emotions and our subconscious have a crucial impact on how we treat others People perceive and behave towards them. If you are resourceful, you use it cleverly for yourself.

magic emotions

How do successful sellers proceed?

People who touch us emotionally can through her Behavior with us existing positive or negative reinforce feelings or even provoke them in the first place.

So if you manage to create closeness and an emotional connection with your counterpart, you will be able to convince them more easily of your project. That's one of the reasons why Seller try it dem customers to make it as comfortable as possible.

Car dealerships are designed according to the specifications of the manufacturers to create the ambience that appropriately interprets the brand essence. The seller is also trained to create closeness to the customer through appropriate behavior and thereby generate conviction.

How to use closeness for success

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The successful salesman chats with the customer about music and his vacation plans. He makes sure that Customer as a guest in the car dealership, coffee and leather sofas support this impression. The salesperson builds sympathy with the customer, similarity is a decisive factor - same clothing, preferences for sports or holiday destinations and more. This is how the emotional sales trap is set up perfectly.

The Council of equals or at least the same dressed is regarded as more important and valuable. All this is the basis for the following purchase recommendation, which is then felt rather as advice of a friend than as aggressive acquisition.

The same environment creates proximity

I am particularly close to people who belong to my closer environment, to my network. Belonging to the same circles, to the same caste creates closeness. After all, good relationships only harm those who don't have them. You know each other, like each other and help yourself. Rotary or Lions describe themselves as service clubs, socially committed, worldwide networks.

Nevertheless, they rely on closeness and relationships, even former employees from consultancies or university graduates trust in the common background and the connection to the former environment. professional Success needs networks: It helps to know the right people.

Equal values ​​and background create trust

We want to trust the people around us. The same values, a similar background, comparable experiences make for more trust. The explanatory factor is proximity. When something connects us with other people, we support them and give them our trust. Similarity exerts a special Effect .

Employees who have similarities with their managers in individual characteristics - or have learned to develop them over time - are more likely to expect sympathy and acceptance than colleagues who are not ascertained this.

Rise with networking

Connect to your network, node by node. Identify the relevant contacts and cultivate them intensively. Good networks are chosen wisely and are maintained. You have to be in networks invest, durch Communication, in that the others can also benefit from you.

If you have a really steep Career want to do, marry the owner. Then you inherit the publisher or the group. This has often led to success in Germany as well. Or you can do it like Rebecca Brooks: She started as a secretary at the News and eleven years later she was editor-in-chief.

Nearness seems magical

Im Spiegel It says how she did it: “Brooks learned tennis when her supervisor played tennis and learned to play golf when she got a different supervisor with different preferences. And then she got her sailing license, even though none of her direct bosses sailed. But the Murdochs sailed, and their breakthrough in the tycoon's family laid the groundwork for their current position. " People just like people who have something in common with them. The proximity is magical.

Physical proximity also creates sympathy. do we have more Contact, we usually find the other person more likeable. Members of a group discover more similarities in their environment and see more differences from others.

People in the drawer

Equal and equal gladly joined - says the vernacular is right. And he is right. In fact, we find other people particularly exciting when they resemble us. People prefer the proximity of other people when they are as similar as possible.

With that has Professor narrow right. We meet people and immediately form categories based on gender, Age or suspected prosperity. These social categories are basically a fairly rough grid and are mostly based on visible characteristics.

Group membership = similarity

Once we have formed the appropriate groups, we attribute to the defined members of a group a greater degree of similarity than to perceive differences between them.

This is probably one of the reasons why so many books so vehemently distinguish between men and women Women turn out. Gender is one of the most easily recognizable characteristics.

Placebo similarity is enough!

Likewise, we systematically exaggerate the difference between people from our group and others. For this reason similar or related people are often more sympathetic to us than strangers.

It even seems sufficient if we suspect this similarity to others. OkCupid is a big American brokerage. Again, the seeking singles partner suggestions are made on the basis of matching points.

It depends on the perceived similarity

Christian Rudder, one of the co-founders of OkCupid, has systematically manipulated these numbers in an attempt. With a match of thirty percent the result was increased to sixty or ninety. Actually, these two people should match little.

The astonishing result: allegedly ninety percent agreement, the partnered users remained in contact for twice as long as the correct thirty percent. The perceived similarity seems to play at least as much a role as the actual one. Has master Professor Narrow with its complex algorithm because maybe just too much work done?

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