. At more concentrated Communication Thirty minutes are usually more than enough.

The agreed time should benefit both interlocutors alike. Claiming too much of it creates an imbalance. That's why Smalltalk should not open the conversation, but rather end the conversation.

4. Structured flow chart

Statement and Feedback are elementary building blocks in discussions between successful partners. Successful partner A reports e.g. B., what he has implemented since the last conversation and asks for feedback or ideas.

Success partner B asks and may remind you of agreements. Then A defines the planned ones steps until the next conversation. Success partner B now follows the same process.

5. Togetherness brings strength

A good network does not consist of as many contacts as possible on different platforms, but from what comes out of a connection: new ideas or knowledge extension through information exchange, but also backing, because one dared.

The AnxietyAfter all, looking stupid is the biggest obstacle to using networks more effectively. But asking for support is not weakness. And as we all know, together we are strong!

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