Many things have already been said on the question of the social media manager. So far, however, this discussion has always been reduced to one circumstance: the question of his Vocational Training. What about specialization?

Why the social media industry needs to specialize: no one can do it all!

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The type and quality of the training has been discussed so far, as well as the question of the professionalism of some providers. At their core, many social media managers have a relatively broad portfolio. But now it's about them Tasks and activities as part of a possible specialization.

A specialization in the narrower sense cannot or could not take place so far, since the main requirement was to customers to advise holistically. However, the complexity of the platforms and the different orientations show in many case studies that the mere knowledge and daily use is not for a professional Implementation unt. Projects is sufficient.

Good advice can be expensive in crises

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The example of a competition only recently showed that good advice can often become very expensive when guidelines from social networks be disregarded.

In the present example, Romy Mlinzk has a very good elaboration of the problem including the Perspektive made by the training company. In essence, it shows that it does not necessarily depend on the quality of the training whether someone in his Job doing good or bad work. The consequence of such examples can only be that one specializes.

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However, this does not mean ignoring the other platforms, but rather getting involved in the networks that are particularly important to you and in Combination give a good overall picture, get more involved and advise customers mainly in this segment.

It is questionable, however, whether it is, for example, wise to focus only in image and video networks.

Credible and reliable

For the customer - and this is about no less - this procedure has the advantage that he can rely on the provider, since he has the Expertise can assume in all areas and this one increase the credibility of the whole Industry includes.

This opens up new perspectives for the many social media managers, as specialization can have different effects and thus new business potentials arise.

The quality of work is increasing

The quality of work performance continues to rise, however, since the concentration on certain tasks allows the more effective use of available resources: For example, who previously facebook, Twitter and Google+, maybe had less time to worry about developments on Twitter.

Not to mention using things like Vine. If Google is gone now, because there is not the core competence, then this opens up further possibilities in the intensity of the care of the other channels.

Workload increases daily with the change of user needs

Many companies still don't understand that social media has no business hours. In this respect, depending on the channel to be managed, it is not uncommon for inquiries or interactions to take place outside of working hours.

In the case of urgent matters, for example after 18 p.m., it is not necessarily advisable to wait until 10 a.m. the following morning to reply. In this respect, a specialization also creates resources for such things Problems to be able to tackle.

Disadvantage: Companies can hardly keep pace with professionalization

The real drawback lies with companies whose financial resources are barely sufficient to employ a social media manager. Because these can hardly keep up with the ongoing professionalization.

As in classic advertising, there will be a change of course: if you don't have the means to keep up, you have to live with the fact that you have a latent Risks buys.

The surplus value is lost

In addition, the actual added value - the value chain of the Company - Lost when looking after (too) many channels: The dialogue with the customer, involvement in developments and campaigns to increase reach and Communication are often tried to push artificially with competitions.

However, not always takes the Customer part who has been using the product for years, but many People feel are prompted to participate simply by winning.

Resources must be manageable

In order for the quality of customer dialogue and interaction with the company to increase again, it is important that resources remain manageable. Essentially, the job of the social media manager is as a mediator between companies and customers.

However, the many requirements that the platform has plagued him in the past have taken the time to deal intensively with the contributions and make full use of the value added.

Too many cooks spoil the pulp - we all know that

If one summarizes all these arguments, then one thing becomes clear: The professionalization of the Social Media Manager does not depend on his education, but rather on the question of dealing with the learned.

An economist is also more likely to focus on e.g Marketing employed as in his profession as an economist. Social media managers must finally take this step.

Many are simply overwhelmed

If you raise the discussions about training quality to this level, then it becomes apparent fastthat many are simply overwhelmed with keeping themselves equally up to date, resulting in mistakes that are detrimental to all parties.

This step takes Courage, because it goes hand in hand with a clear commitment that cannot be taken for granted: the commitment not to want to be able to do everything, but to be particularly strong in the areas that suit you. This isn't for everyone, but do we all want to wait until too many mistakes have happened and the industry's reputation is gone?

Hardly likely.

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