For the management system, 6 principles guide us to a new value system, the Guide should be distinguished. What do you look like?


Why values ​​are important

Values ​​are for Executives very important in this country. In surveys, more than 90 percent of executives attribute very high or rather high importance to values ​​and a good 40 percent see values ​​as a kind of identity and meaning for the company.

The values ​​influence the decisions, they regulate the interaction with each other, also with the customers and they're kind of a virtual role model for that Behavior, especially for executives.

Values ​​demand polarity

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Values ​​are a hot topic and a “code of conduct” has been developed for many companies and published on websites. This code of conduct is usually a collection of desired behaviors.

It is well known that there are normative management values ​​that regulate everything that should happen and apply. In the normal case, the values ​​control the behavior, but exceptions determine the rule. Values ​​therefore need serenity in dealing, they demand a polarity.

Rules and exceptions

On the one hand, compliance with values ​​requires strictness, violations must be punished, otherwise values ​​are useless. On the other hand, it needs klare Rear exits, precisely the exceptions under which values ​​may or must be violated. Values ​​can only regulate the normal case.

In exceptional situations, there is a Plan B. Of course, there are also quite different opinions. The dogmatic approach to values, which are invariably and always rigorous, is also widespread.

The problem with the value-wish list

The reasons for this are diverse. A Pattern, which can be observed again and again, we could call “wish lists”. Become in an organizational development project People invited, for example in conferences with large groups, about the values ​​of Future think.

The results are lists of values ​​with precisely those values ​​whose negative opposites are currently being lived. So if there is little openness in the company, then "openness" will probably be on the list of values. The same applies to “Esteem" or for "Innovation”. These values ​​reflect the current deficit situation in the company and are therefore purely a wish list.

Values ​​status quo

Another pattern in value projects we can call “valueStatus-quo”.

In this game, the values ​​that currently shape the company are written down. Here you will find values ​​such as “family-run”, “quality” or “tradition”.

Values ​​of management

And briefly a third pattern that we can call "values ​​of management". In this game, the management sets the values. The strategic deficits of the Company. We value “customer-oriented”, “flexible”, “team-oriented” or “enthusiastic” are the typical representatives.

With these games we will not initiate good development in companies. The value lists remain what they are, just words on lists for which no one takes responsibility. Become in business positive Change processes are hardly initiated via catalogs of values.

Managers are responsible

Managers are responsible for the small successes of the change to make it visible to everyone. Repetition is also about rhythm because it makes everything easier.

The energy pattern is the steady flow. We need a permanent one Energy-Input to keep the change going. exercise demands their energy every day.

Values ​​bring polarity

As soon as we work with values ​​and use them in companies, we have to be aware of the polarity. Each value has a sisters value, which is especially true when we act at the level of the virtues.

If consequence (in the sense of Effect) is made an important value in the company, then the positive equivalent of flexibility is sidelined. However, consistency and flexibility form a polar pair of values. Consistency is not “valuable” without flexibility and vice versa. More consistency may be demanded for a period of time, but in the long term these values ​​can only be understood as a pair of poles.

Value pairs with a polar, contradictory effect

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