Good stories are different from the usual stuff, they surprise and dock emotions at. They are best told in alternation between past and present. They're weird in every sense of the word, and most importantly, they're - true. Company need a veritable history fund. So you go in search of good stories.

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The best stories are told by the customers themselves

The best stories are yours customers. And it is most effective when customers personally report on their experiences. So make the customers an active part of their stories. Their testimonials and references are far more credible than incidents that you circulate yourself.

Talk to your customers to find matching stories. Collect and document them and circulate them quickly for further spreading. The relevant press can also be a grateful customer.

On the other hand, stories that aren't true or are embellished will sooner or later be unmasked, as will the indignant ones more and more often Employees care for. False loyalty where staff knowingly do the unethical Behavior the upper one is no longer there. And that's good too.

The Flurfunk: a rich history store

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Also find out: What stories are being told in your hallways and over the hallway radio? And what do they say about the mood in the company? Is the Customer hero or horror figure in it? What is spilled by interns and brought to the people by sales representatives? How do service employees talk to customers about internal matters?

What stories are being shared about you by suppliers and partners? What are they saying Executives behind held up Hand? And what about the porter, if you ask him? What anecdotes do employees who have already retired have at hand from earlier times? What do the trainees say? And what do alumni spread on employer rating portals?

Stories must be distributed internally

The image that your people draw is the image one will have of you. So tell me the Stories to tell about you! Talk about results, not about Problems! Everyone is magically attracted to a positive image: the (potential) employees and the (potential) customers.

So tell success stories: at every encounter, at all Meetings, even in the smoking area. Success stories make you proud and inspire. "We're that good (already)", they want to show and encourage people to get better. "Imagine if we now..." they whisper and create desire.

How the boss animated stories

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Best to stop when you are on top Executive are, at the next big employee event, a flaming one Rede. Take off your jacket, loosen your tie, step away from the lectern and face your people. Then you tell, without naming a name (!), the story of an employee who worked for the Company made a special effort.

In the end you say something like this in free speech: “This is only now History that has come to my attention recently. It makes me so proud of our employees. And I am for sure, there are many more such stories. We, our company, need a lot of stories like this. Let's collect these stories and tell them to others, inside and outside.

The others, our competitors, are to bring their blasphemy stories among the people, we don't do that. No athlete would dig out his negative stories if he wants to rush to the next victory. Rather, he is presenting himself with his greatest successes Eyes. The Can we also! We want to be a company that lets it crack. I need that you, each of you. ” And then explain where you want to collect such stories from now on.

Stories make an event unforgettable

What happens in the Brain of your people? The winning spiral begins. dopamine, testosterone and serotoninspiegel climb. This mix ensures self-confidence, willingness to perform and belief in further victories. Success stories spur us on, they inspire and release a lot of energy.

They are kept well and gladly counted. So you are searching and finding systematically positive conversational material. First of all, the social media should also be searched for this purpose. Organize a story narrative contest. Or invite you to send you stories you have experienced.

As part of the farewell to the Volkswagen Kombi, special stories were sought that People had experienced with him: Woodstock, a journey around the World, the birth of a child. All protagonists received a special parting gift. Finally, the car itself had one last wish. This turned into a touching little film.

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Get a story gold digger into the house

Bring a story gold digger into the company if needed. Outsiders with an unbiased view often find magnificent story nuggets that would never flash to the operationally blind internal. Telling such stories is one too Art. They're supposed to spread. This is how experienced business journalists turn the dullest user reports into professional success stories.

A big plus: Because they were not written by the company itself, but by a neutral third party, such works lack the usual self-adulation, there is a linguistic sharpening, the outside view is better conveyed and the story appears less advertising. And what does that trigger for those who then read this story? A “I'd like that too” reflex.

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