Much today depends on the ability to fast record, classify and react to them. Efficient reading is therefore an important building block for personal Success. You can learn how to do that.

Speed ​​Reading: Learn speed reading techniques for success

Why are speed reading techniques important?

Speed ​​Reading is a skill that trains a person to read faster than they normally would, without neglecting the understanding of what is being read.

Because quick perception and reaction to Problems is an important aspect when it comes to being flexible and agile. The good news is: fast Things to Learn and reading are skills that can be learned. Prominent entrepreneurs and politicians like Bill Gates, Barack Obama or Ophra Winfrey have been using such techniques successfully for years.

You have recognized that reading quickly can help you absorb more information and understand it more quickly. Those who practice it will be able to do a lot in a short time Background to acquire. You can even read an entire book in a few days.

Who is speed reading suitable for?

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This requires greater concentration, reading in short bursts and awareness for every word. In this way, speed reading can improve reading comprehension, make reading easier, make it easier to retain information and increase vocabulary. The Objective of speed reading is not only to read faster, but also to remember more information from the text. Speed ​​Reading can be used for any type of text including Article, books and textbooks.

When People For example, as they get older, they find it difficult to learn new things. This is where reading techniques can help. Of course, there are people who cannot use speed reading directly, but most people have to read a lot of text at school or at work. Especially professionals who spend a lot of time reading articles related to the specialty they work in, such as medicine, Technology or Finance, can benefit from speed reading because they can focus more on thinking and less on reading.

What changes in the brain as a result of speed reading techniques?

Fast reading is an important habit that Brain trained. Reading literacy depends essentially on two factors: reading speed and Performance of the short-term memory, which must capture what has been read. Anyone who learns the technology and continuously trains the processes in the brain will be able to read faster and – at least in relation to the time required – learn better.

Crucial here is information processing in the brain: The human brain consists of three parts: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. For speed reading to work, the brain must process information in all three ways. Our brain provides all the prerequisites for reading about twice as fast as we are used to.

Reading problems and reading speed: People read differently

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The neural processing speed, the reading speed in the brain at which people read varies widely, and in general the faster a person reads, the faster they can understand something. The average human can read about 300 words per minute. After just a short training session, he can double the reading volume and, through intensive practice, even reach 1000 words per minute and more. The normal speaking rate, on the other hand, is 150 words per minute, while thinking is around 2000 words per minute.

In addition, some people do have reading problems that arise, for example, because reading requires both visual language and literacy skills. This also distinguishes you from dyslexia or learning disabilities. reading problems! The most common reading problems include a lack of concentration, low capacity of the short-term memory or problems with the Eyes.

How exactly does speed reading work?

Speed ​​reading is a technique where people read faster through various methods like skimming and scanning. Speed ​​reading involves looking at smaller sections of text at once and repeating parts of the text. This can help people read faster and learn more

You go through a text quickly by breaking it down into words, phrases and sentences while absorbing the information. Several words are grouped together as a group of meanings, read and understood as a block. Logically, this increases the reading speed. And leads to a better understanding of the content of the text, because reading too slowly can even impede understanding of the text.

9 tips and tricks for speed reading techniques at a glance:

Speed ​​reading is about increasing your reading speed without compromising comprehension. By using one or more of the techniques above, you can learn to read faster and get more out of your reading time.

  1. Skimming: Read at high speed, but only focus on important parts or key words in the text.
  2. Scanning: Read at high speed and look for specific keywords or points in the text without worrying about understanding or comprehending all the information presented.
  3. Chunking: Read the text in larger chunks or blocks rather than word for word.
  4. Pace: Read at a steady pace without pausing or slowing down.
  5. Repeat: Repeat key words or phrases out loud to improve comprehension and retention. .
  6. Chunking: Break up the text into manageable sections, and then read each section at a normal pace.
  7. Practice: The more you practice speed reading, the better you'll get at it. There are a number of online speed reading tools and apps that can help you with this.
  8. Mark passages of text: Anyone who initially finds it difficult to read groups of words and grasp important information can do so Highlighter use. With the right marking, the text no longer has to be read in its entirety in the future, but you can simply look it up and find the appropriate passages directly.
  9. Set a goal: Set a goal for how fast you want to be able to read, and then work toward that goal. Pay attention not only to the quantity, but also to the quality.
  10. Avoid old habits that hold you back from speed reading, such as skipping backwards in text, reading single words (rather than grasping phrases), slowing down by eye stopping, or reading along in your mind.

Criticism of speed reading

Where there is light there is also shadow. Of course there are also people who are affected by the Method don't believe in speed reading. Speed ​​reading techniques are often referred to as "unreadable", "uncontrollable" and "unnecessary" reading methods.

An important counter-argument is the imprecise recording of the text. The lack of understanding of sentences is also cited if one concentrates purely on word groups. Another aspect that is viewed critically: by omitting the mental voice, the faster absorption of the information also suffers.

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