Men have been doing it for centuries: they socialize and integrate Network and seek support from their allies for their professional advancement. Women have only realized in recent years how important networking is for a career.

12 tips for success in women's networks: Vitamin B for a career
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Success is largely determined by contacts and image

Company surveys show again and again that professional Success only to a small extent of their own Performance depends. A study by IBM, for example, shows that only ten percent is based on one's own performance, 30 percent on image - and a full 60 percent is attributable to the level of awareness in the company Corporate. So doing without networking is downright poison for your career.

Because: If you want to get ahead, you need Peoplewho support him. But women often think about it negative occupied terms such as rope teams and gangs. Networking is a matter of course for men, women always think they have to perform and do everything on their own.

Networking is a must!

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Networking in companies is not a shame, it is a must. In order to find out what is going on in other departments or which positions are soon to be filled, contacts are required. For the self-employed, it is also essential to make themselves known via networks in order to generate orders.

Especially for women, who still have a harder time climbing the career ladder than men, it is essential to build up a functioning network. It is usefulto look for an already existing, professional professional network in addition to your own personally built network and then to support each other with like-minded people.

12 tips for success in women's networks: Vitamin B for a career

Offline contacts are what count

It is important, however, that you can also meet other people offline, in the so-called real Life, meets. Internet networks such as Xing, LinkedIn or Facebook are a useful addition when it comes to maintaining contacts. However, there is a risk that private and business matters are mixed up too much on the portals. This is problematic on several levels: On the one hand, forget that Internet nothing and every photo stays forever. In addition, search HR and employers, in some cases, targeted the network for information about potential employees. The photo from the last party may not go down well.

But there is another aspect that is difficult: the isolation and loneliness that absurdly goes hand in hand with the use of social networks: In the USA you have the facebook-Depression even declared a disease. The sociologist Sherry Turkle has examined them and stated in an interview: "In a face-to-face friendship, there is more likely to be a real exchange."

Women's networks without online contact

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Therefore, for example, the Idea from women's networks like Lunch with the Ladies, based in Vancouver, Canada, so exciting. This is all about that face-to-face meeting. Admittedly, the idea is not that new: you try to bring together people with similar interests, professions, etc. from the same area. The motto is meeting and chatting in real life. The network makes the right suggestions for this. And there are regular events, just a “lunch with the ladies”.

This already exists in this form at the regulars' tables, which offer various social networks, such as Xing, Twittwoch or What is new, however, is that "Lunch with the Ladies" is a kind of anti-social network wants to be: The members should have as little time as possible Online spend and prefer to meet in person. “When you go to Facebook on the road, you always have the feeling that there is someone whose life is better and greater than yours. And then you feel lonely”, sums up Sam Chung, Founder of the network, the problems of online social networks together.


A social facility with a clothing exchange and a restaurant?

The business model is also different: Founder Chung is actually an opera singer. And he knew a lot of women with the same Problem: You were lonely. That's what he wanted to do about it. Accordingly, Chung sees "Lunch with the Ladies" more as a social institution - and therefore even gets state support for his idea. Membership, on the other hand, is free.

Another feature is that the ladies can exchange their used clothes. Exciting speakers are also invited to the meetings. But that's not all: the meetings are also supported and sponsored by local restaurants - in this case, for example, by Dirty Aprons, a bistro with an integrated cooking school in downtown Vancouver.

He already has plans for the future: he wants it Projects extend to men as well. And indeed, a few turned up for the meeting: "I didn't think it was such a big deal for a man to start a network for women," Chung jokes.

The 12 best tips for success in networks

But what do you do if you don't have such a network on site? And how do you become active in networks yourself, make contacts and make good contacts and maybe even new friends? We have put together the 12 best tips.

  1. Getting involved: The most important rule for successful networking is to get involved first of all: Don't think about what you can get, but what you can give. This investment will be worth it.
  2. Show presence: Anyone who has found a network in which they feel comfortable should then show presence and keep in touch. Make notes of interesting conversations and encounters. It makes a great impression if you ask about the dog the next time you meet or if you know that they are drinking their tea with milk.
  3. Use existing networks: One should not underestimate the existing networks of neighbors and associations. We all have contacts from birth, we just have to maintain them.
  4. Keep in contact with the employer: If you still have your career ahead of you, you should not lose contact with the company after a holiday job or an internship. Just write another card, maybe for an unusual occasion like Easter.
  5. Let yourself be recommended: If you want to get in contact with someone: Let others recommend you. That seems better.
  6. Find out what interests your interlocutor: ask about the interests of your interlocutor and make a note of them. That seems interested.
  7. It's all about the small gestures: For example, write a Christmas card to your new contact all year round after every important meeting and then send it out shortly before Christmas.
  8. Don't tell too much about yourself: It is better to listen instead of talking about yourself all the time. This will give you new information and make you better conversationalists.
  9. Don't get too personal: It is good to talk about yourself, but don't get too personal, as this can quickly become uncomfortable for others.
  10. Share contacts: If you recommend people, several people will benefit from it: the new contact, your old one and you. Because the two are now also your multipliers who will praise your qualities as mediators and helpers.
  11. Maintain contacts: Don't stop at exchanging business cards, but maintain important contacts regularly.
  12. Make contact with the right people: Targeted networking is important: Target people who will help you advance.

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