A strong “we” feeling develops through shared experiences, through achieved results and through pride in the Company. Nothing is as motivating in the long run as being part of a successful community. He wears this Employees by positive Stories also outside.

High Performance Team

How group membership is created

Watch this at an event: as soon as several People come together, they will immediately form a group. There are different roles within a group: loud, quiet, spokesman, opponent, advocate and neutral person. This can also lead to internal wrangling. But if another group appears, each group forms as a unit. And immediately an exploratory process begins: friend or foe?

The rules of the game are always the same, and they generally sound like this: “Help the people in your group! Stand up for them! Be proud of them! Talk well about them! Be loyal! ” One delimits oneself from the outside, which is often associated with aggression towards other cohorts. But internally, you stand for each other.

And as long as nobody from “above” intervenes, there will be social Control about the group. The collective is the corrective. And reputation is currency. Anyone who leaves the group will be punished with defamation. He is made "small" so that the loss is not so painful. The more exclusive the group, the more complex the entry ritual. And the means by which “defilers” and “traitors” are ostracized in close-knit communities is sometimes brutal.

Being a member of a community is important to us

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Being accepted in a protective community is fundamental to us. Single-handedly farewell to a group were once often paid for with life. To be kicked out is the worst thing that can happen to us. The most unhappy people are those of whom nobody wants something that is not in demand and is not needed.

Being a valuable and respected member of a group: That gives us security and security. Alone we are weak, together we are strong. Social isolation is one of the worst punishments. It makes us aggressive – or depressed. It leads to a drop in the calming hormone serotonin and ultimately to a cerebral collapse Features. Babies die from it.

Of course, security in a network also has its price: adaptation to the values ​​of the group as well as compromises in terms of self-determination and autonomy. “To Facebook, Google and Co. you can see how far people let their freedom be curtailed in order to be part of a community, ”writes psychologist Ines Imdahl in“ Advertising on the Couch ”.

Into the brain looked: how connectedness arises

Connectedness arises through affection and common action. These processes are accompanied by a body-borne messenger called oxytocin. Oxytocin, which is also called "cuddle hormone", increases our happiness and pleasure potential. It is neurochemical balm for our soul. It is relaxing and health-promoting. It is increasingly spilled when a meeting is to be held which is to initiate firm bonds.

It increases the willingness to trust. At the same time, it stabilizes the relationships that led to its distribution. So it rewards positive social contacts and sociability. That's why we look forward to seeing good friends, pleasant colleagues and a valued leader - and they look forward to seeing us.

Man: more altruist than egoist

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That people are selfish and only interested in their own well-being is a superstition. It got a big boost when Richard Dawkins' book The Selfish Gene became world famous in 1976. However, in recent years more and more neurobiological studies have been published that have discovered the prevailing altruistic nature in us. From the “Social Brain” is the Rede.

The sum of the findings: We are not primarily geared towards egoism and competition, but towards attention and successful interpersonal relationships. When we cooperate, the reward system in our brain kicks in. And that doesn't just take care of that Fun, it can also bring us to peak performance.

A study: Community against Wallstreet

How do high-performance teams come about? The environment plays an important role here. This led to how Harvard Business Manager reports that Stanford University social psychologist Lee Ross conducted an experiment with two matched groups.

He explained to one group that they were playing the “Community Game”, a game designed for the common good. The other group were told to play the “Wall Street Game” in which selfishness would be rewarded. In truth, however, it was the same game, only with different names.

In the community game, seventy percent of all participants played cooperatively from start to finish. In the Wall Street Game, on the other hand, seventy percent of all players did not work together. So influenced alone Definition of the game, i.e. forty percent of the test participants. Even players who seemed egoistic at first became cooperative in the collegial game variant Behavior together.

Win-win: favor collaboration and celebrate victories

In times of overwhelming complexity, you can no longer do everything Problems solve alone. As the study shows, those who rely on internal competition give away a large part of the potential that can arise from cooperation. Ergo: developing the “we” and celebrating victories together counts for more than heroizing individual successes.

Although a few win through the latter, the majority of the players are made losers. And where there are losers, there is also resentment and envy. Malice, intrigues and character assassination set in. Even the company as a whole will lose its feathers. If you play against each other, you will refuse your opponent's help at the decisive moment - and his ideas prefer to keep to yourself. The result is productivity deficits across the board.

The ingredients for a perfect we feel

What are the essential ingredients for a perfect we-feeling? Regardless of the working model in which a worker moves, it is the:

Probably nothing motivates in the long run so much as being part of a visibly successful community. To offer successful Corporate not only identification potential, they also serve for self-enhancement. It seems to men much more than Women to be important, to make belonging publicly visible.

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